Rad people saying awesome things?

I’m officially humbled beyond belief.

Read on to see what these kind folk have to say.

Leonie Dawson

Kate is a gifted business strategist and PR maven. Hire her brain for your business. Now. The amount of clarity, smartness, insight + actionable steps she’ll give you will steer your business boat in just the direction you need it to go.

Dr. Kate Byrne is the ‘real deal’ in the business coaching world. Oodles of business, marketing and communication qualifications = tick. A successful, thriving coaching business = tick. Unique insight into how to take your business to that next level you’re dreaming of = tick.

Everything that Kate does is of such high quality and high integrity. She will help you become the best business version of yourself that you’ve always known was inside you, but has yet to come out. Jump on board and work with her—you won’t regret it for a minute.

rachel macdonald

It goes without saying, Kate is a blinding light in the world of entrepreneurship. Her advice is grounded, authentic, and most importantly, damn useful. When she teaches, you listen up, because you know you’re getting the stuff that actually works.

adele mcconnell

Straight to the point, no bullshit or time wasting, dive-right-in awesomeness!! It far exceeded my expectations, and I know I can apply all of the tools to every area of my business!! THANK YOU!

elissa jayne

Kate’s approach to packaging was mind blowing. She gets 100% into the guts of how to really connect with your client and then methodically shows you how to create an offer that exceeds all expectations—including your own! After working with Kate I was able to really craft a unique set of offerings that have literally sold like hot cakes… before I have even launched them! Kate is the packaging queen and a total genius—it’s a no regrets, do it now kind of investment. 100% Amazing.

kate byrne 
 is a bloody legend.
She has one of the best business brains I’ve ever seen!
jodie preiss
This chick is 
 a serious warrior. 
 I’m talking Xena style.
alana wimmer

Kate’s super-smart advice was the perfect remedy for my creative, right-brained overwhelm. Her results-driven strategies are so clever and so simple to implement, working with her is like one continuous sigh of relief (punctuated by many, many giggles).

Kate showed me how to package my talent into specialised, unique offerings that allowed me to raise my prices and stop doing work I didn’t like. Through our time together, I made more money (had my best months ever—there’s a champagne photo to prove it), gained more clients, and created more ease in my business than ever before.

Just to be clear: More money. More time off. Less stress. 100% worth the investment.

kate mccormack

The insight Kate brings to every single interaction I have with her honestly blows me away—just when I think what more could there be she offers another gem of advice and wisdom that keeps me moving in the right direction. Being both strategic and heart centred is not an easy mix to achieve when it comes to any business but she does this beautifully. Kate’s guidance on creating a package that was a perfect fit for my clients AND for me has been invaluable, I have launched my new offer—The Amplify Sessions—that are helping me achieve my dream of replacing my corporate salary faster than I could have imagined was possible!

And seriously if you need someone to finally get it through to you how much you are really worth and give you the spark you need to raise your rates and get paid what you are worth—just work with Kate. Kate makes me feel like I am supported and that she has totally got my back—she is genuinely invested in my success and that’s exactly what I need right now. If you have the chance—any chance—work with this girl!

I just landed my highest paying client to date!!
Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley
It has honestly  
 revolutionized my 
 entire business!
Natalie Walstein
Kate has really mastered providing info and resources without being overwhelming.
kathryn hocking
Cara Phillips

Kate beautifully combines generosity and spirit with business strategy. Her guidance and unwavering support gave me the confidence I needed to package my expertise, get crystal clear on my message, and think big about the future growth and expansion of my business.

Inspiring me to manage my time in a way that invited more ease and flow into my working week, Kate’s passion for women in business is unparalleled. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to receive her insights and soak up all the wisdom she has to offer. Our time together has seen me introduce new exclusive offerings, and remain on track and focused for what is sure to be an incredibly rewarding and exciting business year ahead.

nikkie smith

Working with Kate is fantastic, I’ve learnt SO much about how to package what I do in a way that meets the needs of my clients and plays to my strengths and energises me. Since working with Kate, I have increased my fees, and created two packages—and we’re only half way!

