My Review of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

Here is a review of my personal experience with Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula (PLF) program. If you've been considering checking it out, in this post, I cover EVERYTHING that I would’ve loved to know when I was deciding whether or not to invest in the program last year.


Once in a while, a program hits the digital airwaves and becomes an instant classic.


Everyone worth their salt seems to take it, everyone talks about it, and every year when it re-launches, thousands of eager online business owners rush to buy it — and its name becomes synonymous with the industry standard.


For me, that program is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF).


I finally joined PLF last year, starting by going through the free mini-program Jeff offers, and if I’m being honest?  It completely changed the way I do business.


A bunch of you have heard me talk about PLF, and have written in to ask what I think — which is why I wanted to take a few minutes here on the ol’ blog to give you a review of my personal experience, in case you’ve been considering checking it out.  In this post, I cover EVERYTHING that I would’ve loved to know when I was deciding whether or not to invest in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula program last year.  


To give you some context, I had already done a number of different launches myself and tried out different kinds of things, and the book had so much great information… but I knew, as you always do, that there is more to learn with this.


Launching is something that I did want to get better at, and I know from experience from working with funnel strategists in the past that having expert advice and help in your corner works wonders.


Having a great launch is something that can change your whole business, but it’s hard to get there on your own!  If you want to incorporate launches into your business… it may be worth investing in a bit more of an education.


Before we dive in I want to say, first and foremost:  This post isn’t about pressuring you into buying PLF if you’re not ready.


Is it an amazing program?  Yes.


Is it a perfect program?  There’s no such thing.


Will it solve all your problems, water your crops, make your hair nice and shiny, and make you a million dollars tomorrow?  Well, er, no.


However, it is an incredibly valuable tool if launching is an important part of your business model already, or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level this year and are thinking of experimenting with launching to make it happen.


And one more thing before we get stuck in: Jeff hasn’t paid me to make this review or anything.


While I am an affiliate of the program, it’s been so bloody useful for me – I’d recommend it to people even if I wasn’t.  I’d just love to see it in the hands of more women who are dreaming of making 2018 their best year in business so far.


So let’s get right to it.


The first thing you’ve gotta know about PLF?  There is so. much. content.  And it’s detailed.  Like, really really detailed.


I’ll talk more about that detail in a second, but one thing I enjoyed about the program is that there’s both theory, and practical application via examples.


In many videos, Jeff is standing there talking to you, drawing on a whiteboard taking you through the ideas and strategies that he’s teaching.  I found that this style of video was a great way to help me understand some of Jeff’s key concepts around launching.


Then in other videos, Jeff drills down to a more tactical level and shares very specific examples of how to apply his strategies and ideas practically in real life, which I love.  I’m all about seeing theory in action, otherwise, my brain just doesn’t absorb it.  (I take the same approach in my own programs.)


So when I first dove into this program, I was practically jumping up and down cheering because there were so many real life, no holds barred, examples of ways people have applied things in their own businesses in different industries.


In the Product Launch Formula program, you’ll discover that there’s more than one type of launch, and when and why to use different launches.


Personally, before I went through the program, I thought there was only one main type of launch.


Not true!  The way that Jeff Walker talks about it opened my eyes and makes a lot of sense.  I am a total convert now when it comes to applying launching to a huge range of different things, and how you can quickly build a business from scratch using different types of launches.


For the record, launching can apply to a bunch of different offerings.  For example, you can launch your one-on-one service offering.  You can launch your book.  You can launch a group program, a mastermind program, an ecourse.  People have even used PLF to launch stuff like board games and supplements.


Another cool thing?  Jeff shares a TON of example copy, which I loved.


One of the things that used to kill me about launches was how much bloody writing you need to do (think emails, sales pages, social media updates etc).  It’s full on!  So I loved that Jeff shares examples of real-life emails that past students have sent out, and entire sequences with details on the timing and strategy of each, to use as a guide.


In terms of the level of detail Jeff provides in examples, he literally says “This email was sent on day one, this was sent on day three, this one on day seven, this is how long the cart was open, this was the offer, and this is the results they achieved.”  That kind of behind-the-scenes information is invaluable.


While there’s a ton of material to go through, it’s not overwhelming because Jeff unlocks a new module (and/or bonus program) every week.


There’s so much in there, having it broken up into specific modules and broken down made it a lot easier to navigate.  I felt like it kept me on track with the program, and saved me from getting overwhelmed.


There was definitely enough to get that “Netflix binge” feeling each week, and the program includes oodles of bonuses he doesn’t specifically mention or promote at the outset.


Jeff over-delivers every step of the way, which I also thought was cool.


About two weeks into the program, after digging into just the first 2 modules I applied a couple of the strategies Jeff teaches in my own business, and actually doubled my investment in the Product Launch Formula program straight away.


Whoa.  Yep.  Only two weeks in.


I just took the techniques and snapped them into my business pretty quickly.  And for the record, I didn’t need to make a huge investment financially or get a huge team to help me make it happen.  It was super low key and easy to apply.


We just did everything in-house and I created the content, and got it done… and the sales rolled in startlingly fast.


So if launching is interesting to you but it feels overwhelming and like a big deal?  Please know it is totally doable, and it can get seriously real results.


In fact, the content in Jeff’s Product Launch Formula program has changed the way I think about launches in my own business.


For example, thanks to the Product Launch Formula I’m now taking a much longer term, more strategic view about launches.


For the first time ever this year I have a detailed promotion calendar, so I know what is going to be happening when, and how to prepare to make the most out of them.


I’ve never felt this level of confidence or clarity about upcoming promotions before.  It’s pretty awesome!


I feel a bit strange saying this actually, but let’s put it on the table:  This program isn’t sleazy.


