How She Did It: In-Depth Case Studies of 6 Coaches, Creatives and Solopreneurs

  Not having all the ideal clients you want sucks, doesn’t it?   There is an ever-present sense of anxiety and pressure around your heart.  Even if you do have a few clients, you’re worrying about where your next client is going to come from.   It’s always on your mind… but the irony is that because you feel overwhelmed and confused about exactly what to do next when it comes to winning your ideal clients, you procrastinate by focusing… Read More

Pricing? 7 Must Consider Factors

  It seems to me that most coaches and consultants are undercharging.   If the last time you set your pricing you did it by having a look around at what others in your field were charging per hour and you figured the best thing to do would be to come up with a number that was a little less – and definitely less than your teacher’s or mentor’s pricing – you’re not alone.  I get the feeling that’s what… Read More

How To Uplevel The Calibre Of Your Clients

  One of the most interesting things about working and hanging with coaches and creatives in the online biz world?  I’ve developed a kind of x-ray vision for patterns.   And lately, there’s a particular pattern I want to talk about; a pattern I see over and over, largely among women, and creatives. (Looking at you especially, graphic designers!)   It’s a pattern of hard-working, awesomely-talented professionals severely undercharging, working themselves to the bone, and saying yes to every little… Read More

Must Do: Package your Expertise

  I’m a huge fan of packaging.  In fact, I think mastering how best to package your expertise is a critical business skill.  I define it as the process of grouping together features to create value for your clients.   (Heads up:  For me, a key element of ‘packaging’ is including features beyond just your hourly 1:1 coaching or consulting service.  On my travels around the web, I regularly see coaching packages that comprise completely and only of a certain… Read More

5 Must-Focus Areas When You’re Ready To Become A Premium Brand (SPOILER: Pricing isn’t one of them)

  Sometimes once you’ve got the first epic 12 months or so under your belt, even though the thought makes you kinda nervous, there’s a little seed inside you that’s wondering if it’s time already.  Time to transition your business to a more premium brand in the market.   If you’re anything like me, here are some ways that little seed could present itself as a: Delicious imagine-if daydream; Long-held vision; Rude awakening when you realize it hasn’t happened organically;… Read More

The Surprising Morning Routines Of These 6 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

  I continue to be fascinated by the routines and rituals of successful people.  Insight into them makes me feel like I’m able to decode what makes these fabulous women tick and what makes them so successful… so I’ve invited 6 more incredible women to spill the beans on their real-life morning routines.     BTW I include some comments about my take on the most surprising parts of these morning routines at the end of the post, which you… Read More