In The Bag :: A Peek Inside An Entrepreneur’s Handbag

Have you ever wondered what an entrepreneur's handbag holds? Here I'm sharing the contents of my handbag! Nothing is left out in this real-life look at what's in this entrepreneur's handbag...


What does this entrepreneur keep in her handbag?  Read on to find out!


I love flicking through fashion magazines to get to the page where they share behind the scenes shots of the wardrobe, workspace or handbag of someone far more stylish than me, so I thought it’d be fun to share this post with you.


Something I’ve noticed is that the women in those glossy magazine spreads never seem to have tissues, tampons, old receipts or lolly wrappers in their bag.  What the?  That has NEVER been the case for me.  Surely I’m not the only one?  That’s why I wanted to reveal what’s in my handbag in a way that reflects reality.


Let’s dive in and take a peek inside my handbag:


Have you ever wondered what an entrepreneur's handbag holds? Here I'm sharing the contents of my handbag! Nothing is left out in this real-life look at what's in this entrepreneur's handbag...


Dr Hauschka Hand Cream:  This tiny tube is the perfect size for easy toting.  Sarah gave to me as part of a Dr Hauschka travel pack – such a lovely gift!


Tampon:  Like every other woman I know, I’ve learnt the hard way to keep an emergency supply on hand.


All of the lipgloss:  I’m sure I’ve mentioned my lip gloss addiction before.  Why is it that I can never find one in the pocket it should be in, yet I find 20 glosses anytime I clean out my bag?  BTW my current obsession is the Carrot Colour Pots from Ere Perez.


Manuka Honey Lozenges:  I always keep a few of these on hand, especially when the seasons are changing or I’m travelling.


Loving Earth Chocolate:  The only time I’m without a single serve Loving Earth Mint Choc is when I’ve just polished one off!



For taking notes, I love Field Notes notebooks - they are the perfect size for my handbag!

Here's a peek inside my handbag - Kate, founder and entrepreneur of Betty Means Business


Bose Noise Cancelling Earphones:  I am obsessed with these earphones.  Their fit, comfort and noise cancelling abilities are just the best!


Keys:  Obvs. Including gym pass and membership to my favourite place for chai in Niseko.


Loose coins:  Because, well, my dodgy wallet is already packed full.


Dodgy –  but very sentimental – wallet.  Friends and strangers alike will literally point and laugh anytime I whip it out to pay for something, but it’s worth it.  This handmade wallet reminds me of a wonderful day in one of my favourite places, and I love keeping those memories close.


Yes, that is my wallet and, yes, it is scruffy and old. But it has sentimental value, reminding me of good times and places.

I love my Sass & Bide sunglasses!


Sunglasses:  I love this tortoiseshell pair from Sass & Bide… to the point where I do my best to save them from scratches by keeping them in the ginormous gold hard case they came in.  (Something I’ve never bothered doing before – I feel so grown up!)


Field Notes notebooks:  I know I could use my phone to capture an idea if I have a brainwave, and sometimes I do… but I love LOVE scribbling pen to paper, and these Field Notes notebooks are the perfect size for my handbag.


iPhone 6S:  Not pictured because sadly the truth is my phone is usually in my hand or pocket or plugged into a charger.


MacBook Pro:  Again, not pictured because that bad boy is usually tucked under my arm…or in use (like right now!)… or snuggled in my work kit.


Tissues:  Crumpled at the bottom of my bag and in neat little single packs, somehow these multiply in my handbag constantly. (How?  HOW?)


I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out the contents of my handbag!


Sneak peek! Here's what's in my handbag!


Photos thanks to the lovely Lauren Campbell


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