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Here’s what you need to know: Karina is joyous.  No, really.  And it makes total sense – this entrepreneurial intuitive guide lives in an (if the pics she posts are anything to go by, achingly beautiful) tiny French village, runs a business doing what she loves, has the flexibility to spend time with her young family everyday, and makes a positive difference in the lives of her clients.  I mean, seriously! No wonder she’s happy and pretty much brimming with energy.

Dudes, I’m gonna shut up and just show you the goods.  I know you’ll wanna dig into this one!

Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

It’s been a long journey! I discovered channeling 12 years ago and although I started doing intuitive readings very quickly I only started my business a bit over a year ago. It took me a long time to take the leap but when I finally did it changed everything. I kept waiting for the “perfect time” but at one point I had to either start my business or get a regular job. That’s what “forced” me to jump and I am so glad I did.

I love being an entrepreneur and now it seems like the obvious choice for the independent & multi-passionate person I am. I’ve always loved doing many different things in my work and as I live in the French countryside it’s great to also work with amazing people from all over the world. It feels like I get the best of both worlds. I am so grateful that I get to live my dream life.

What was one of the biggest challenge you faced establishing your business? How did you overcome this challenge?

Just starting already! I’ve always felt that when I started it would work out because I love what I do so much and it truly is what I am here to do in this life. But it was so scary to start my own business! Every obstacle seemed insurmountable and I kept pushing my starting date further and further off into the future. When I finally decided to go for it I asked for support and searched for solutions to the problem that occurred. And I quickly found out that I didn’t have to know everything or be good at everything – I could ask for help and learn new skills. Luckily for me because that’s really what entrepreneurship is all about! Expanding my limits for what I thought was possible and asking for the support I need.

What’s been your most exciting business success for far?           

I am so happy and grateful for each small and big success that my business brings me. One Big Moment was when the lovely Leonie Dawson mentioned her intuitive reading with me on Facebook in January this year and my inbox just went boom! In just a few days my schedule filled up for a whole month at once. That’s when I reached one of my biggest (almost impossible!) income goals and connected with so many amazing women from all over the world. I took this as a beautiful sign from the Universe that making a living doing what I love really was possible.

Talk us through your typical work day.

I don’t know if there is such a thing! I work at home and have two young children so when they are in school my typical work day revolves around their schedule. I love working in the morning so I do most of my readings by e-mail or Skype in the morning. I also check my e-mail, social media and write some of my blog posts.

At 11.30am I run to school to pick up the kids and have lunch with them and my husband. I spend some time playing with my kids and if the weather is nice we eat lunch outside in our garden or by the river.

At 1pm I run back to school with them and then I go for a walk, breathe barefoot or meditate (preferably outside!) for an hour or so. Then I get back in front of my computer and do some more writing, social media and e-mail and at 4.30pm I get the kids from school and we spend a couple of hours munching on fruit and playing outside. Often I hang out with the other moms and I love to get out of my head and let go of work thoughts for a while and just laugh and talk about normal stuff ha, ha! It keeps me sane ; ).

Around 7pm we have dinner and then I either do another reading after the kids are asleep or I read inspiring blogs or a good book. I try to switch off my computer early but I love what I do so much it’s difficult. If I don’t feel inspired to write I take a couple of hours or a day off and hang out in nature. I try to listen to my own rhythm and stay in the flow as much as possible. That’s when I have the most fun and when clients find me.

What do you use to make business decisions?

My intuition! And how I feel about something. I’m not very strategic but instead use my gut feeling as much as possible. If a project sounds like fun and flows easily that’s where I go! I’m experimenting with this a lot at the moment and my business is feeling so much smoother and more joyful. I love playing with different ways of working.

Who inspires you? 

There are SO many amazing women out there who inspire me every day. They are a big part of my success as an entrepreneur. Only to name a few: Leonie Dawson, Tara Bliss, Cara Wilde, Jackie Stewart…. They have shown me that having it all is possible. We don’t have to sacrifice any part of ourselves or our lives in order to have thriving, beautiful businesses. And we can have abundant, soulful businesses and do what we love. How beautiful is that?!


You can learn more about Karina here.

Here’s your key take away hottie:

Think about the symbiotic nature of things in your life.

Here’s what I mean: Karina seems to pack heaps into her day, and seems to easily balance family time, work time, and time for herself, right?  When I asked her about it, she said the actual amount of time she dedicates to each of these things changes daily, but ultimately she makes sure to include all of them – and especially remembering her me time.  This is insanely powerful wisdom!

Karina is a better business woman because she takes time out with her family.  Likewise, she’s a better mum and wife when she’s had time out to focus on her business.  This sounds simple, but remembering this AND acting on it is actually a really big deal.  I’d say it’s a fast track to lasting happiness.  Are you with me?

Personally, this is something I struggle with.  Everyday is it’s own dance when it comes to remembering and acting on this shiz for me.  So I’m incredibly inspired by Karina’s daily routine.

What about you?  Have you identified things you need to do outside of work everyday to be a more kick ass A game to the office/studio/kitchen/park when you’re getting your entrepreneur on?  If you have, I’d love you to share.

What’s one thing you love to do outside of work everyday?



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