My First 20 Clients – Part II: Birth of my Master Schedule

After having spinal surgery, there was a limit to how much I could do in my business. But I was determined to make it work, so I created my dream schedule aka my 'master schedule' and then took steps to make it work. Read on to find out what I did - includes FREE workshop!!


Welcome to part II of “My First 20 Clients”  a four-part blog series all about exactly how I won my first 20 clients online — and continue to win clients today.


In this series, I’m laying out all the delightful, dizzying, downright-dirty details around how I crafted my first offers, designed my schedule to fit my life, won paying clients without being gross, and how I kept winning clients consistently.


If you haven’t read the first “episode” of the My First 20 Clients series click here to start your binge.  Each post builds on the one that came before it, so I highly suggest you take a peek before you carry on here.


Spoiler alert:  The last post dished all the dirt on how I created my first offer (1-day VIP days)…  And why I promptly chucked them as soon as I could.


So, whether you’ve read the last post, or you’re one of those rebels who skips the first episode of TV shows, I want to show you what happened next.


My experience with delivering virtual VIP Days taught me how important it was for me to really manage my energy.


I’d packed far too much into far too short a timeframe — and once I’d decided to shelve the offer, I realised I needed to get really clear about:


  • What I could realistically do;
  • How many clients I could realistically work with;
  • What would be most helpful and powerful for my ideal clients;
  • What I needed to include, and not include (i.e. what features were just window dressing, and which ones would actually help transform my clients’ businesses); and
  • How I wanted my perfect week to look.


At the time, I was still dealing with my painful spinal problems — and I knew I had to protect and carefully manage my energy, as I didn’t have much of it to spare!


I realised that meant I needed to envision my perfect schedule and think about how many clients I ideally wanted to work with and how many I realistically could work with now given all of the stuff that I’d learned from my disastrous first attempt at working with clients.


I knew I wanted to be booked out. (Who doesn’t?)


But what would actually being booked out look like for me?

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What could I create that would deliver awesome results for my clients, and ensure my dance card was full for months at a time in a way that I could joyously sustain?


The more I thought about it, the more I realised:


I really wanted to work with people longer term, over six months, because I knew that that was how people would experience the greatest transformation.


And given my wholehearted belief in premium pricing, I knew that that was definitely a high-ticket offer.


Following my unique system I’d come up with to determine pricing, I knew the coaching program I wanted to offer would be priced at $7,000.  The truth is, even though I’m big on premium pricing, that figure was a bit scary for me because, at the time, $7,000 felt like a significant investment for people to make in themselves and their businesses.  Would anyone buy?  Who was I to offer a program at that price point??


My gut said it would be critical to meet people’s expectations straight away – from the initial sales experience through the onboarding process, especially including the way I introduced and talked about money with potential clients.

I also knew that given the intimate way I wanted to work with people, there was no way that I would be able to work with more than 10 clients at a time, or even 10 clients in six months if they all started at the same time and finished at the same time.


I did the math quickly in my head: That would be 20 clients over 12 months. That felt pretty damn good to me.


So, I’d sorted out the number of clients that would represent a fully booked schedule for me — now I wanted to figure out what my days would actually look like.


You see, I’m way more likely to achieve my goals if I have a really clear vision of exactly what I’m aiming for.  I knew that being clear on what I wanted my days to look like when I was booked out with dream clients would help me get there sooner.


What did I want to schedule time for each week besides work?


Of course, I had to include my regular rehab and doctor’s appointments.  There were also Pilates and yoga sessions I wanted to go to.  I wanted to spend quality time with friends, family and my puppies.  I was committed to helping coach my local roller derby team.  I also wanted to make space for creative stuff in my business — like writing in the morning, experimenting with certain marketing activities, and of course, filling the maximum number of client spots that I’d have available.


It took a little time to map everything out in a way that worked.  Once I’d designed my perfect daily schedule, I went about setting up my real life to match this plan for how my schedule could look.


I’m not going to lie: that took some time.  Life is messy when it comes down to it.


Here’s how I started:


I forward booked all my rehab and doctor appointments for 6 months.  


I also booked out time for the next 6 months in my calendar for those yoga classes.


I only reserved space for new clients in time slots that weren’t reserved for writing or swimming (which was really helpful for my back) etc.


I also marked which days I wanted to work with clients, and didn’t want to work with clients.  For example, I gave myself every Friday off (the luxury!).


Now keep in mind – it took me some time to get to that point.  Because when I started this process, I had a few clients already on my docket; one of whom could only meet with me on Fridays.  But I kept my eyes on the prize, and as soon as things wound down with that client, I took back my hours.


That’s the trick of the Master Schedule: Colour coding.  Also, you don’t have to be able to implement it the next day.


Great things take time — and so does bringing your perfect Master Schedule to life.


Once I had mine set up though, I began to book in every session for the next 6 months with new clients up front — with client sessions only on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I knew I only wanted to work 4 days, and I needed 1 solid day for creating content for Betty Means Business.


But of course, as my business was growing, I didn’t have clients to fill all those spots yet.


So what did I do with my at-the-time-empty time slots I’d scheduled in my calendar for new clients?  I made the most of that hour by dedicating it to client acquisition-activities ONLY, like marketing and sales work.  I made a commitment to myself that I would use those times to focus on winning clients until they were full.  That worked really, really well for me.

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Something worth mentioning is that as I was going through this process quite a lot of fear came up for me around that time.


Why?  Because bringing my master schedule to life meant that I had to back myself and my decisions, and hold my boundaries.


For example, I had to trust that I would be able to win enough clients who were interested in working with me over six months rather than one-off sessions or shorter commitments.  I also had to trust that new clients would be happy to have sessions with me on either Tuesdays or Thursdays only.


I really had to focus on the vision that I had for my business and my life and take baby steps to bring it to life.


And while I have you here, I’d love to know: Do you have a master schedule for your business?


Do you plan your days?  Or do you tend to freestyle?


Tell your story in the comments below — and I’ll see you next week, where we’ll be diving into the next phase of the My First 20 Clients series: How I won paying clients.



Kate xo
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