How She Did It: In-Depth Case Studies of 6 Coaches, Creatives and Solopreneurs

Wondering how that coach, creative, freelancer or solopreneur got to where she is now? Read these 6 case-studies to find out their secrets in this 'How She Did It' ebook from Betty Means Business. So much gold to get you on your own path to success!!


Not having all the ideal clients you want sucks, doesn’t it?


There is an ever-present sense of anxiety and pressure around your heart.  Even if you do have a few clients, you’re worrying about where your next client is going to come from.


It’s always on your mind… but the irony is that because you feel overwhelmed and confused about exactly what to do next when it comes to winning your ideal clients, you procrastinate by focusing on everything else (updating your social media, fixing your website, blogging, watching Friends etc) rather than taking impactful action.  


The worst part is that it might even feel like the only way to win more clients is to be someone different than you are or do stuff that doesn’t feel right to you (cringeworthy networking meetup, anyone?).


And you wonder if attracting a constant stream of great clients into your business is reserved exclusively for the chosen few in your field.


But when you are attracting all the clients you’d like in your business, everything changes.


You stop worrying about where your next clients (and paycheck) are coming from and feel the lightness that accompanies that realisation.  You sleep better and feel like you can breathe again.  Your partner stops asking you when things will finally take off. You have more confidence.  You know you made the right decision.  And your business thrives.  Opportunities present themselves and invitations come your way.  It becomes easier than ever to make the impact you dream of.  And you wake up every morning excited to connect with and serve your community.  (Ok, ok, in real life there’s nothing like sleeping in and taking it slower some mornings… but you know what I mean!)


If easily attracting and winning all the clients you want feels like a pipe dream right now, you’re going to love a brand new free resource I’ve created!  


How She Did It Case Studies: Jess Silsby - When I won my first handful of clients it felt amazing.

How She Did It Case Studies: Maz Hancock - I've been able to stop worrying about where my next client is coming from, and instead worry about where 'Ill fit them in my calendar!


Grab the FREE How She Did It Ebook now!

How She Did It is a gorgeous 37 page eBook packed with in-depth case studies of 6 incredible women coaches, creatives and solopreneurs sharing exactly how they win clients, their biggest breakthroughs and their best tips for other women who want to build their business.


I stand for women being successful in business.  I’m sure you know by now it bloody kills me to see women coaches, creatives and solopreneurs struggling to make the impact and living they desire.  (Argh!!)


How She Did It Case Studies: Alana Wimmer - A breakthrough moment for me came when I was able to start saying no to some design requests.

How She Did It Case Studies: Sam Fake - It was then that I began making real progress.


Grab the FREE How She Did It Ebook now!


That’s why I created this resource.  Sometimes we don’t see what’s possible for ourselves until we hear from other real-life role models a few steps ahead of us.


Every woman featured in this eBook has been where you are now standing: seeing other women in their field doing great things, and wondering if it’s possible for them too.  (Spoiler: It is!)


They had the desire to use their skills to help others, to be a positive force in the world, and to make a great living through the vehicle of entrepreneurship… but they didn’t know how to bring their vision to life.  (Spoiler: All it takes is simple strategy, some grit, and the right support!)


You guys!!  I’m so excited to share this brand new resource with you!  Get ready – you’re about to hear a health coach, an SEO specialist, a graphic designer, a branding expert, a Pinterest marketing expert, and a wedding consultant reveal the breakthrough moments in their business, the fears they overcame, their best tips for winning clients, and what helped them take their business to the next level.


These are real behind-the-scenes stories from real women coaches, creatives and solopreneurs just like you.


For the record, I’m a big believer in the power of claiming your niche, packaging your expertise and approaching sales in a really genuine and generous way when it comes to welcoming a consistent flow of ideal soulmate clients into your business.  That’s why I intentionally asked each woman about how these concepts impacted their business in the interviews that follow.  I know you won’t want to miss their eye-opening responses!


To grab your copy now click the button below.  It’s totally free and packed with insights and wisdom I know you’ll love as much as I do!


Grab the FREE How She Did It Ebook now!


I hope the stories and hard-won wisdom captured in this eBook show you what’s possible in your own business and that they motivate you to take inspired action!


How She Did It Case Studies: Naomi Gora - I can happily say that while I do have a Facebook page, I haven't needed to use social media to grow my business at all (introverts rejoice!).

How She Did It Case Studies: Clare Drake - I promise you it can be done - it doesn't have to be all 'sell, sell, sell'!


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