My First 20 Clients – Part I: The life (& death) of my first offer

  Welcome to the latest experiment here on my blog: “My First 20 Clients”, a four-part series all about exactly how I won my first 20 clients online — and how I continue to win clients today.   Over the next few posts, I’ll lay out all the delightful, dizzying, and downright-dirty details around how I crafted my first offers, designed my schedule to fit my life, won paying clients without being gross, and how I kept winning clients consistently.… Read More

How To Get More Done, Have Laser Focus, And End Every Day Feeling Great: My End Of Day Ritual

  What do you do at the end of your workday?  If you’re drawing a blank, I feel you.    I never used to do anything particular to end my workday either.  I’d just kind of go on and on, sitting in front of the screen until I either ran out of steam or Rod would get the shits and insist I come downstairs for dinner.  While that still happens occasionally, these days I have a little routine comprising a… Read More

In The Bag :: A Peek Inside An Entrepreneur’s Handbag

  What does this entrepreneur keep in her handbag?  Read on to find out!   I love flicking through fashion magazines to get to the page where they share behind the scenes shots of the wardrobe, workspace or handbag of someone far more stylish than me, so I thought it’d be fun to share this post with you.   Something I’ve noticed is that the women in those glossy magazine spreads never seem to have tissues, tampons, old receipts or… Read More

2017: My Biggest Lessons And Looking Forward

  I felt weird about business this year…. largely because it played out against a backdrop of massive global unrest.   As I was opening the cart for my first launch in 2017, Trump unexpectedly closed borders and announced a travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries.   While we introduced a funnel that generates sales allllllmost every day, France was deciding whether or not to vote in far-right presidential election candidate Le Pen. (Thankfully Gallic sense prevailed!)   While I… Read More

Work From Anywhere: Here’s What’s In My Toolkit

  There’s no denying that being able to work anywhere with wifi is one of the best parts of our kind of businesses.  In this post, I’m sharing the toolkit that makes it possible for me to get down to business from anywhere.   Even though I have a home office space I love, I usually break up my day by working away from home… in fact, I’m writing this post from my favourite table at my local cafe right… Read More

My Must Have Stationery Obsessions

Yes, today’s post is all about a topic that brings me an inordinate amount of happiness: stationery.   C’mon, who doesn’t love a brand new notebook or finding the perfect pen or a fresh stack of just unwrapped rainbow Post It Notes?  Exactly.   While part of me feels a little worried that you might judge me for dedicating an entire blog post to the topic, I’ve come to realise more and more the impact that our happiness can have… Read More