Another Chaotic Day? Here’s How To Turn It Around

Do you ever have chaotic days in your biz where you struggle to get anything significant done? I've been there too, lady! Here's how I schedule my workdays now to make sure that I'm super productive in my coaching business.


It’s 8 AM.


You sit down to drink some coffee or tea, and maybe have a bit of breakfast.


You check your emails.


After a bit of Facebook scrolling, suddenly you have to hop on back-to-back marathon client calls.


Uh oh.  Now more emails suddenly start pouring in.


Oh!  You were supposed to do a Facebook Live today, weren’t you?  No — you were supposed to share a blog post. Crap, the draft isn’t even half finished.


Shit.  Another call.


Aaaand you check the clock, it’s 8 PM, and while you’ve crossed off a fair few tasks, you feel like you just haven’t done much — and there’s so much more to do.


Weren’t you supposed to plan a new launch and freebie by the end of the week?


Wait, no — it’s already Friday.




This is a day in the life of most entrepreneurs, myself included.  Which is probably why I get asked so often:


What do you do when your day feels hectic, out of control, and like you’re never getting to the important stuff?”


Can you relate to that question?


Because I sure can.


And sometimes, there’s a week, or a couple of weeks all together when it feels like all the great plans I had for the week go belly up.


It’s the worst.


But!  If you’re feeling that way, all is not lost, my dear.


Because the one perk of being in this situation over and over is that it forces you to come up with some pretty kickass solutions.


Translation:  If things feel crazy hectic?  These days I know exactly what to do.


First, let’s talk about how and why this happens.


A lot of people are in this very reactive, disorganised space with their days.  Over and over, so many of us just aren’t hitting the important stuff that we had really wanted to get to.  Then disappointment, self-loathing, and frustration sets in to make the problem worse.


A clear red flag for me is when I feel like I’m being pulled in 50 different directions and 100 people want a piece of me.  Feeling resentful and unproductive are also big cues that I am in trouble with my schedule.  That’s never the vision I have for my perfect workday, and a sign that I need to recalibrate, come back to my centre, and rethink my approach.


Look, as business owners, we all have a million things to do for our clients, and to keep our businesses running and our real lives, er, living.


We all have good intentions during the week, but so many of us never actually get ‘round to focusing on activities that are going to directly help us win clients, grow our businesses, hire help, etc.


So:  What’s a frazzled-preneur to do?


You have heard me mention this before.  The answer is:  Create a Master Schedule for yourself.


If you’re new around here, hi!  Here’s what I mean by Master Schedule:


A master schedule is a calendar where you literally plot out what an aspirational 7-day period would look like for you.  Think of it as a calendar vision board for what you want your life and business to look like.


Mind you:  This is NOT a week where you’re on holiday, going to a conference, or doing anything particularly fun.  Instead, this is just a regular ol’ week where you’re working, and fitting all the important, fulfilling and fun things into your day you need and want to get done.


Want to create your own Master Schedule to help grow your biz?  I’ve got you covered.  Grab your free copy of my checklist ‘5 Weekly MUST-DO Client Winning Moves For Coaches’ here now:

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When I create a Master Schedule, I map out a unique time blocked structure for myself where I have time for my business, and time for my personal stuff.


So, for example, as well as all the critical business building tasks I want to do each week, I deliberately schedule in time with friends and family, or time to go for walks, go to yoga, or anything else that’s important for me.  I also pencil in screen-free time (this one’s important!).


Having this schedule clearly laid out gives me a picture of what my ideal day really looks like, so I can create it for myself.


Inspired to create your own Master Schedule?  Awesome!  Here are 3 big practical tips to help you create one that’s genuinely game-changing for your business:


Tip #1:  When you’re creating your master schedule, think about where you would like your business and life to be in three to six months time, and design it with that in mind.


I recommend developing an aspirational master schedule.


When I’m creating a master schedule, it almost never looks like my “real life” right now today.  After all, one of the main reasons why I’m creating a master schedule is because I’m not happy with my current status quo or getting the critical tasks I want to achieve in my business done each week.


So think about how you want your life and business to look like in 3 to 6 months, and design a master schedule that will help you bring that vision to life.


Tip #2:  Keep your personal values and your brand values in mind.


For example, if family or tradition is very important to you, or you want to especially value your health and wellbeing, this will help you stay focused on dedicating time to the stuff that really matters in your Master Schedule.


Maybe you value creativity, or freedom, or adventure, or comfort, or connection.  Whatever your key values are, make sure they are reflected in your Master Schedule — because when you do this, your Master Schedule is your path to living a life that’s utterly aligned to your values.  (Seriously, how exciting is that!)


Tip #3:  Be clear: What are your priorities for the next 3-6 months?


By ‘priorities’ I mean for you to use developing your Master Schedule as an opportunity to get crystal clear on your main business goal(s), and your biggest personal goal(s) for the next three to six months.  And then, once you’re clear, allocate time in your Master Schedule for the specific activities that are going to help you bring these priorities to life.


A tip for this:  Be realistic. I know it’s hard but I strongly recommend you choose, say, no more than one or two goals for your life and business — stuff you can go all in on and complete within a few months.  Then, think about how you can plot them into your Master Schedule, so you have time to focus on them and to live them, to really progress those things.


Not sure what your priorities are?  A business goal might look like signing a certain number of clients, or winning a promotion, or reaching a profit goal, or growing your newsletter subscriber list or launching your program.


A special note for you if you, like me, have a tendency to overwork:  Don’t focus on ONLY business goals. Personal goals are equally as important, and will fuel and fulfil you just as much as any success you have in your business, probably more so!


For example, if you have a personal goal of being able to run five kilometres, or decluttering your home, or spending more quality time with your parents:  Allocate time to these activities in your Master Schedule. Make space for the things that light you up – your happiness will overflow into everything you do.


The best part about your Master Schedule?  It’s dynamic.


The truth is that while I have a Master Schedule, it doesn’t stay perfect forever.  Sometimes I feel out of alignment with it; it doesn’t work for me, or I’m not bringing it to life anymore, or it’s just not exciting.


That’s not the end of the world!  It’s just a sign that I need to update my Master Schedule and continue to be really intentional with how I spend my time, to make sure everything that’s in there is working for me right now.


I hope this post inspires you to create (or update!) your own customised Master Schedule.  Don’t forget to check out these 5 MUST-DO weekly habits to see your business take off.  Click below to grab your free copy now and add them to your own Master Schedule.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Use this FREE checklist to put your own work schedule to good use with these 5 weekly must-do client winning moves for coaches, creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs.


‘Til next time!

Kate xo
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