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I had heaps of fun meeting Kate.  Thanks to a big storm the night before, our Skype sesh was repeatedly interrupted.  This would’ve really frustrated some people, but every time the Skype connection gods shone on us Kate was humble, generous, funny, and completely lovely.  Even better, Kate’s business story hints at a couple of other qualities like tenacious, determined, adventurous – all qualities I pretty much love to death!

And I love her ballsy biz journey just as much.  Only a few years ago Kate arrived in Bali with a vision, self-belief and what many would consider spare change.  Today Kate’s holistic wellness retreat business is thriving with gorgeous dedicated facilities, big time international clients, and big time international attention to match.

Dig in and enjoy babe! I know you’ll love this one!

Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

It started with an innate calling to go to Bali to create and build a safe and healthy space were people could come to rejuvenate, cleanse, relax, repair and heal their minds, bodies and souls.  I was working in Thailand managing a health retreat and after my time was up I found myself completely burnt out, drained and exhausted.  I went back to Australia to recoup and was at a real crossroads in my life, I had no bloody idea what I was going to do.  I was offered a number of amazing opportunities in exclusive health spas across the world; Thailand, Dubai and London but none of them really spoke to me and money has never been a motivation for me.  It was during meditation when I finally got out of my head and started listening to my heart that I could feel intense desire and stirrings to jump in and have a crack at creating something my own way.  Once that thought crept into my consciousness there was no backing down and before I knew it I had landed in Bali with not much more then what was in my suitcase. I was full of exhilaration and scared shitless at the same time but I knew without an ounce of doubt in my mind I was in the right place.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced setting up your biz? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me was having very little capital and no investors to start up.  In fact I had hardly anything.  I didn’t have a website and I was doing business in a country where I didn’t speak the language and had never lived before.  I was so far out of my comfort zone on all levels and had dived head first into a dream before the fear got a hold of me (that came after).  I trusted my gut 100% and that faith is what got me through those first daunting months.  I knew I was good at my job and I had established a good reputation from my time in Thailand and working in Australia.  I knew that I was put on this planet to help people heal and I knew that Bali was the right place.  I worked on my own self-confidence and self worth and as that got stronger everything fell into place.  I sent an email out to my entire network telling them I was running retreats in Bali and people just started to book.  When they started sending me deposits I was running around looking for yoga teachers, buying juicers, organizing accommodation and drivers.  All the money that came in went straight back out again but before I knew it I had people from all over the world making enquiries and booking plane tickets to come and see me.

What, if anything, you do use to help make business decisions?

Now as the business progresses and goes from strength to strength I seek out help from mentors and teachers who I trust to bounce ideas around with and listen to their advice or suggestions.  My time with these professionals is invaluable as they have the expertise I do not in order to take my ideas and dreams to the next level.  I always listen to the client feedback and take any action accordingly on what could improve our services and I always, always listen to my gut.

What’s been your most exciting business success for far?

Filming a month long documentary in North Bali with some very high profile clients undergoing a fasting detox and healing transformation.  It felt like I was in Big Brother for the entire month.  It was an exciting experience both personally and professionally, one that I will never forget.

Talk us through your typical workday.

When I am hosting a retreat my day looks a little something like this;

8:30am : Teach exercise class, either; water therapy in the pool, yoga, dance and free movement or rice paddie walk etc.

10:00am : Hand out detox shakes, juices, elixers or yummy breaky to all the guests and touch base with them all and see how they are feeling and going with the program, spend time with them chatting and catching up.

12:00pm : Teaching some kind of workshop, either a raw food kitchen class, nutritional workshop, mind and body awareness, conscious cleansing, emotional healing or food as medicine.

2:00pm : I spend a couple of hours in personal one on one sessions with clients.  These vary depending in the needs of the client and what they want – Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Lifestyle counseling, Iridology, Emotional Clearing or Spiritual Healing and Channeling.

Usually have a quick break in the afternoon to guzzle down a green juice, eat some raw chocolate and go put my feet in the grass and get some sunshine on my body to recharge.  I often jump in the pool to escape the tropical heat and get out of gravity for a few minutes.

5:00pm:  Hold a meditation and healing circle for all the guests and hold the space as everyone shares their ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of the day and their own nuggets of wisdom.

7:00pm: Have a super tasty dinner with my husband and go over the day. I come home to answer emails, make phone calls and catch up on writing or whatever needs to be done and finish off with either a meditation or glass of wine (depends on the day – retox or detox ,its all about balance J)


You can learn more about Kate here.

Your key take away lady:

I don’t know about you, but I can feel Kate’s self-confidence in every part of her story.  Not in a show off-y type of way at all, but in a delicious and more matter of fact I trust myself kinda way.  This sentence keeps jumping out at me: ‘I worked on my own self-confidence and self worth and as that got stronger everything fell into place’.  Amen.

Confidence is king.  Trust that you can do it.  And remember: action always cures fear.

Now I’d love you to share so we can all learn.

01. Share 1 thing you do to build your self-confidence and self-trust.

(I’ll go first: One thing I like to do to build up my self-confidence/self-trust is to keep promises I make to myself.  I figure if I show myself that I can hold up my end of the bargain when I promise myself I’ll, say, write 2 blog posts this week, over time I won’t be able to help but trust myself more and more across the board!)


Kate xo
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