I only work 16 hours a week in my coaching practice and I thought I was productive and efficient but Kate’s wisdom has helped me take my productivity to a whole new level. Two months later and I’ve doubled my monthly income two months in a row. The first time I sold one of the packages I was on a high for 24 hours. I feel excited and relieved since creating these packages. Her wisdom, formulas and hints in packaging and marketing my skills and strengths ensures my success.

tamara tomic

Working with Kate has been the best decision of my entrepreneurial life! Over just a few sessions with her, I designed a complete business framework which showcases my expertise, created and released two offers that speak to my ideal customer, and fast-tracked invaluable new connections with leaders I admire. Kate’s brilliant expertise, high-impact strategies and heart-centred support helped package my services in a way that I’m incredibly proud of—and she went above and beyond to see me succeed and make sure I ‘got it’. There’s no question that Kate is so worth the investment!

claire obeid

Working with Kate so far has given me the courage and confidence to take my business to the next level. It’s still early days, which is exciting because from what I’ve already experienced I know that the potential to grow even more (under Kate’s guidance) is huge!

Kate firstly provided me with the golden opportunity to really understand who my gorgeous client is! No easy feat. From there I was able to tailor my offerings and packages especially for her. I created new, powerful offers that go above and beyond, which has given me the courage to charge for what I am (and my offers) are worth. This ecourse ‘Packaging You’ will support you to do the same for you and your business.

Since working with Kate I’ve also had a flood of new client sessions and queries, I’ve exceeded my first month’s financial goal and have revamped my website + offerings—I’ve gone ‘pro’ on so many little things, that it’s all coming together in a big way.

Mostly, Kate is getting me to think with a more strategic mindset, without losing the soul and authenticity that makes my work so joyful. She helps me to fill in the gaps and dig deep so I can play big.

I love her work, and you will too.

It was 
 I heart you!
When you hire an expert, you have higher expectations on delivery & outcome. Which you have more than met!!”
rebecca grainger
the info shared by kate 
 is exceptional and 
 just makes sense!
sophie mcguire

Kate has given me the confidence and clarity that I needed to start focusing my time on my strengths in order to take my business to the next level.

She is wise beyond her years and her enthusiasm is infectious. This girl doesn’t just know business—she lives it. Her passion is beyond measure and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.

My session with Kate really exceeded my expectations. She has the innate ability to tap into your personality and your business and gather a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to go… She is extremely good at explaining things in a way that makes sense to you and empowers you and your business simultaneously. And best of all it’s fun, there is nothing ‘stuffy’ or ‘boring’ about this girl, she is one of a kind. I would recommend Kate to anyone that needs clarity, support, direction or guidance in their business and I am already looking forward to my next session with her!

sabrina bolin

Oh how I loved my session with Kate!

She strategically combed through my website and offerings, picking up on subtle nuances that I had missed before that were keeping my ideal client from connecting with me.

Even though she told me I could disagree with her, I found that each piece of advice was firmly rooted in good business know-how (and also a bit of good ole common sense).

Her brain runs a hundred miles an hour, and she packed the time in with so many actionable insights; at the same time, each recommendation she made was clear and TOTALLY doable.

4 words: Work With This Woman.

Belinda Leskiw

My session with Kate was beyond amazing. Her relaxed style felt like I was talking to a long lost best friend; her openness to not only give heart-centred strategic advice but to receive feedback on whether you were feeling it also was really refreshing; and her ideas are really super effing awesome. She allowed me to step back and view my business in the big picture – what it could be, and the steps I needed to take to get it there. Kate literally made me feel like I could take on the world.

Jocasta Norman

I really love Kate’s energy she’s so easy to talk to and was able to see a greater vision for myself that I could. It’s awesome to work with someone who believes in you and is able to help you see things in another way, and in a bigger way. She was able to make recommendations and steps for me to take to move forward and I really appreciated her insights and suggestions. They weren’t just bog standard ones I could tell she had taken the time to prepare for our session and came with thought out useful suggestions tailored to my situation. I highly recommend Kate, she doesn’t beat around the bush, she cares and she delivers.

Jen Vertanen

Kate Byrne and Betty Means Business….I’m not usually at a loss for words (ask anyone!) but in this case, my words really are inadequate to describe just how much Kate helped me pull my myriad whirly-swirly thoughts all together into a coherent strategy and plan forward with my heart business, The Adventure Club for Extraordinary Women.

