Must Do: Package your Expertise

Must Do - Package Your Expertise | Packaging your products or services can provide you AND your clients with a wealth of benefits. Learn how here! | Business | Coaches | Creatives | Solopreneurs

Must Do - Package Your Expertise | Packaging your products or services can provide you AND your clients with a wealth of benefits. Learn how here! | Business | Coaches | Creatives | Solopreneurs


I’m a huge fan of packaging.  In fact, I think mastering how best to package your expertise is a critical business skill.  I define it as the process of grouping together features to create value for your clients.


(Heads up:  For me, a key element of ‘packaging’ is including features beyond just your hourly 1:1 coaching or consulting service.  On my travels around the web, I regularly see coaching packages that comprise completely and only of a certain number of 1:1 60 or 90mins coaching sessions.  That’s not what I’m talking about here.)


Without packaging your services and expertise you’re likely to be stuck swapping time for (usually mediocre) Benjamin’s.  Best case you’ll quickly hit an income ceiling, forced to work damn hard for your money (hello future burn out candidate!).  And holidays or sick days will usually mean lost income.


Worst case, the hours for $ model you rely on will mean you have a hard time distinguishing yourself in the market, and when you do attract potential clients you could be forced to compete for them almost entirely on hourly rate alone.  Definitely no Bueno.


On the other hand, done right, packaging your services and expertise can help you carve out your piece of the pie.  Packaging will help clarify your expertise, how you can best help people, help you stand out, attract the clients you’re best able to serve and take your revenue to a whole new level.  Sounds much better, right?


Here are 3 more reasons why you should be packaging your services now:


1. Packaging helps free up your time


Packaging your services helps you escape the hours for dollars equation so many incredible coaches and consultants are trapped in.  You don’t have to be one of them.  When your offer includes leveraged elements (something that isn’t reliant on 1:1 face time with you to be delivered /or that you’re able to create once and use multiple times), you’ll quickly free up your time – without losing revenue.


Same or better money for more time swimming at the beach or lying on the sofa reading?  Sure, if you insist.


2. Packaging helps you deliver more value to clients


Done well, a package will represent far greater value to the client than 1:1 sessions with you alone.  To your ideal clients, a perfectly packaged offer will feel considered and just right.


For example, let’s say you’re a mindfulness coach working with stressed-out professionals.  I’m confident your clients would value a package offer including a series of 5 minute meditation audios, a poster with helpful affirmations, a meditation pillow, and an app that reminds them to complete quick mindfulness activities during their day along with regular 1:1 sessions with you ABOVE just 1:1 sessions with you.


I know you’re all about serving your clients and helping them to get incredible results.  When you consider the hypothetical package offer I just mentioned versus the plain old 1:1 sessions alone, which do you think is likely to deliver better results for your clients?  The package, right? Yeah, I agree.


3. Packaging helps you stand out from the crowd


Packaging your services makes comparison harder because it forces people to consider more than just your hourly fee.  In a sea of hourly or daily rates, when you do it right, packaging helps potential clients take notice and really think about the value and results they’d like to experience.


Imagine you’re on the lookout for a health coach: Are you more likely to remember and go for the one with a 3 month program including fortnightly 1:1 sessions, menu plans, a virtual kitchen audit, food diary and a kick start hamper OR the one offering the standard 6 x hourly 1:1 coaching sessions over the same period?  I’d pick the first one too.



I honestly believe that mastering packaging your expertise the right way could add an extra zero to the end of your revenue figure.  I hope this post has motivated you to give it a go!


Leave a comment and let me know:  Do you already package your services/expertise?  If you do, what’s your #1 reason for creating packaged offers?


Want to learn more about packaging up your services to get booked out with more dream clients?  Check out my signature program: The Betty Booked Out Formula which has an extensive module on this called ‘Packaging You’.


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