15 Signs You’re Doing Well In Your Business Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

  NOTE: I think this is such an important topic, so I’ve refreshed and extended this post for 2018.   Let’s make no bones about it:   While running a business has a lot of fun perks (like doing the work you love, setting your own schedule, wearing activewear every day…), it can be a hard slog a fair chunk of the time.  And kind of isolating.  Especially in the first year or two.   That’s why January feels so… Read More

How To Get More Done, Have Laser Focus, And End Every Day Feeling Great: My End Of Day Ritual

  What do you do at the end of your workday?  If you’re drawing a blank, I feel you.    I never used to do anything particular to end my workday either.  I’d just kind of go on and on, sitting in front of the screen until I either ran out of steam or Rod would get the shits and insist I come downstairs for dinner.  While that still happens occasionally, these days I have a little routine comprising a… Read More

3 Daily Habits To Help You Quickly Get (& Stay) Fully Booked

  Revised and extended for 2018:  In this post, I break down 3 daily bite-sized habits that can help you easily win more clients, and share a flood of practical tips to make them easy to apply.  These simple habits aren’t difficult, and they won’t take you all day to get through either.   But don’t let that fool you.  Do them every day and you’ll see your business take off.   I used to think that getting to the famed… Read More

Lessons From 10+ Online Launches

  Before writing this post, I took a peek back at the life of my business and realised:  I had my first ever online launch early in 2014!   Whoa — it feels like yesterday and a million years ago…   I was also shocked to see that over the last 4 years, I’ve launched more than ten times, with another on the way a few months from now.   And when it comes to tactics?  I’ve tried plenty, baby:… Read More

My Review of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

  Once in a while, a program hits the digital airwaves and becomes an instant classic.   Everyone worth their salt seems to take it, everyone talks about it, and every year when it re-launches, thousands of eager online business owners rush to buy it — and its name becomes synonymous with the industry standard.   For me, that program is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF).   I finally joined PLF last year, starting by going through the free… Read More

Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting And What To Do About It

  If you’ve been running an online business for a while, or just hanging out in the Betty Means Business community, chances are you’ve heard the F-word.   No no, not that F-word.  (Although, you’ve probs heard that gem too!)   I’m talking about the other F-word:  a.k.a. Funnels.   Sales and marketing funnels have been a buzzword in online marketing circles for the last few years, and much like the “real” F-word, funnels elicit a massive range of responses.… Read More