How To Sell More In The Next 90 Days Than You Did All Last Year

Secretly yearning to blow your last year’s revenue outta the water this year, but not sure how realistic the dream number you’ve been whispering to yourself is? Before you get stuck anticipating future disappointment, let me tell you: the truth is, however outlandish your revenue goals feel, they are in fact very likely possible. Outrageous or not, you CAN make it happen.


Secretly yearning to blow your last year’s revenue outta the water this year, but not sure how realistic the dream number you’ve been whispering to yourself is?  Perhaps you’d love to bring in more sales in the next 90 days than you did all last year, but it feels too outrageous to even utter the words…  Man, have I been there.  I know what it’s like to have a secret stretch goal that feels waaaayyyy too pie in the sky.


Before you get stuck anticipating future disappointment, let me tell you: the truth is, however outlandish your revenue goals feel, they are in fact very likely possible.  Outrageous or not, you CAN make it happen.


A key roadblock that’s often in the way between your current revenue and where you want to be?  Sales.


(If even just the word makes you feel icky and break into a sweat – keep reading!  This is for you.)


You probably already know that in business, without solid sales you’re completely screwed and you can sayonara to realising those heart-pounding-with-excitement-at-just-the-thought revenue goals.


But on the flip side, with sales rolling in, so comes cash flow and confidence, which combined, pretty much give your biz heavy-duty wings (along with a slew of other literally life-changing benefits).  I promise any time you spend mastering sales will have a profound impact:  when you know what you’re doing and how to easily amp sales, suddenly the seemingly unreasonable revenue daydreams you’ve been hugging tight can become totally do-able.


So here, in no particular order, are 28 strategies to help you smash your sales goals (even the mind-bending big ass ones):


1. Give value for free


Consistently give extreme value away for free.  Seriously, blow people away with your free content.  I know it may feel counter-intuitive, but wholehearted generosity always has a way of returning to you 10 fold.  It feels great, helps you stand out from the crowd, and can fast-track your credibility, community and sales.


2. Focus on results


Focus on results far more than you think you need to.  It’s what we’re all really buying.


3. Share excitement


Share your genuine excitement about your offer as much as you can, just don’t be a douche bag about it.  The best approach here is to emphasise sharing the what, why and energy behind your work in the spirit of service rather than giving people the shits by being constantly or overtly promotional.


4. Make your stuff really, really cool


Think about the look and feel of your offers, the language you use in your promo copy, how you talk about it and ask yourself: How cool is it?  Really cool solutions make people excited to jump onboard and participate.  When you have an offer that solves a problem your ideal client struggles with AND it also looks really cool, you’ve got an unbeatable combo.


5. Create community


People love to engage and connect with like-minded peeps in inclusive communities.  We naturally want to be where the insider party’s at.  Community holds immense value.  Brainstorm how to create a greater sense of community and incorporate your best ideas into your offers.


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6. Provide ridiculous value IN the sales funnel


Don’t make people wait to experience your genius.  Give them a taste of your expertise by packing every element of your sales funnel with immense value.  That way, even if they don’t buy this time, you’ve served them AND cemented your credibility.


7. Build partnerships


Actively set about building a team of partners you’re excited and honoured to work with.  Serve them by offering to create exclusive free value for their audiences.  And then go above and beyond to help them look great.


8. Focus on relationships


Forget that outdated, squirmy ‘always be closing’ mindset.  Instead, always be building relationships.  Anytime you need to pick, go for growing your network and deepening relationships over icky pressure close tactics.  Your integrity, bank account and biz will thank you for it.


9. Advertise (just be smart about it)


Organic growth is really great, but there’s no shame in using paid acquisition for leads.  These days increasingly accessible, rich demographic data means you can get pretty damn targeted leads (in fact, done well, you can easily make your paid lead generation funnels cost recovery or a profit centre of their own.


10. Be strategic with your sales funnels


Sure, setting up solid sales funnels can take a little know-how, but the more important factors are time and committed action.  I’m betting the biggest thing separating your sales funnels from the big guns in your industry isn’t smarts.  It’s probably way more to do with taking the time to properly plan and execute.  Seriously, it’s worth investing the time: thinking through and actioning the right strategy for your sales funnel can change everything.


11. Confirm your message to market match


When new clients come to me with stagnating sales, a little digging commonly reveals it’s a sign that they don’t have a clear message to market match.  Making sure you’re talking to your right people in the right way (about things that are relevant to them) is critical if you want sales to flow.


12. First be of service


Always focus on solving problems for people.  This applies not just to your current or prospective clients, but to everyone in your network and beyond too.