What Kate did with me is no small feat! I only trust the very best, most amazing, most extraordinary women to help me pull this next business venture out of my heart and into being. Ordinary extraordinary women from around the world will benefit from the work Kate and I did together as I offer more and more life-changing experiences both small and large.

From the bottom of my itchy-twitchy adventurous soul, thank you Kate and Betty Means Business!

No more playing small!
Kristy Goodwin
I wouldn’t be able to find this kind of info anywhere else.
Cassie Mendoza-Jones
Nicole Carvill
Andrea Louisa Glazier ShineOnVideo

Kate – you have superhuman powers and your inner-sight is laser sharp. You have an extraordinary gift for seeing and accessed inner wisdom that previously only revealed itself to me. Thanks to you I can now ‘see’ my biz clearly, believe in that vision and know what I need to focus on to achieve it!

Its as if the clouds of doubt, procrastination and uncertainty have cleared to reveal a beautiful sunlit path. So happy to have you on my team. You rock Kate!

Peta Rudd

My session with Kate was just like a conversation with my bestie, coupled with some really clever ideas that are seriously easy to put to action. I came away feeling really positive about the future of my business, in control and thoroughly motivated to take action!

Sharon Taylor

Spending just 1/2 hour with Kate gave me clarity and confidence around a project that’s been feeling ‘not quite right’ for months. She held nothing back and made suggestions that I implemented immediately.

Carlee Modra

I had so much fun chatting with Kate, although it was a business coaching session I really just felt like I was chatting to a friend who was giving me awesome advice and some huge ah-ha moments. Kate pointed out something so simple, yet so profound around my mindset around my clients and it has completely changed my entire perspective around my business. I am so grateful to Kate and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to find clarity around any issues in their business whether your just starting out or a pro, Kate has got so much to offer, and is such a pleasure to work with.

Kate Erlenbusch

Before my sesh I was feeling frustrated and stressed. I knew I wanted to get more clients, but I also didn’t want to burn myself out in the process. I was having trouble figuring out a sustainable path forward. From the very beginning Kate Byrne enveloped me in her vibrant energy. During our session, Kate identified clear, actionable strategies that suited my creative rhythm, the stage of my business and the reality of my life. Yes, it was quick, but it was a deeply satisfying experience that left me with a delightful afterglow. Thank you, Kate. I loved it!

I love the goal we’ve set. I will achieve it! I just know it.

I had such an amazing time on my VIP Day. It was really insightful and so productive. I can’t believe how quickly the time flew. I really, really appreciate Kate’s support. The best thing is that while there was a lot of collaboration and learning from Kate, I feel competent to take the next steps. I’m not scared to do it on my own. WOO! I truly feel as though Kate has given me the key to unlocking all the potential inside me. I felt like a complete fraud before hand but now I feel like a credible, worthy entrepreneur. I have so much more self-belief!


One thing I’ve learned in the several years I’ve been running an online business : it doesn’t matter how awesome your products or services are if you haven’t figured out how to package them in a way that’s appealing to your ideal customer (not to mention authentic for you as the business owner).

At the time I began working with Kate, I was already seeing a great deal of success in this area based on the packages I’d already created and my reputation, but I knew that in order to go ‘bigger’ – to expand my business beyond my current network and people who knew me – that I’d need to really step things up a few notches.

Kate’s process and the exercises she’s provided have been game-changing for me and my business (and I haven’t even implemented them all yet!) As a result of what I’ve learned working with Kate, I’ve re-worked packages and have been able to refine my offerings and how I communicate them to potential customers.

Feeling really great about my offerings helped me feel confident enough to (finally) raise my prices. Since making these changed to packages and pricing, I’ve noticed I’m attracting a different type of clientele that feels like a much better fit for me. My monthly income has increased (and has stayed consistently higher), and I feel like things are really starting to flow.

Another highlight : I’ve picked up some really foundational skills that I can apply to any new product or service I’d create in the future. This is key for me (and I’d expect for most other online business owners and bloggers) as we’re always adding new products and services to our repertoire.

I highly recommend working with Kate in any capacity. I’ve seen a huge impact in my business for sure, but it’s also been a really fun, enjoyable experience, which has kept me engaged, accountable and positive as I’ve gone about making improvements to my business.