The truth is, that was something I was worried about because… well, Jeff Walker is part of that crowd of “millionaire internet marketer white dudes”… and being authentic and genuine is really important to me and in the way that I run my business.


I had a perception that those guys might teach only sleazy sales techniques or hard sell tactics, and I worried some of their suggestions might make me feel awkward, or wouldn’t fit my business model.  It was a huge invisible barrier for me – and in fact, it’s the reason I didn’t invest in Jeff’s program sooner.


But for the record, I never got that vibe.  In fact, I feel a bit bad about having that misconception about Jeff in the first place!  Jeff is super laid back, he’s very focused on lifestyle, spending time outside, mountain bike riding, rafting, skiing, enjoying time with his family, and staying healthy.  They’re all things that I appreciate and feel very aligned to, and he in no way comes across as sleazy.


Long story short:  None of the content that he shares is sleazy.  He never says anything disparaging about his clients or his students or my students or anything like that.  He is beyond respectful in the way he talks about his clients and past students, and constantly emphasises the importance of genuine relationships and being of service.  I felt comfortable the whole time.


The strategies you’ll learn in the Product Launch Formula are the gold standard strategies those well-known online Internet marketers have been using for ages.


They’re tested, tried and true.


Because of that, I think there are other women like me that have the same misconception I did, that old marketing tactics can = sleazy and gross.


Here’s the thing though, ladies:  By not educating ourselves on these gold standard strategies, we’re not giving our businesses strong foundational knowledge and we are taking ourselves out of the game.


But now having seen inside the program, and met a number of people that have also done the program (which includes lots of women), I can tell you:  The idea that launching is somehow sleazy is just a limiting belief.  

The truth is that it is okay for us as women to step up and learn about this stuff and apply these kinds of business strategies wholeheartedly in ways that feel good to us in our own businesses.  We don’t need to be scared or be intimidated by ideas that might be “too businessy” or “too masculine” or “just for the boys club” or “inauthentic”.


It is true that in some parts of the program, the way Jeff talks about launching or explains certain concepts is a bit on the “masculine energy” side.  But it isn’t scary or intimidating.  It feels inclusive, and I never felt put off about it.


There are programs and courses out there that you can sit down and do in a weekend.  PLF, in my opinion, is not one of those programs.


I already know that the Product Launch Formula is something I will be going through again and again.  Even though I’ve been through it once, learnt a lot and had great results, I’m already diving back in to go through a couple of the modules again.


In my opinion, there’s so much content in the Product Launch Formula program, there’s no way you can absorb it all at once.  You’re going to want to dip in and out of it and maybe review again a second, third, and fourth time.


The good news is that when you invest in the program, you get to access it for an entire year (after that there’s a small annual fee to get access to updated versions of the program).  So once you’ve got it, you can go back anytime and check it out.  I looove this feature, because (like I said) I’m just about to go back in and check it out to help me plan the launches that I’ll be doing this year.


How did I get through all the content with my crazy schedule?  Lunchtime watch sessions!


I made a habit of watching each module’s videos while I was chowing down on my lunch, and I’d take notes about how I could apply the key lessons and tips to my business, what I liked, what I’d probably leave, and what I wanted to talk over with my business besties.


The videos are very easy to consume.  Some are 15-20 minutes long, others are just five minutes, but every video helps you make good progress quickly.


Jeff gives you a very clear structure to follow when you’re launching and having that structure just makes things way less stressful.


In my early launch days, I would feel a bit out of control over the whole thing.  I’d decide I was going to launch, and subsequently spend the next few weeks (well, the entire launch period!) with a sick, chaotic feeling in my stomach… and an unrealistic workload that was completely out of control.


Now that I have a structure in place, I actually feel excited about launching.


I remember having conversations with my biz besties about just how much we hated launching, how stressful/how boring it was, how it was so difficult to stick to the launch plan you made for yourself and the insecurity and doubt that you feel about everything.  It just wasn’t enjoyable.


PLF has given me a clear roadmap – and my mindset has totally changed around launching thanks to this program.


The community in the private members’ area of the program was engaged and supportive.


Something I thought was cool is that Jeff has a team of coaches in the private members’ area responding to people’s comments and questions as they’re going through each module.


I especially loved that he’s modelling a way to support people when you do your launches without burning yourself out.  It was cool to see, and crazy useful.


And finally, the big question:  Is the Product Launch Formula for you specifically?


Of course, I can’t answer that for you.  Only you can.


I’m happy that I went ahead and purchased the program and went through the material.  I’ve already had a great return on my investment.  My whole mindset around launching has changed and I feel like I’ve now got a real, clear system and structure that I can use for any launch I do.


I know Jeff’s approach is something that works across a number of different industries, and across both service based and product based businesses.


It works for total beginners and it works for people like me who have already got a few launches under their belts.  


Even if you’re more of a launch veteran like me, the information is absolutely not too simplistic.  I learnt A TON.  There are valuable strategies and tactics and little tweaks for beginners and for people who’ve been around the block a bit.  It’s so cool to understand from the master how everything fits together and how launches can actually be your entire business model.


I also know that the program comes with a great refund policy.  But only you can decide whether it’s what you need for your business right now.


If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about exactly, and want to dip your toe into the waters?  I recommend checking out Jeff’s free Product Launch Formula mini-program to see if you like his teaching style.


Click here to check out Jeff’s free mini-program now!


I hope you found this review useful!  And hey:  If you’re seriously thinking about it and have questions?  I’ve got your back, woman!


Drop me a line at with your question (if it hasn’t already been answered here) and I’d be totally honoured to give you a hand to sort through whether this is a fit for you.


This post may contain affiliate links.  For more info, you can check out our disclaimer policy here.


Kate xo
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