10 Clever, Easy Ways To Use ClickFunnels To Grow Your Coaching Business

Looking for an easier way to create high converting web pages to grow your coaching business? Read on to find out why I chose to use ClickFunnels and my top 10 of it's super clever functions.

Looking for an easier way to create high converting web pages to grow your coaching business? Read on to find out why I chose to use ClickFunnels and my top 10 of it's super clever functions.


Every online entrepreneur you’ll meet has stories about the newbie blunders they made at the start of their career.

Some of us tried to do too much too soon, or got tired of our topics, or just expected way too much from ourselves in those early days (having 12 blog posts ready before you launch your site? Ha!).

My kryptonite? Building my subscriber list.

I know – needing subscribers is such a no-brainer now! But at the time, I had so much going on between posts, hunting for clients, and trying to build up my social media following, I totally left my email list on the back burner.

After all – did it really matter? I felt like I was doing plenty between blogging and my Facebook page. (Spoiler alert: It matters!)

It wasn’t until my coach at the time started kicking my ass that I got serious about building my list. And once I did? It was so quick and easy to fill my coaching docket with awesome 1-1 clients, I was smacking myself for not starting sooner!

I began with a single opt-in gift, and because I’m a total “non-techie”, I immediately hired a developer to custom code special opt-in boxes for me into my blog. She was lovely and did a great job, but truthfully it was a major pain in the ass — between costs and timelines, it was hard not to throw in the towel some days.

Then, I discovered ClickFunnels – and did a massive happy dance.

Two words: game changer.

In case you haven’t heard of it, ClickFunnels is a web-based software that makes it easy to create great-looking, high-converting web pages that you can use to grow your coaching business.

They’ve created a swag of great-looking landing page templates that are really easy to customize, create, and update. The best part? You can make any and all changes without a developer or designer.

That means whenever you need a landing page – for a webinar, a new offer, etc. – you can easily do it yourself, on your own time. I can’t even tell you how many days of effort, meltdowns, and buckets of money that’s saved me.

Heads up though: ClickFunnels is not an email service provider; it doesn’t replace MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Convert Kit, or whatever you’re using to house your email subscriber list. Instead, ClickFunnels works WITH your email service, in an awesomely fool-proof way.

One of my favourite things about ClickFunnels is that their pages come with built-in metrics trackers, so you can see how many people have checked out your landing page and taken action (for example, submitted their info, opted-in, and/or watched a video, etc). That makes it easy breezy to track and/or split test and improve your analytics.

ClickFunnels helped my subscriber list absolutely take off – and now I want to help you do the same. You ready? Here are 10 different ways you can use ClickFunnels in your own business, along with plenty of examples to inspire you!

Way #1: Qualifying your leads

If you want to fill your docket with perfect fit coaching clients, knowing you’re a match matters – so getting as much info about them before you start is the way to go. That’s why I recommend you ‘qualify’ your leads with a short series of well-chosen questions before jumping straight into booking a Discovery Session.

Creating an application form with your “qualification questions” is a breeze to create in ClickFunnels, and can help give you a better idea of your prospect’s needs and desires. And remember – that extra step is in total service to them, and you — because it makes sure neither of you waste your time.


Way #2: Growing your subscriber list

I’m sure you’re not as behind as I was on valuing a nice, healthy subscriber list! Maybe you already have an opt-in gift offer/lead magnet setup on your website. (High fives if you do!)

If you don’t, get onto that. Having a special landing page in place that invites people to download your lead magnet in exchange for their contact details can help your list building efforts really take off, because you can direct people to it specifically, using the page’s URL.

For example, you can share the lead magnet landing page link on social media, in ads on Facebook, or pop the link to it in your media bio at the next event you speak at. You can add it to your email signature, too!


Way #3: Thanking people for signing up

All our mamas were right: taking the time to properly say thank you is important. If you’re not directing your new subscribers to a special thank you page you’re missing a massive opportunity.

A great thank you page can set the tone for all your future communications, give people a look at what’s next, and can even include a strong call to action for the next step(s) you’d like them to take.

For example, you can tell people to check their inbox for sign up confirmation, invite them to set an intention for your work together, and share what they’re about to do with you on social media! It’s also a great way to direct them to join your Facebook group, and more.


