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Change makers. Trailblazers. Big dreamers. Action takers.

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I work with women coaches, consultants and experts ready to share their message, level up and shine neon bright in business in a bigger, more fulfilling way… while at the same time feeling:

Joyful. Aligned. Supported. Radiant. Purposeful. Liberated.

I especially love working with ambitious women who value freedom and helping others; who know it’s time to stop undercharging and over-delivering; and who (even secretly) shiver a little with excitement at the idea of their business bringing in more money than their beloved partner.

But you should know: I’m not for everyone.

My style involves: Keeping it real. Swearing. Goals, targets and challenges. Laughing (and in all likelihood, dodgy jokes). Really listening. Done-for-you resources. Making solid plans. Curiosity. Collaboration. Feedback. Scorecards. Experimentation. Cheerleading. Accountability. Getting my hands dirty. Swipe files. Being informal. Confidentiality. Following up. Proven strategies and tactics. Asking lots of questions. Actionable recommendations. Results.

And this: Anytime we’re working together 1-on-1 my ultimate goal is to help you at least double or triple your revenue sustainably with more ease and grace.

Think of me as your super nerdy and über invested strategic business partner.

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I just landed my highest paying client to date!!
Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley ekbradley.com
It has honestly
 revolutionized my entire
Natalie Walstein dreambusinessworkshop.com
Kate has really mastered providing info and resources without being overwhelming.
Kathryn Hocking reveriecoaching.com

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Hustle + Heart

6 Months
Private 1:1 Coaching with Kate

Ready for more clients, more money, more ease?

Hustle and Heart Platinum is a private VIP virtual coaching program designed for women entrepreneurs ready to soar. With exclusive access to me, we cover exactly what you need when you need it.

This is for you if: you’re looking for customized advice, accountability and unwavering support to significantly grow your number of leads and excited-to-work-with-you clients, master authentic ick-free selling, craft and launch irresistible new offers, position yourself as an authority in your industry, hack your productivity, up-level your revenue and go after your big business goals. By application only.

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The Hustle + Heart

8 Weeks
1 Retreat
Intimate Group Coaching with Kate

Suspect you’re worth more? (Perhaps even way more?)

It’s time to go premium. The Hustle and Heart Accelerator is a virtual, accelerated, hands-on small group program designed for women entrepreneurs who’re ready to earn what they’re worth. Together we craft your premium offer, design and bring to life your sales funnel, master how to close high-paying clients, set ourselves up as the go-to expert in our fields and have loads of fun.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you want to quickly reposition yourself in the market as a more premium brand so you can start doing the work you really want to be doing with your clients and get paid what you’re worth, without losing the soul and authenticity that makes your work joyful. By application only.

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Hustle + Heart

Imagine what partnering with a strategic communications
expert could mean for your next launch.

Each quarter I take on a single exclusive client to provide comprehensive collaborative done-for-you support for their next launch. Think: Campaign formulation, sequencing and scripting. Optimized sales page copy. Generous on call support. A whole heap of fun.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you have a specific project in mind, want results and you want to partner with an expert genuinely invested in your success. By application only.

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Kate McCormack katemccormack.com.au

The insight Kate brings to every single interaction I have with her honestly blows me away—just when I think what more could there be she offers another gem of advice and wisdom that keeps me moving in the right direction. Being both strategic and heart centred is not an easy mix to achieve when it comes to any business but she does this beautifully. Kate’s guidance on creating a package that was a perfect fit for my clients AND for me has been invaluable, I have launched my new offer—The Amplify Sessions—that are helping me achieve my dream of replacing my corporate salary faster than I could have imagined was possible!

And seriously if you need someone to finally get it through to you how much you are really worth and give you the spark you need to raise your rates and get paid what you are worth—just work with Kate. Kate makes me feel like I am supported and that she has totally got my back—she is genuinely invested in my success and that’s exactly what I need right now. If you have the chance—any chance—work with this girl!

elissa jayne elissajayne.com

Kate’s approach to packaging was mind blowing. She gets 100% into the guts of how to really connect with your client and then methodically shows you how to create an offer that exceeds all expectations—including your own! After working with Kate I was able to really craft a unique set of offerings that have literally sold like hot cakes… before I have even launched them! Kate is the packing queen and a total genius—it’s a no regrets, do it now kind of investment. 100% Amazing. 

It was
 I heart you!
When you hire an expert, you have higher expectations on delivery & outcome. Which you have more than met!!
rebecca grainger theedithub.com.au
the info shared by kate
 is exceptional and
 just makes sense!

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