The Surprising Morning Routines Of These 6 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

How we spend our morning sets the tone for the whole day and so I love learning how the successful women entrepreneurs that I look up to start their day. Here 6 of my favourite women entrepreneurs share their morning routines and there are interesting similarities. Read on to find out what they are! #morninginspiration


I continue to be fascinated by the routines and rituals of successful people.  Insight into them makes me feel like I’m able to decode what makes these fabulous women tick and what makes them so successful… so I’ve invited 6 more incredible women to spill the beans on their real-life morning routines.  


BTW I include some comments about my take on the most surprising parts of these morning routines at the end of the post, which you won’t want to miss.


Now read on to see how these successful entrepreneurs start their day.


Sarah Morgan: My slow mornings put me in the right headspace to start work in a positive mood, so when I do get into answering questions or writing blog posts I'm doing it with a mindset of confidence and purpose.


“I find the less decisions I have to make in the morning the better start I have to my day, so I literally do the exact same thing, in the exact same order, 7 days/week.


I have a very old dog, so my days always start by waking up sans alarm at 7:45, getting dressed and out the door as quickly as possible to avoid any accidents.  We walk around the block at a snail’s pace, which gives me about 30 minutes to be really present in feeling the sun on my skin and breathing in the fresh air, and thinking about what I’m grateful for and what I want to accomplish that day.


Back home after dog meds + diapers (things are super glamorous over here!) I take time to put on the kettle for tea and cook breakfast.  Then I sit on the couch to eat, make a written gratitude list, and either listen to a podcast (on business or personal development) or watch the latest Real Housewives episode.  When I do finally jump into work, I start with the thing that makes me feel most excited and impactful which is generally answering questions and handing out high fives in the Facebook group for my membership program.


My slow mornings put me in the right headspace to start work in a positive mood, so when I do get into answering questions or writing blog posts I’m doing it with a mindset of confidence and purpose.”


Sarah Morgan is an Emmy Award-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging and building websites since age 13.  Over 20 years later, she’s built a career around helping bloggers and other small business owners kick ass online.  You can find her at  


Vienda Maria: The most important thing for me is to step into my day with intention. My morning routines are based on what makes me feel good and how I can stay in my own energy.


“My morning routine is just a few simple steps.  When I wake up I like to meditate, while still lying in bed for 10-15 minutes, to soak in that softness, the silence and the in-between-worlds feeling, before my day begins.  Then I turn over and pick up my basal body thermometer and check my temperature as I use the ‘fertility awareness’ method as a form of birth control and to stay aware of my cycles and hormone fluctuations.  While I am waiting for the temp reading I tune into my intuition and how I want to feel today and ask my body, mind and soul “What do you need today?”.  Asking this informs me on how I am going to approach the rest of the day.  And finally, I get up, go to my phone which I keep in another room, pop my temperature into my Kindara app and make a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice in it.


The most important thing for me is to step into my day with intention.  My morning routines are based on what makes me feel good and how I can stay in my own energy.


After that, anything can happen!  I am my most creative and sharp in the mornings so often get to work soon after I wake up.  Sometimes, like today, I took a hot bath and listened to Abraham and then tapped along to manifest $50,000 before I sat down for a morning of client calls.  I rarely eat breakfast and tend to sip on tea until lunchtime while I work.  After lunch, I tend to meditate again and exercise.  I notice when I exercise or move about too abruptly in the morning it disrupts my creative flow.”



Vienda Maria is a writer, mentor and creative who spends her time teaching at the crossroads of psychology, manifesting, intuitive living, magic and creativity. You can find here at


Theresa Reed: I need to be centered before doing any tarot work so a little quiet time gets my brain in order.


“My morning routine is pretty simple actually.  I wake up without an alarm because my body is automatically up early.  I used to be a night owl but turned that around when I began writing.  The first thing I do is brush my teeth, turn on the computer, and make my bed.  This is followed by a short meditation.  I need to be centered before doing any tarot work so a little quiet time gets my brain in order.  The next thing I do is tackle my social media.  I post a “tarot card for the day” across several platforms.  A card is pulled and then I write the posts in a stream of consciousness and paste them on my various online spots.


From there, it’s time to feed the cats and eat some breakfast.  I’ll usually read the news while eating because I like to stay current with what’s happening out there.  Otherwise, it’s too easy for me to get wrapped up in my tarot bubble!  After breakfast, I dig into my inbox and see if there are any fires that need to be put out.  From there, I like to workout or do a bit of yoga before hitting the showers.  Once I’m showered up and dressed, I am in writing mode for the morning.  This may be followed by errands on some days.  Afternoons and evenings are for clients or teaching unless it’s a Sunday.  That’s my day for self-care and doing nothing at all.”


Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years.  She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book (Sounds True Publishing), an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with colouring sheets for every card in the deck.  Find Theresa at


Amanda Rootsey: The very words 'morning routine' bring up resistance for me. I tried for so long to get it down pat and do everything 'right' but I find I work best by mixing it up all the time.


“The very words ‘morning routine’ bring up resistance for me.  I tried for so long to get it down pat and do everything ‘right’ but I find I work best by mixing it up all the time.  Lately, I’ve been waking quite late and then gently trying to roll over for more cuddles without disturbing our dog, who sleeps in the bed with us!  If I can manage that then I get a few minutes of bliss but often she’s right onto me and then it’s up and at ’em with a walk along the river.  Then I feel into things… if I feel like a gentle start then I’ll sit down to meditate for a while before having a long breaky with my partner.  If I’m ready for action I might have a swim, have a quick bite and wander up the street to my office.  I never book any appointments in before 10 am anyway so regardless of what feels good, I try to give myself lots of time in the morning.  When I do this, I feel much more centred in my day, my work and my life!”


Amanda Rootsey is the founder of teen personal development academy, Shine From Within, a business coach to youth mentors all over the world and a gentle-living advocate. Find her at: and


Susana Frioni: Some mornings are active and energising, other mornings are slow and sensual. And that all depends on where I am in my cycle.


“My favourite morning routine {and by favourite I mean the one that has me feeling my best for the whole day} looks like spending 60-90 minutes connecting to myself before shifting into “mum” mode and “work” mode.  I use this time to tune in, clear any residual funky vibes/thoughts, clarify and amplify my intentions/choices, embody my core desire feelings, nourish my body and brain, and plan/prioritise my day.  Some mornings are active and energising.  Other mornings are slow and sensual.  And that all depends on where I am in my cycle.


I’m also big on connection and relationships, so I LOVE starting the day reaching out to friends I don’t get to see every day.  This usually looks like a quick text exchange but can easily turn into ongoing hilarious and inappropriate banter.  Either way, it fills my heart and makes me laugh, and for me, there’s no better way to start your morning.


Actually, I lie.  Nothing beats morning sex and snuggles with the one you love.”


Susana Frioni is a speaker, certified Deep Coaching Professional and embodiment teacher igniting women through erotic empowerment via her brand LOVE SEX DESIRE.  Find her at   


Sora Surya No: Every morning my first intention is to drop in and connect with myself.


“A part of me desires to share how I have a regular, devoted practice in the morning but honestly, the rebel shapeshifter in me has a really hard time with routines.


Being a student of the mystical practices of a priestess, I’ve noticed that staying in the sacred has no set protocol but rather it’s about honoring the magic that resides within.


Every morning my first intention is to drop in and connect with myself by:

  • Pulling a card from an Oracle or Tarot Deck
  • Going for a walk with my dog Sofia
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Activating and communing with my indoor or outdoor altar.


My second intention is to honor my high council of cosmic beings including my guides, animal spirits, ancestors, angels, and goddesses.


I may ask:

  • How may I be of highest service today?
  • How do I currently feel in my body, from my heart-space, from my head-space, from my soul-space?
  • What guidance may you provide today?
  • How may I show gratitude today?


My third intention is to understand where I am in my cycle.  This includes:

  • My moon cycle and where I am with my bleed.
  • My seasonal cycle.
  • My emotional cycle.
  • My work cycle.


My fourth intention is uncovering the best way to commune with my community that feels inspiring, grounded, and nourishes my soul.  This may include:

  • Dropping into my Facebook community
  • Creating content
  • Responding to emails
  • Updating the tasks for my team
  • Clearing any judgement around resting later on in the day including taking a nap


The last intentional act I do is connecting with my prayer and then committing to walking with it.  What I mean by this is to live, breathe and act in integrity, in harmony with my prayer.


Remember dear priestess sisters, there is no magical protocol, allow your intuitive to guide your path forward.


Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveller.  You can find her at




I really urge you take notice of how much space and intention each woman includes in her morning.  These surprising common traits mean they each have created an unrushed, laid-back, spacious environment for themselves to wake up and nurture themselves first in the morning.


None of these successful women entrepreneurs packs their morning routine full of 20 different self-care tasks, or is at the computer scrolling through email 15 minutes after waking.  This universal sense of spaciousness is pretty surprising, especially seeing as these women cross industries and continents.  It’s also relievingly counter-intuitive to the glorified busy ‘hustle’ culture so many of us are part of.


I’m inspired to experiment with more spaciousness and intention setting in my own mornings.  And I hope this post inspires you to do the same!


Now that you’ve got plenty ideas for your morning routine, check out my posts on my daily success habits to get fully booked and my end of day ritual to round out your day!


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