How To Win Clients WITHOUT Gross Marketing Tactics

  The other day I had a question drop into my inbox that I get all the time (pasted below):   “Dear Kate,   How do I get clients without blogging, vlogging, speaking, tweeting, or live webinars, etc.? Do I even have a business without these?   Please say yes, because I hate doing them — but I’m not sure if there’s another way.”   Every time I get this question, the writer’s struggle / exhaustion / disappointment / confusion… Read More

Lessons From 10+ Online Launches

  Before writing this post, I took a peek back at the life of my business and realised:  I had my first ever online launch early in 2014!   Whoa — it feels like yesterday and a million years ago…   I was also shocked to see that over the last 4 years, I’ve launched more than ten times, with another on the way a few months from now.   And when it comes to tactics?  I’ve tried plenty, baby:… Read More

Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting And What To Do About It

  If you’ve been running an online business for a while, or just hanging out in the Betty Means Business community, chances are you’ve heard the F-word.   No no, not that F-word.  (Although, you’ve probs heard that gem too!)   I’m talking about the other F-word:  a.k.a. Funnels.   Sales and marketing funnels have been a buzzword in online marketing circles for the last few years, and much like the “real” F-word, funnels elicit a massive range of responses.… Read More

How To Launch Your Coaching Program

  “I know launching is a big “thing” in the industry right now… but I’m not sure I need to do it.”   Ahem.   Ladies!  Pull up a(n extra comfy) chair, because we’ve gotta talk.   When it comes to running launches (i.e. doing a big lead-up to your list via freebies, webinars, sales calls, challenges, emails, etc. in order to promote and ultimately sell an offering), you’ve probably heard at least one or two stories:   1) Massive… Read More