13. Make yourself burst with pride


Challenge yourself to only offer products/services/programs that feel utterly aligned with your values, purpose, strengths and zone of genius.  Make sure you believe in and stand behind everything you offer.  The energy this will bring to everything you do will speak for itself and spark your prospect’s interest.


14. Consider hosting webinars


Done right, reports suggest webinars can often convert more than 12% of live attendees (which blows average sales page conversions alone out of the water).  My personal results from hosting webinars have seen even higher conversions.


15. Always follow up


Some reports suggest as many as 50% of sales close in the follow-up sequence.  Fifty percent!  Did you just do the maths on what actioning this single strategy alone could mean for your biz in the next 90 days?  Seriously, go instigate an effective follow-up system in your business right now.


16. Ask for referrals


Most of the time our happy clients will be happy to recommend our services.  The key is planting the seed for them to do just that.  Here are 7 times to ask for referrals.


17. Educate your clients


When they understand exactly who you do your best work with, happy clients, current and past, can become an incredible sales force.


18. Actually ask for the sale


Whether talking to a prospect live 1on1, hosting a webinar, in your sales page copy or any other forum you might find yourself, don’t wimp out about explicitly asking for the sale.  Asking directly doesn’t mean you’re a shyster at all.  In fact, done right, asking for the sale doesn’t have anything to do with being rude or pushy.  Instead, it’s simply about asking people to decide where they’d like their professional relationship with you to head from here.


19. Make buy now buttons stand out and plentiful


Even though it’ll make your designer and your personal aesthetic uncomfortable, research tells us that ‘buy now’ buttons that stand out like dogs balls convert better than those that don’t.


20. Share your story


As a future potential client of yours, take it from me:  We all want to get to know you better.  We want to know about your ups and downs, how you got to where you are, and what worked and didn’t work for you.  We don’t need you to be perfect, we just need you to be you.  Sharing your story every chance you get helps create connections, and establishes credibility, likeability and trust.


21. Consider offering a guarantee


It’s not always the right move, but offering a solid guarantee can be a great way to reduce perceived risk for your prospects and make it easier for them to say yes to working with you.


22. Consider retargeting


Retargeting is an online advertising method that tracks a prospects behaviour (through pixel codes on certain pages, for example your sales page) so that you can apply more targeted marketing messages (for example, ads specifically targeting people who abandoned your shopping cart before completing their transaction, or perhaps people who previously bought a related product and might be interested in your latest offer).


23. Make frequent offers


Research tells us that making plenty of offers is a key factor in increasing revenue.  And it makes sense that making more offers is related to experiencing more sales, right?  Don’t save them up just for your sales pages, proposals and discovery sessions.  Make offers and include calls to action in your newsletters, ads, and free content.


24. Share your lifestyle


Your right people will be intrigued and inspired by your lifestyle.  Sharing snippets from, and insights into, your day is a great way to organically build trust with prospects in a non-slimy way.


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25. Make your introductory emails work for you


If you’re building an email subscriber list (and I really hope you are!), be sure to make your introductory email sequence work for you.  Think about how best to welcome and nurture new subscribers.  For example, you might use your initial email sequence to provide value, establish credibility, convey your brand values, learn about your subscribers, and make an offer.


26. Celebrate client successes


Regularly promote your clients by sharing their story, successes and testimonials.  Not only will you feel awesome because you get to celebrate the achievements of others, but your clients will also love you for it, your community will feel inspired by them, and their success will help attract your right people to you.


27. Help prospects get to no fast


That probably sounds counter-intuitive, but this strategy is ultimately about being open and honest and setting clear expectations upfront about the experience of working with you and the likely results.


You can’t appeal to everyone.  By helping prospects to quickly uncover if they aren’t likely to be a great fit, you can spend more time focusing on the prospects you can best help.  For example, if you’re a ball-busting life coach, awesome!  Make that clear upfront.  Presenting yourself as a soft-spoken, meek figure and misrepresenting what it’d be like working with you, will only lead to dissatisfaction and wasted time for all involved.


28. Love the shit out of your current clients


Really challenge yourself to consistently bring your best self to the table every time you connect with your current clients, to better your best, to be outrageously generous, to surprise and delight your clients, and to smother ‘em in love.  Word of mouth is incredibly powerful.  Happy clients will do your selling for you and generate a bunch of hot leads excited to work with you.



I hope you find these strategies really thought-provoking and useful.


Sure, I bet you’ve heard of – and maybe even already implemented – a few of them.  Even so, I’m confident that if you take the time to think about how each tactic I’ve mentioned here could apply to you, you’ll find inspiration.  Consistently incorporate them into your sales toolkit and I know you’ll soon find yourself soaring past your goals (even the really big, unreasonable ones!).

I’d love to know:  Is there anything you’d add to this list?  Which of the strategies here appeals most to you and why?



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Kate xo
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