How To Help Your Clients Get Mind Blowing Results

  Here’s something so few people realise until they really roll their sleeves up, and get into the nitty-gritty of being a coach, or creative professional:   When it comes to creating great results, it’s not affirmations, or cheerleading, or scribbling in a planner alone that are going to do the trick to really make sure goals are smashed, and milestones are hit.   (And you know I love a good pompom wave and a pretty planner! So hear me… Read More

Exactly What To Do When Your Client Sucks

  Once upon a time, I had a client who was… not the best.   Every interaction with her sucked the life out of me and left me completely exhausted.  It got so bad that anytime I thought of her, I was on edge.   What was wrong, you might ask?   Without too much detail: she was more demanding – and just downright ruder – than anyone I’d ever worked with before.  You guys, it was awful!  It felt… Read More

The Ultimate 10-Point Client Onboarding Checklist

(aka How to make your new client fall helplessly in love with you straight away)     In the first year or so of being in business, I’d be exhausted by the time my new client actually said YES to us working together… and a little confused.     You see, I’d always put so much effort into finding and building the relationship with my prospect that “yes, let’s work together!” felt like the finish line.   But I soon… Read More

How To Respond When a Potential Client Says You’re Too Expensive

  At some point, if you’re in business for more than a couple of weeks and you’re actually putting yourself in the game by 1) talking with – and making offers to – potential clients, and 2) focusing on bringing the best value to your ideal clients more than just being the cheapest option, someone will probably tell you you’re too expensive.     Man, do I absolutely get that when you’re starting out, it can be hard to hear… Read More

Never ever have difficult clients again: 8 ways how

    This post was inspired by a friend of mine who’s just starting out on her entrepreneurial journey. Recently, this friend had to deal with a difficult client. And when I say ‘difficult’, I mean a client who made a number of abusive calls to her on a Sunday night that culminated in this client yelling and calling my friend (and now, this is a word I haven’t whipped out before on the blog, so steady yourself…) a cunt.… Read More