Another Chaotic Day? Here’s How To Turn It Around

  It’s 8 AM.   You sit down to drink some coffee or tea, and maybe have a bit of breakfast.   You check your emails.   After a bit of Facebook scrolling, suddenly you have to hop on back-to-back marathon client calls.   Uh oh.  Now more emails suddenly start pouring in.   Oh!  You were supposed to do a Facebook Live today, weren’t you?  No — you were supposed to share a blog post. Crap, the draft isn’t… Read More

How To Stay Focused And Motivated Working From Home

  We don’t talk about it enough: But working from home is a minefield!   It feels like every few minutes something pops up to make us procrastinate, distract us, and totally suck out our motivation.   Anyone who’s worked from home for more than three days knows exactly what I’m talking about!   I’m betting my favourite yoga pants that you (yes YOU) have folded the laundry, done the dishes, decided now is the moment to Kon Marie your… Read More

How to Take Back Control of Your Business

  So it’s September.  Wait – it’s September! How did that happen!?  If you just wondered where the past 9 months have gone, and don’t feel any closer to the business goals you set at the beginning of the year: never fear! This post is all about exactly how to take back control of your business step-by-step, so you can finish the year on a high, proud of your achievements.   Does any of this self-talk sound familiar:   Yikes,… Read More

7 Tips To Stay Sane Working From Home

  Don’t get me wrong: all in all, working from home can be a pretty sweet gig.   You get to make your own hours, never get out of your yoga pants, and sleep in if that’s your thing (maybe even while your partner and your kids go to work and school).   However, let’s make no bones about it: there’s a dark side to all this.   Entrepreneurial isolation and loneliness are a big deal that not enough of… Read More

7 Business Growth Hacks I Wish I’d Done When I Was Starting Out

  A few days ago I had a massive planning day for my business for the coming year.  It was a really fun day involving lots of brainstorming, butchers paper, coloured Post-Its and Sharpies galore.  Reflecting on the day afterwards and everything we have planned for the year ahead, I realised how far my humble corner of the web has come from my first year blogging and wondering if this thing could become a legitimate business.   It got me… Read More

9 Must Know Prerequisites For Winning Coaching Clients

  Have you ever stumbled across a statistic that just completely blew your mind?   You know – you’re happily wandering around the internet, reading this and that, and then bam.  You stop in your tracks.   For me, that happened when I came across this crazy fact:   68% of businesses don’t have a lead generation strategy in place.   Wait.  Hang on.  What?   That means over half of businesses aren’t deliberate about the way they’re finding and attracting… Read More