10 Daily Habits To Help You Quickly Get (& Stay) Fully Booked

Leveling up your business doesn't need to involve scary leaps! Check out these 10 simple daily habits you can use to create success in your business (aka win clients!) without feeling overwhelmed.

Levelling up your business doesn't need to involve scary leaps! Check out these 10 simple daily habits you can use to create success in your business without feeling overwhelmed. #successhabits


Revised and extended for 2018:  In this post, I break down 10 daily bite-sized habits that can help you easily win more clients, and share a flood of practical tips to make them easy to apply.  These simple habits aren’t difficult, and they won’t take you all day to get through either.   But don’t let that fool you.  Do them every day and you’ll see your business take off.


I used to think that getting to the famed ‘next level’ in my business would involve taking big, scary leaps, a whole lot of investment and probably months of prep as I pinned all my hopes on a single moment in time, milestone or epic launch.  How fucking stressful!

That thinking was classic Kate-making-it-way-harder-for-herself-than-it-needs-to-be.

These days I’m much MUCH more about daily habits and success rituals.  I’ve found that by doing a bunch of bite-sized tasks every day, ultimately, I achieve way more.

For me, focusing on daily habits works because they 1) don’t feel overwhelming, 2) are practical, and 3) keep my daily actions connected to my bigger goals.  Even on really bad days when I’m struggling with resistance, I can usually manage at least a few baby steps.  


Habits are a practice – and my very human nature (and all the shortcomings that go along with it) prefers ‘practicing’ than ‘this is it, fuck it up today and it’s all over, lady’.  If I screw up today, I have an opportunity to improve and rock out my habits again tomorrow.  


One more reason why daily habits work for me:  They actively disprove a limiting belief I used to struggle with that success requires complexity.  My daily habits (and the results I get from them) reinforce that success in business can be simple and that being fully booked is more about consistently taking the right actions rather than deploying top-secret brain-breaking strategies.


To make it easy for you to get started incorporating these habits into your day-to-day, I’ve created a special checklist for you.  Print this baby off, keep it on your desk (or stuck inside the front cover of your notebook), and use it each day to track your progress and keep focused.  (BTW if you’re really short on time, this checklist includes what I consider to be the 5 absolute must do daily habits if you want to grow your business.)  Click the box below to grab your copy of the checklist now, Mamacita:My Daily Success Habits Checklist Button


Ok, here they are. 10 Totally do-able daily habits that’ll quickly help you get (and stay) fully booked:


Journal (at least 15 minutes)


I use this time to remind myself of my ultimate vision, goals for the next 30 days and/or quarter, what I’m grateful for, the kind of leader I want to be, the kind of impact I want to have, and how I want to feel as I move through my day.  I usually journal first thing in the morning; these 15 minutes helps me laser focus in on my goals and sets me up for a productive day.


Click here to check out exactly what to journal about.


Create offline (at least 30 minutes)


I’ve learnt that I’m much more easily and quickly able to create quality content when me and my beloved internet are on a break.


I’ll usually set this environment up by turning off the wifi on my MacBook, or using the Self Control app – when I can’t rely on mine, which let’s get real, is most of the time!


I love/hate it when the wifi at my local cafe is down because it makes it even easier to create offline (In fact I’m writing this post sitting in my favourite corner of my local on a day when their wifi is down!)


Dedicated time to focus on sales (at least 30 minutes)


Sure sales are the lifeblood of my business.  That doesn’t mean I won’t experience epic resistance around focusing on ‘em.


I’ve found that committing to just one dedicated hour a day helps me focus on must do sales tasks so that they don’t hang over me as I procrastinate endlessly.


Exactly what I do in this time varies these days, but when I was focusing on filling my roster with great 1-on-1 clients, I’d use this time to prepare and submit proposals, invite people into Discovery Sessions, and/or schedule and host Discovery Sessions.


This time could also include setting up your sales page or your sales funnel.


If you’re hosting Discovery Sessions, you should check out this post to make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes and losing potentially awesome clients.


Share your message (at least once)


I bet, like me, your work isn’t *just* about sustaining you and your family.  No doubt that’s a critical piece of the pie, but I reckon you’re called to the work you’re doing.  We’re passionate about helping as many people as possible and creating the biggest impact we can, so intentionally sharing our message as often as we can just makes sense.


