5 Limiting Beliefs Keeping You From Being Booked Out

  I don’t think any business owner has ever said:   “You know what?  I don’t want to be booked out.”   “I don’t want to make a lot of money doing work I enjoy.  I’d much rather live off scraps and work too much for too little.  I’m happiest that way!”   … Or if they have – I sure as shit hope they were joking.   However, while none of us say those words… many of us are… Read More

5 Must-Focus Areas When You’re Ready To Become A Premium Brand (SPOILER: Pricing isn’t one of them)

  Sometimes once you’ve got the first epic 12 months or so under your belt, even though the thought makes you kinda nervous, there’s a little seed inside you that’s wondering if it’s time already.  Time to transition your business to a more premium brand in the market.   If you’re anything like me, here are some ways that little seed could present itself as a: Delicious imagine-if daydream; Long-held vision; Rude awakening when you realize it hasn’t happened organically;… Read More

The Truth About Sales Funnels: Do You Really Need One?

  Get ready, I’m about to reveal what I really think of sales and marketing funnels – no holds barred.  I break down the biggest misconceptions and benefits of sales funnels.  Wondering if you really need a sales funnel?  This is the post for you!   Have you ever seen a conversation happen online that made you stop everything you’re doing just to say “What the eff!?”   Yep, me too.  In fact, it happened to me recently… and it’s… Read More

How To Dodge Client Drama

  Having an incredible experience with a client, and helping them get equally incredible results, is such a high. It’s one of the best parts of the job, isn’t it?  You can clearly see the impact you’re having in their life, and the flow on impact they’re having in the lives of others. I mean really: it’s amazing stuff.   However, on the flip side of the coin…   If you’re working with even one client who starts to stir… Read More

Red Cheeks & Red Alerts – What To Do When You Screw Up A Discovery Session

  Discovery Sessions — a.k.a. complimentary consults, sales conversations, enrollment conversations, or whatever you prefer to call them — are one of my favourite parts of the sales process.   They’re my chance to connect with a potential client live on Skype or in person, learn all about them, and find out if we’re a great fit to work together.   When it feels like a match made in heaven, Discovery Sessions are the time I’ll make an offer to… Read More

How To Raise Your Rates (Without Raising Eyebrows)

  If you’ve been in business a while, honing your approach to your work, establishing your client base, and helping clients see awesome results, the moment is eventually going to come…   … The moment you decide: “It’s time to raise my rates.”   First off: If you’re in that zone right now, congrats!   Increasing your prices can be a huge boost — for both your bank account and your confidence.   However… I also know that the ol’… Read More