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I know launching is a big “thing” in the industry right now… but I’m not sure I need to do it.”




Ladies!  Pull up a(n extra comfy) chair, because we’ve gotta talk.


When it comes to running launches (i.e. doing a big lead-up to your list via freebies, webinars, sales calls, challenges, emails, etc. in order to promote and ultimately sell an offering), you’ve probably heard at least one or two stories:


1) Massive success stories: “I had a multiple 6-figure launch on my first go.  Woohoo!”




2) Scary horror stories, like “I poured $20k into my launch and didn’t make a dime.”


Interestingly enough: Both of those stories have the power to make entrepreneurs completely resist the prospect of launching.  (I’m speaking from grappling with my personal fears here…)


Maybe it feels like too much work, or too much risk, or too much brain power to even consider it for your business.  Or!  Maybe you’ve launched before, and it wasn’t quite a “horror story”, but it didn’t have quite the return you’d imagined.  (I’ve been there!)


You may also think you don’t “need” to launch.  For example, if you sell one-on-one coaching, or design, copywriting, or small group programs, or healer type of services?  You might feel your business is chugging along just fine without launching!  (Been there too!)


Even so, approaching any promotion with a ‘launch mentality’ can be hugely beneficial.


Launching your new package or service offering the right way up front can still make a major difference to your results, and make it much easier to fill your programs or client spaces quickly.


I would know.  Launching has completely transformed my business; from the way I plan out my content all the way to the experience I make sure to give my students and clients.


It took me a while to get on the “launch train”, but now that I’ve spent some time launching, learned a few lessons, and feel pretty good about the system we run through on the back end of my own business?  I’m a massive fan… and I think with the right set up and support, you might be too.


Which is why today, I’m sharing 4 pro tips I’ve learned in my years of launching.


(Make sure to bookmark this or take notes for your next — or first — launch!  There’s some great stuff in here, and some killer free resources around how to run a launch of your own that fits your business, makes you more money, and helps you refine your strategic selling skills.)


BTW this month I’m hosting a free, live training where I’m spilling the beans on My Biggest Launch Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.  Launches are the ultimate funnel, and super intimidating for so many of us… but when you get them right, they can be absolutely game-changing.  If you’ve been toying with the idea of launching something (your coaching program!, your ecourse!, a book!) this year, you will love LOVE this special training!  Click the button below to come along.  We’re gonna have so much fun!!  PS It’s totally free!

Dr Kate Byrne of Betty Means Business can't believe she is going to share her biggest launch mistakes in this free workshop.


Ok, let’s jump into the 4 pro tips I have for you today:


Pro Tip 1:  Give yourself time to plan your launch, so you can think about things strategically.


In the early days of my business, after I put the finishing touches on a project I’d just say:  “OK! I’ve got an offer, I’m going to put it out there.”


That, to me, was launching.  I was so exhausted by the process of creating whatever I was offering, I didn’t have any juice left to plan out a launch, let alone get strategic!


Man, was I letting myself down using this approach.  By promoting things randomly, I wasn’t giving myself enough brain space to think about what might be the best way to do things.


… It also didn’t give me enough space to launch in a way where I wasn’t 1) losing my shit, and 2) losing sleep.


I never took the time to ask myself: How could this all be aligned and work together? until I really carved out space to do so.


I’ve asked around, and planning is a major part of how my 7-figure launch business besties manage to do their thing, time and time again.  Giving yourself time to think strategically and map out a plan is very important and makes a really big difference, whether you’re running your first launch, or you’re a 7-figure business warrior.


And when you really think about it, why aren’t you planning?  You’ve worked hard on designing the perfect offer.  You know it can transform lives.  Why not give yourself the time to think through what the best approach is, and give your launch as much care as the offer?


Consider:  What journey do you want to take your potential client and customer through?  What would be their best-case experience, and how can you help them have that experience?


Then literally map it out on a calendar with Post It notes, and plan it out.


Pro Tip #2: Fluff your community first.


While selling is vital to the lifeblood of a business, it can feel… awkward.  Especially with your first offerings and launches.


Back in the day, I used to throw things over the fence!  #embarrassing.


I’d send a single email saying that this package was now available, and invite people to reply via email if they were interested.


The problem?  I hadn’t really done all that much to warm up my community first.


Think about it.  When big bands go on tour, or an author’s about to launch a book, or a sports season starts, or a movie hits theatres, there’s always promotion and a bit of hype that comes before the big day.  The same rules apply to your audience!


Warming up your community and developing a relationship first is the #1 way to show you care about your audience as people (instead of just potential buyers) and builds up good juju before you try to sell anything.


Pro Tip #3: Have a launch theme, and carry that theme through every step of your launch.


This is much easier to do when you’ve given yourself time to think about things (helloooo tip #1).


Every solid launch has a theme that aligns with the paid offer, so it feels like a natural progression from the initial idea to the sale.


So for example, if you’re a health coach and you would like to launch your coaching program in February, maybe you take inspiration from Valentine’s Day and you have an overarching launch theme that’s something like, “Love yourself more”.


Throughout your launch, you can share lessons from your personal experiences, resources, and offer a bunch of different freebies to help your ideal potential clients love themselves up!


Then, when it’s time to make your paid offer, everything culminates in you inviting people to join your health coaching program, where they’re going to have your personal support every step of the way to help them love themselves and their bodies, and to focus on their health and wellbeing.


See how that fits together?


Pro Tip #4: Share the real you.


This was a big lesson for me.  It took me a really long time to get that authentic connection is always better than perfection.


So even though you’re planning?  Don’t paralyse yourself waiting for everything to be “just right”.  Get out there, take action and know that authentic connection by really being yourself — typos and tech oopsies and all — is going to engage your community much more than being perfect.


As a potential client of yours, I’d really want to get to know you, because ultimately I buy from people I like.  That’s why it’s important to build in as many opportunities as you can to connect with your community during your launch.


How do you forge those opportunities for real connection?  Consider offering live webinars or sharing daily Instagram stories or Facebook Lives or even having a live event as part of your launch!



… Of course, there’s a lot more that could be said on this topic.


There are a lot of different ways you can launch in your business.


Have you heard of Jeff Walker?  He has been launching online since basically the beginning of time, and many people consider him the Godfather of modern launches for digital entrepreneurs!


Full disclosure:  Until I went through his program, I had no idea that there were so many different types of launches!  Each different type has a specific strategy and tactics, and a different schedule.  Jeff gets into all the details and gets super specific with everything he teaches.




Don’t forget to join me for the free, live training I’m hosting this month:  My Biggest Launch Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.  If a launch is something you’re planning this year, this special training packed with practical tips is for you!  Click the button below to come along.  We’re gonna have so much fun!!  PS It’s totally free!

Dr Kate Byrne of Betty Means Business can't believe she is going to share her biggest launch mistakes in this free workshop.




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