Blogging, Instagram Stories or Facebook Live can be great tools to use when it comes to sharing your message.   For example, I love to share live stream tutorials in my free Facebook group, Booked Out Besties.  Click here to check them out.


Connect with ideal clients (at least 30 minutes)


This is about being genuinely helpful, providing solid value WITHOUT promoting your offers or expecting anything in return.


Perhaps this means helping out in a Facebook group where your ideal clients hang out OR leaving thoughtful comments on blogs that your ideal clients read OR commenting on individual Instagram accounts OR going to a live event.


The important thing here is to go with your strengths and to be genuine.


Stay in touch (at least 3 times)


Staying in touch is about fostering and nurturing the relationships you have with people already in your network.  Directing just a little dedicated time to strengthening your personal relationships each day quickly compounds.


Wish people happy birthday, forward articles or podcasts you think they’ll find helpful, recommend a book you loved, set up an introduction or make a referral.


I promise it’ll make you feel great all day long!


Make an offer (at least once)


At the end of your blog post or Facebook update, during a call with a great potential client, or to an existing or past client, make an offer.  Make.An.Offer.  When you do this daily, your momentum and confidence quickly builds and good things start to happen.


Seriously, you have information and skills that can help people have a better life.  Let them know!  Please, please offer to help.  Make.An.Offer.


Track your most important numbers (only 5, maybe 10, minutes)


Tracking your most important numbers can keep your eyes on the prize and motivated to keep moving towards your goals like nothing else.


Whatever your goals, figure out the most relevant numbers and key performance indicators around it and track those bad boys.  There’s no need to go crazy with this – 3 or 4 key metrics is plenty.


Not sure where to start?  Consider tracking new newsletter subscribers, sales, revenue, likers, Discovery Sessions booked, pitches sent, page views, traffic, applications, you get the idea….


Pitch yourself (at least once)


If you think you’ve gotta sit back and wait for guest posting or podcast interviews or media mention opportunities to come knocking, honey, you’ve got it wrong.


THE MOST successful, 7 figure business owners I know, regularly pitch themselves for a range of things.  When they want something – say, for example, to share their message with a bigger audience, they wholeheartedly go after it.


Even though the idea of pitching yourself may feel intimidating, it’s actually really easy to do in practice.


Identify some dream blogs and/or podcasts and/or speaking opportunities and/or publications you’d love to be part of.  Do some research.  Find their contact details.  Reach out and offer your support/expertise.


Walk/exercise (at least 30 minutes)


All exercise – especially repetitive movements like walking or swimming – clears my head, helps crystallise my thoughts, and brings me back to what’s most important.  More often than not inspiration hits, anxiety calms and problems I’ve been chewing over resolve themselves when I’m walking.


When I walk each day I’m able to bring that grounded clarity into my work.  And that means I’ll achieve more of the good stuff that counts in my day.


You are the most important asset in your business.  Taking time out to get away from the computer to exercise isn’t selfish/time wasting/a pain in the ass.  It’s a non-negotiable.



See, I told you my daily habits weren’t overwhelming at all!  I bet you can clearly see how consistently doing each of these practical habits daily can dramatically impact your fully booked status.  


I hope I’ve inspired you to incorporate these golden client-winning and momentum-building habits into your day!  


PS Don’t forget to grab your copy of my Daily Success Habits Checklist.  This will make it so easy for you to get started incorporating these habits into your day-to-day.  I keep mine on my desk in plain sight and use it each day to track my progress and stay focused on what’s really important.  


If you’re really short on time, I get it.  That’s why this checklist includes what I consider to be the 5 absolute must do daily habits if you want to grow your business.  Click the box below to grab your copy of the checklist now, Mamacita:My Daily Success Habits Checklist Button

PPS Everyone knows it can take a while for habits to actually become habits.  So, when trying to introduce a new habit into my daily routine, I don’t rely on my good intentions/memory/luck/hope alone – and I recommend you don’t either.  


Instead, I use my checklist (click the button above to download your free copy!).  I literally tick tasks off and set alarms on my phone to remind me to take action now.  I’ll schedule daily habits into my google cal like I would any other appointment and get reminder notifications.  Setting up some form of public accountability motivates me to take action like nothing else.  And sometimes I’ll even use my iPhone’s countdown timer to make sure I dedicate the amount of time I want to a new habit.


And remember: 2018 is your year, my friend.  You’ve got this!


Kate xo
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