How To Get More Done, Have Laser Focus, And End Every Day Feeling Great: My End Of Day Ritual

  What do you do at the end of your workday?  If you’re drawing a blank, I feel you.    I never used to do anything particular to end my workday either.  I’d just kind of go on and on, sitting in front of the screen until I either ran out of steam or Rod would get the shits and insist I come downstairs for dinner.  While that still happens occasionally, these days I have a little routine comprising a… Read More

10 Daily Habits To Help You Quickly Get (& Stay) Fully Booked

  Revised and extended for 2018:  In this post, I break down 10 daily bite-sized habits that can help you easily win more clients, and share a flood of practical tips to make them easy to apply.  These simple habits aren’t difficult, and they won’t take you all day to get through either.   But don’t let that fool you.  Do them every day and you’ll see your business take off.   I used to think that getting to the famed… Read More

The Truth About Sales Funnels: Do You Really Need One?

  Get ready, I’m about to reveal what I really think of sales and marketing funnels – no holds barred.  I break down the biggest misconceptions and benefits of sales funnels.  Wondering if you really need a sales funnel?  This is the post for you!   Have you ever seen a conversation happen online that made you stop everything you’re doing just to say “What the eff!?”   Yep, me too.  In fact, it happened to me recently… and it’s… Read More

The Best Podcasts For Coaches, Creatives And Solopreneurs (with tips for tuning in)

  Over the past couple of years, I have become completely addicted to podcasts.  In fact, I listen in to at least one podcast episode every day.  So today I’m sharing my current favourite podcasts for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs.  These podcasts will help you build your business, think about things differently, spark your creativity and take things to the next level in 2018.   My favourite times to tune in to one of these podcasts is: when I’m out… Read More

20 Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2018

  Ahhh January… It’s summertime here in Australia.  This is the time of year for long lazy days at the beach, rooftop bar cocktails with friends as the sun sets, mountain hikes, those new year vibes, and spending some time away from your laptop reflecting on how you’ll go after the goals you’ve set for the year ahead.  That’s why, in this post, I’m sharing a slew of ideas to help you take your business to the next level this… Read More

Is Your Business Ready To Grow?

  Every day, I see coaches, creatives and solopreneurs in the first year or so of their businesses, raring to go, with exactly 1 thing on their minds…   (No not like that. Stay with me, woman!)   They want to grow — very, very quickly.   It feels like every business owner I talk to these days is eager to double, triple or 10X their business as soon as possible, preferably yesterday.  Everyone has their focus immediately on these… Read More