5 Limiting Beliefs Keeping You From Being Booked Out

What stops women entrepreneurs, such as coaches and creatives struggling to be booked out in their businesses? The #1 thing getting in the way of you being booked out isn’t a lack of potential clients out there, a lack of passion, or even a lack of hard work. That #1 thing is: Limiting beliefs. Click through to find out 5 common limiting beliefs I see holding women entrepreneurs back in their biz. #entrepreneurship #limitingbeliefs


I don’t think any business owner has ever said:


You know what?  I don’t want to be booked out.”


“I don’t want to make a lot of money doing work I enjoy.  I’d much rather live off scraps and work too much for too little.  I’m happiest that way!”


… Or if they have – I sure as shit hope they were joking.


However, while none of us say those words… many of us are accidentally living them.


Here’s the thing:  It IS actually possible for all of us to be booked to the gills with dream clients.  It IS possible for each of us to build a sustainable business and work the way we want to work, with the people we want to work with.


So why isn’t it happening for everyone?  And if it isn’t happening for you right now — what’s the hold-up?


As you might expect, the answer is a bit more complicated than, “All you’ve gotta do is try harder!”


In fact, the #1 thing getting in the way of you being booked out isn’t a lack of potential clients out there, a lack of passion, or even a lack of hard work.


That #1 thing is:  Limiting Beliefs.


Dun dun dunnnn!


If you’ve never heard the term before, “limiting beliefs” are the stories we unconsciously tell ourselves that hold us back from progress and growth.


For example, if you’re trying to book a new client and tell yourself before your Discovery Call, “They probably won’t want to work with me, there are so many coaches/designers/[insert what you do] out there.  I’ll just assume they won’t so I won’t be disappointed!”


That’s a limiting belief, gorgeous.


So, now you know:  Do you think you might have some beliefs holding you back from the kind of success you want?


Keep reading because I’m diving into 5 limiting beliefs I see holding back friends, colleagues, clients, and students all. the. time.


As we walk through them, please check in with yourself to find out if any of them sound familiar.  They might be wreaking havoc on your life and business!


Ready?  Let’s explore.


Limiting Belief #1:  “I can’t charge more than my teacher/boss/coach/mentor.”


This one is so common.


If you have some kind of certification, or if you went to uni for something, or if you used to work in corporate or have ever had a business coach, this may be a particularly sticky spot for you.


When you started your business, you may have known how much money your past bosses/coaches/teachers made, or how much it cost to work with them.  Usually, when you’re just getting started, that number feels high – almost unattainable.


But as you continue to grow and you get closer to earning that number yourself, it can feel very uncomfortable to surpass it.  Unconsciously, you may not feel you deserve to be “further ahead” than your teacher.


That’s a limiting belief, and it’s keeping you small.   In fact, if you stick with that, all that’s happening is that you are letting your coach’s and/or teacher’s potential limiting beliefs around their own earning capacity impact you.  And it doesn’t have to be that way!


Limiting Belief #2:  “That’s not how it’s done in my industry.”


Something I like to talk about is packaging up your offers.  Hand on heart, I reckon that packaging up your services into high value offers that help your ideal clients solve important problems is a powerful way to attract clients and build traction in your business.


Sometimes when I recommended to clients that we do that we package up their services in this way, I’ll be met with pushback:  “That’s not how I do it in my industry.”  Sigh! (IMO that may be exactly why you SHOULD do it.)


If you’ve ever thought “I can’t do that, that’s not how people do it in my industry,” when it comes to certain marketing or business development strategies, you may be keeping yourself unnecessarily small.


This limiting belief is likely keeping you from working with all the ideal clients that you could help.  So really:  Challenge yourself on that!


Limiting Belief #3:  “I’m not an expert.”


This belief also does nothing but keep you playing small, and keep you from being booked out working with all the ideal clients you desire.


This limiting belief usually manifests as you not putting yourself out there or sharing your experiences, opinions and lessons because you’re not the most qualified person in your field.


The fact is, you have information.  And telling yourself that you’re not an expert or not worthy means that you’re probably keeping quiet on information that could help people, and not helping as many people as possible.


Newsflash:  This limiting belief is stopping you from serving people that really need your help!  That “I’m not an expert,” fear, any version of that in your head, is an unconscious limiting belief that is keeping you from working with all the clients you really should be working with.


Limiting Belief #4:  “People are buying me.  I’m pricing myself.”


If you’ve ever had any version of that thought, you’ve really gotta hear me when I say:


You are never putting a price on yourself in business.


Of course, you may be a “personal brand” — after all, people work with people they like and trust and connect with, of course.  The human element is really important.  But even that isn’t “you”.  Not really.


What you’re putting a price on is your offers.  You are not your offers.


Your offers are a solution to someone’s problem, and it just so happens that you’re an expert in the solution you’re proposing.  See that distinction?  Putting a price on yourself is scary.  Putting a price on your offers is… far less so.


You are always pricing a solution, that solution is separate to you, and it just so happens that you’re an expert in that solution.


Limiting Belief #5:  “It takes years to be booked out.”


Guys, that’s crap!  It’s just crap.  Don’t get me wrong – being in business, attracting and winning wonderful clients takes work, no doubt about it.  But it doesn’t take years.


You don’t have to toil away for 20 years in your industry before you’re allowed to be booked out or have a successful, sustainable business.


It’s not just possible, I’ve seen women just like you be fully booked in the first and second years of being in business.  In fact, we have clients and students that have gone through my Betty Booked Out Formula program, and everything has changed in their business in less than 90 days.


So stop holding yourself to an imaginary elongated timeline!


I’m guessing that at least one of these five unconscious limiting beliefs landed with you, ’cause these are so common.


Whichever one most stood out for you, know it’s just a belief you currently have – and not the absolute truth.  I hope this post inspires you to identify and question the limiting beliefs you might have that may be making business harder than it needs to be!


See you next week!

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