Way #4: Promoting content upgrades

Quick definition: a content upgrade is a call-to-action usually found at the bottom of a blog post, designed to direct readers to extra high-value content. It’s a great way to share more of your whip smart knowledge with your peeps, and build your email subscriber list at the same time.

Even cooler? ClickFunnels let’s you add an opt-in box to any page you’d like, including for example, right in the middle or end of your blog post – which makes it beyond easy to promote your content upgrade just when your reader is feeling super excited to get their hands on the special extra content you’re offering.

ClickFunnels calls this feature ‘ClickPops’ – and I reckon you’ll see a massive return on adding this golden feature alone to your content marketing. Did I mention the investment for it is also crazy low? Bonus!


Way #5: Hosting paid content

If you ever share info sheets, templates, screencast tutorials, video trainings or any other kind of content with only your paid clients, you can use ClickFunnels to create and host all of that, so you can share it exclusively via a secret URL with clients.

Pro Tip: Using ClickFunnels in this way is a great strategy for streamlining your onboarding strategy and building your credibility with clients straight off the bat. It proves you can deliver high-level content in a high-level way. That’s service with style!


Way #6: Launching a package

One of my favourite things about ClickFunnels? It takes the headache out of sales funnels.

They make it super easy to build multi-step sales funnels where you can share lots of great content to help you ramp up your subscriber list, amplify your standing as an expert, and promote your signature package.

Here’s a peek at what that funnel could look like: ClickFunnels can host a registration page for a free video training series you’re running, host the thank you page people see after they sign up, host the video pages themselves, and host the follow-on registration page for the Discovery Session you eventually invite your attendees to.

With ClickFunnels it’s easy to link all of these pages together, while keeping them all on-brand and working seamlessly to create your mega awesome (and hopefully, mega profitable) funnel.


Way #7: Hosting a webinar or replay

Another cool feature of ClickFunnels? You can set up a special broadcast room right there in the platform, that you can integrate with your preferred webinar service (like GoToWebinar.)

But hold up! It gets better. Rather than logging into a standard, blah broadcast room, you can use ClickFunnels to customize your webinar “room” with your visual branding, vibe, and key messages and calls to action. Sooo much better than a boring white or black screen border, don’t you think?


Way #8: Hosting your sales page

Yep – you read that right. ClickFunnels isn’t just for landing pages or opt-ins – you can also set up entire sales pages on there. You can choose a template and then just upload your images, logo, and copy, and you’re good to go.

Reminder – the analytics tracking feature of ClickFunnels is really cool for this bit! You can find out where leads are coming from, and track where your peeps are clicking (or not clicking) to buy.


Way #9: Adding a pop-up to your website

I know, I know: pop-ups are controversial. But, my experience and the experience of my clients tells me that when you do ‘em right, they can be a wildly effective secret weapon in your list building arsenal.

There’s no doubt that cookie cutter, obnoxious pop-ups feel, well, obnoxious. But ClickFunnels’ ClickPops makes it utterly easy to create customised pop-ups and set the timeframe for when they appear, so they can be as “in your face” or unobtrusive as you like.

Still not sure pop-ups are for you? Consider this: pop-ups can regularly convert 1-3% of all traffic to your website. So if you’re ready to step up your subscriber count, they’re definitely worth experimenting with.


Way #10: Integrate your opt-in with your Facebook page

Last, but certainly not least: ClickFunnels has a special plug-in tool that makes it easy to add a tab to your Facebook Business page that links directly to your opt-in, sales page, or registration landing page. Whoa!

This gives people checking out your Facebook page the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter, webinar, or product right then and there. Pretty cool, right?


Ready to rock n’ roll with ClickFunnels?

Click here to get a 14-day free trial and get started now.

(Seriously, click around. You’ll be totally blown away by what they’ve got on offer!)

I’d love to see what you create with this awesome platform! Feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram when you’re done so I can take a peep at the landing pages, webinar pages, sales page, and more that you’re rolling out into the world.

(BTW, the link I’ve shared above is an affiliate link.  That means I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from ClickFunnels – at no extra cost to you. If you’ve been a reader for a while you’ll know I RARELY recommend specific tools like this, and only EVER recommend products & systems that I personally use and love myself, so I’m super confident they’ll take care of you.)


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