How Do I Get My Dream Clients To Notice Me?

How do I get my dream clients to notice me? It comes down to 2 things: Who is your dream client? and How do I get visible to them? Click through for my tips!


The blessing (and curse) of online business is that if you’re not showing up and making yourself visible?


You risk being utterly… invisible.


And while for some of my fellow introverts that might not seem that unappealing, remember:  If your customers can’t see you?  They definitely can’t buy from you.


This is probably why the question: “How do I get visible, and in front of the right people who I want to work with?” slips into my inbox at least twice a week.


The answer to this question (of which there are many, but we’ll focus on the essentials here), is divided into two parts:


Part 1:  You have to get really clear on who your ideal client is.




Part 2:  You have to take the step of putting yourself out there and being visible.


Let’s start by digging into Part 1: Pinning down your ideal clients.


This idea of getting clear on who your ideal clients are is something that you will do over and over again in your business.  This isn’t just a newbie issue.


Your ideal clients evolve as your business and services do. It’s a natural part of entrepreneurship!


So whether you’ve been in business 10 days or 10 years, walk through these steps with me to review who your ideal client is.


First:  You need your WHO — as in, the common characteristics your ideal clients share.


Maybe it’s their demographic information, such as age or location.  Maybe they’re mothers.  Maybe they’re millennials.  Maybe they are young professionals.  Maybe they’re retirees.  Maybe they are first-time house buyers or astute property investors.  You get the idea.


You want to be really clear on the who, so just write down a statement about who they are.  You can do it now, or after you finish reading this article.


Second:  You want to be very clear on how you can help.


What are your ideal clients struggling with?  What’s keeping them up at night?  What is causing them pain day to day in their life?


Of course, when I say pain I’m not talking exclusively about physical pain.  There are loads of different kinds of pain.  For example, there can be emotional pain about stuff.  People can be in spiritual pain.  They can have pain in their relationships if they’re not working out.  They can have imbalance or un-wellness in their bodies.  Or they can be in financial distress.


The trick is to get really clear on what their key pain point is, and how you can help solve that pain for them.  This powerful info will help your message connect with ideal potential clients when you’re putting yourself out there.


Third:  Find out the results your audience would love to experience by working with you.


This is usually the counter to their pain points, but the result itself can vary.


For example, two people in financial distress can want very different things.  The first might want to get out of debt.  The second might want to break an earnings plateau in her business.


Think about what your client really wants.  


Pro Tip:  A great way to capture these insights is to actually ask your ideal clients want they want in their own language (instead of forcing you to guess).


Fourth:  Brainstorm what their interests are, and where they hang out.


This can be online and offline communities or other areas where they hang out virtually or in person.


Sometimes people say to me, “But I don’t know!  I don’t know!”.  If you’re just starting out it’s okay to use your best guess.  That said, if you’ve ever worked with clients before (or if you’re very clear on who a few of your real life dream clients are), go check those folks out on Facebook and Instagram to see what their other interests and likes are.


I know a lot of people tell me that their ideal client is someone like them, but a few years ago.  If that is you, then think about the interests that you had, and where you hung out a few years ago.


This is about putting your thinking cap on, and really brainstorming out ideas, and getting specific.  There’s no perfect right or wrong with this stuff.


And finally, ask yourself:  “How do they like to consume information and media?”


Maybe, for example, they love listening to podcasts.  Maybe they prefer to watch short video tutorials.  Maybe they love to dig into long-form blog posts (like this baby).  Maybe they really like hanging out on Instagram or Twitter.  Maybe they adore certain glossy magazines.  The list goes on!


(This last bit is especially relevant to part 2 of my answer to this visibility question, so stay tuned!)


Now, onto Part 2:  How to actually get visible.


Once you’re crystal clear on who your ideal client is, there are a bunch of different ways to put yourself out there.


For example, if your audience loves in-person events, you might start attending conferences and meetups.  You might decide to join some communities with the specific intent of connecting with your dream clients and connect with them by providing awesome value.  You might decide to start a habit of writing meaningful comments on other people’s blog posts that you know your ideal clients read.  The pool of tactics you could use to get in front of your ideal clients is vast.


The exact mix of tactics you decide to roll with to get in front of your dream clients will obviously depend on who your dream client is, your strengths and your business model.  However, no matter what your field, there’s one powerful strategy I urge you to try out (drumroll please):  Pitching yourself.


Pitching is about reaching out to an influencer, platform or publication where your audience hangs out and introducing yourself with the intent of being featured somehow on those platforms.  Exactly how you’re featured will vary depending on the platform:  you might offer to write a guest post on a blog, or ask if they’d be open to interviewing you on their podcast, or providing an expert quote to a newspaper etc.


Look, I know that it takes some guts to pitch yourself.  I know that this won’t necessarily come easily to you or feel natural.  Particularly if you’re more introverted, the idea of pitching yourself can feel really full-on.  Even so, I still recommend you give it a go.


Why?  Because I have found that anytime I pitch myself, I might be shitting myself beforehand and seriously overthinking it — but when I do?  I feel so proud of myself that I’ve done it.  I feel like I’ve really pushed, and extended my comfort zone.  AND I usually get a really great response.


There’s one big misconception about pitching yourself that we should get out of the way:


A lot of people think that the women that they look up to that are at the top of their game in business, in your industry, that they never pitch.  That people just come to them.  That they don’t have to do that kind of stuff.


That is absolutely not true.  In fact, the opposite is true.  


The women that I know that are doing incredibly well in their business – think killing it in the six and seven figure revenues range and beyond – pitch themselves regularly.


They reach out and say, “I would love it if you would feature me on your podcast.”.  Or, “I have this really cool idea, can I guest post for you?”.  Or, “You know I see that you might be having another event coming up soon, and I just want to put it out there that I would love to speak at that event.”.


There’s absolutely NO REASON why you can’t pitch yourself today.

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I know how overwhelming and fear-inducing the idea of putting yourself out there and being noticed by your dream clients can be.  I hope this post inspires you to get out there and pitch yourself today!


Kate xo
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