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Must Have: Your Signature System | A signature system refers to the unique approach you use to help your clients solve their problems. Here I share 3 reasons why you should implement it. | Business | Coaches | Creatives | Solopreneurs


Have you heard the term ‘signature system’ before?  It sounds pretty full on, right?  Really, all it refers to is the unique approach you use to help your clients solve their problems.  These days I’m a big fan.  Read on, and I reckon you will be too.


In this post, I’m sharing 3 reasons, a big tip, and 3 questions to help you get started identifying your own signature system.


As you read that first part, did you think to yourself, ‘but I don’t have one’?  If you did, I really urge you to stop right there.  When I first heard about the concept that was my first reaction too.  I was used to doing really customised work for clients that focused on the unique problems my clients were dealing with and just didn’t think that a signature system applied to me.


But hear me when I say:  I was wrong.  In fact, even without knowing your specific circumstances, I’d be willing to bet that 1) this can and does apply to you, and 2) if you’re already working with clients, you probably already have a signature system.  It’s just a case of identifying and showcasing it.


If you aren’t already all over this, you’ll want to jump on it now and spend a bit of time uncovering your signature system.  Here are 3 big reasons why:


Your signature system saves you from reinventing the wheel.


Forget starting from scratch each time you work with a brand new client (or submit a new proposal).  A signature system helps you save time and that stomach-churning what-the-hell-should-I-do-here worry.  The key is to keep your system meta enough for you to still be able to customise your advice/results/solution in the way you’d like.


Your signature system helps clients develop trust and confidence.


A clear signature system lets clients know you’re familiar enough with your topic/specialisation to guide people through a process.  And this ability to lead clients through a proven approach goes gangbusters when it comes to growing client confidence AND attracting ideal clients.

Your signature system helps position you as a leader and innovator.


It takes guts to put yourself out there and say ‘hey, I have an awesome way of doing this and it works’.  It’s a move that can really cement your credibility in your field.  Think of an entrepreneur you consider to be a leader in their field.  I’d be surprised if they didn’t have a signature system.


Here are a few examples:

  • Ezzie Spencer’s ‘The Spencer Method’
  • Tara Stiles’ ‘Strala Yoga’
  • Hibiscus Moon’s ‘Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer’
  • Sandy Forster’s ‘Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’

(I know I said 3, but have another, I know you’ll love this bonus reason:) Your signature system helps you build business assets.


Once you have a clear signature system in place, it’s infinitely easier to create programs, courses, e-books and other saleable offers.  It’s also easier for you to create tools that support internal client management systems and workflows (think: templates, checklists, and worksheets).


A big tip to keep in mind as you start thinking through your own signature system:


You can have more than one signature system – and, now this can be confusing so stick with me – you can also have a signature system WITHIN another signature system.  For example, my signature program The Betty Booked Out Formula includes my Packaging You course, which shows you how to create irresistible premium offers and shares my signature systems for coming up with a flood of benefits and results, for coming up with the perfect mix of features, for exactly how to set your pricing and so on.


Actually getting clear on your signature system can be a little tricky at first, and it can take time. Personal experience tells me it usually takes some thinking and a few brainstorming sessions to get right.


There are lots of things to consider when you’re coming up with a signature system, but here are 3 questions to get you started thinking:


  • What are the main steps in my approach to working with clients?
  • What’s the purpose of each step?
  • What do I already use to deliver results for my clients?


I hope you found this post really useful!


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