My First 20 Clients – Part IV: How I kept winning clients

It's easy to fall into a feast/famine cycle when you work with clients. You spend all your time winning clients and then stop to work with those clients. How do you break free of this cycle? Set up some daily, weekly or monthly habits to help you keep winning clients. Read on to find out my habits.


Welcome back to Part 4 (the final episode!) of “My First 20 Clients”, a four-part blog series all about exactly how I won my first 20 clients online — and continue to win clients today.


So far I’ve laid out all the delightful, dizzying, downright-dirty details around how I crafted my first offers, designed my schedule to fit my life, and how I won paying clients without being gross.  This week?  It’s all about habits baby — the ones that helped me win clients consistently.


What’s the #1, most important, do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-$200 piece of this being-booked-out puzzle?


Nope, it’s not a great offer (although that is critical).


Nope, it’s not even staying focused on your vision of how booked out will look like for you.


Instead, the real secret sauce for being booked out all comes down to… your habits.


Habits are what’s going to bring a consistent flow of clients to you.


Because, of course, it’s one thing to have a really great month and have a full roster… but if you then sit back and do nothing but work with your existing clients?  You’ll have to start from zero again next time you want more clients.


And that feast/famine rollercoaster that so many coaches, creatives and solopreneurs are on makes it very difficult to forecast or be able to predict things in your business… or to sleep easy at night.  If you’re anything like I was, that’s when stress starts to creep in, tears start to happen, and that sensation that entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster you’d really rather not be on right now because you’re gonna puke! kicks in.


Sadly, I’m speaking from experience.  You see, on my journey to win 20 clients, I managed to win my first 7 clients fairly quickly.  Excitement was high, and so I got to work helping my new soulmate clients.


But then enter: the peaks and troughs that all entrepreneurs hate.


A couple of months in I was definitely caught in a feast or famine situation.  I would focus on winning clients, but then I’d focus solely on working with them.  Then when I wrapped up clients, I’d have to start from scratch again, attracting, inviting people into discovery sessions, and converting them into paying clients.


The idea of doing a big promotion to win more clients felt utterly overwhelming.  I just didn’t have the brain space (or, back then, the know how!) to orchestra a launch, because working with my fab clients AND my continuing efforts to improve the spinal problems I was dealing with were taking the lion’s share of my available time and energy.


Talk about stressful!


The longer I chewed my predicament over, the more I realised that committing to a few powerful habits consistently could change everything.

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I realised that consistent action was the key.  There were actually a couple of weeks there where I was feeling so down.  My negative self-talk had me convinced no one wanted to work with me and that it was hard to find clients.  Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this after all… and then one day when I was doing my spinal rehab exercises in the heated hip high wading pool that all the grandmas hang out in, I had a moment of clarity: of course I wasn’t attracting new clients.  I wasn’t taking any consistent action to attract and win them.


I quickly realised I had to rework my master schedule to include time for some simple daily marketing and sales activities that would help me make things smoothed out and consistently bringing in great new leads so I could stay booked out.


You guys, I was amazed by how quickly things started to change.  I was able to start forecasting revenue and feeling like a serious business owner within 3 months.


Anyway!  All of this to say:


Setting up habits that make lead generation and sales a regular occurrence is key when it comes to creating consistent income in your business, so you can get off the rollercoaster/hamster wheel, and onto a much easier street.


Fast forward to today:  When it comes to my business, I still find that the best way to do that for me is to have a cycle of habits that I do regularly, daily, weekly, monthly.


Exactly what the best lead generation strategies or tactics are for you to focus on consistently is different for everyone.  A whole heap of factors come into play here, including your ideal clients, your business model, your marketing budget, the time you have available, the stage of your business, your personal strengths, and more.


So keep in mind:  While this is my way of doing things, it’s certainly not the end all be all.


Some of the habits that worked the best for me included:


Habit 1: Connecting with potential clients daily


There are lots of ways to connect with your potential clients.  For me, this meant blogging, sending newsletters, posting on social media, helping others in Facebook groups, commenting on others’ blog posts etc.  


For the record, yep, thanks to my regular blogging, back when I first started out attracting clients online, I had built up a small community of people interested in hearing from me.  But… if you just read that and you started freaking out because you don’t have a subscriber list, stop.  Take it from someone who loves blogging: blogging is not the only way to attract leads.


For example, these days even though I still really love blogging, I also use a slew of other strategies, including for example evergreen funnels, to nurture my relationship with and attract my dream clients.


Habit 2: Focusing on sales daily


OMG, the resistance that would come up for me around anything to do with sales!  Honestly, it still does.  But pushing through the resistance and spending a little time each day focusing exclusively on some kind of sales activity was – and continues to be – game-changing for me.  


For example, I started including time in my schedule for three discovery sessions every single week and I would challenge myself to book them.


Habit 3: Tracking my key numbers daily


This little habit took almost no time at all, but boy did it help me stay focused on the important things in my business.   


At the end of each day, I’d check my bank accounts, newsletter subscriber and client numbers, and update the homemade blackboard I’d created for myself one weekend and kept lent against a wall in my office.  (All it took was one quick trip to the local hardware store, the smallest pot of blackboard paint, a piece of chipboard and paint brush!)


Fast forward to today and I’ve upgraded my dinky little original blackboard into an entire wall in my office.  And I still follow a series of non-negotiable daily, weekly, and monthly success habits that I’ve developed that work for me after a bunch of trial and error.


Honestly?  I’m not perfect with them all every day.  Let’s be serious.  Sometimes I don’t have time to run through everything or I just can’t be bothered.  But I always stick with the most important stuff — and to keep that momentum has been huge for me.

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How about you, fantastic reader?  Do you have habits that seriously serve you in your business?


Dish on your habits in the comments below!


Kate xo
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