The Best Podcasts For Coaches, Creatives And Solopreneurs (with tips for tuning in)

Confession time: I'm completely addicted to podcasts! In fact, I listen to at least one every day and have quite a few favourites that provide me with lots of food for thought. Here are the best podcasts to tune in to if you're a coach, creatives or entrepreneur!

Confession time: I'm completely addicted to podcasts! In fact, I listen to at least one every day and have quite a few favourites that provide me with lots of food for thought. Here are the best podcasts to tune in to if you're a coach, creatives or entrepreneur! #podcast | Betty Means Business


Over the past couple of years, I have become completely addicted to podcasts.  In fact, I listen in to at least one podcast episode every day.  So today I’m sharing my current favourite podcasts for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs.  These podcasts will help you build your business, think about things differently, spark your creativity and take things to the next level in 2018.


My favourite times to tune in to one of these podcasts is: when I’m out for a walk, in the car, cooking, tidying up my office, and anytime I need to pop to the supermarket.


A few tips:


I like to make sure my chosen podcast is downloaded and ready to go before I leave home to reduce the chances of my ep dropping out if I’m ever out of range.


I also take full advantage of wifi to bulk download shows.  This saves my phone’s data allowance when I’m out and about.


If you saw this post, you’ll know I usually have a small power pack on hand to keep my phone juiced.  


I love to use these earphones when I’m out and about.  They are so comfy, fit my ears perfectly and the sound quality is awesome!  If I’m at home I use my Bose SoundLink to listen in.


Rod loves a good podcast too (I notice he’s always listening to one anytime he’s vacuuming!), but of course we have different favourites.  If Rod and I are road tripping we take turns to set up the podcast playlist. Most recently it was Rod’s turn to pick the podcast, which meant that in the car over Christmas I learnt all about the history of the jet pack. (It was actually pretty compelling listening!)


Disclaimer:  I love a good interview!  You’ll see that a number of the podcasts I mention feature interviews.  I learn so much from hearing others reflect on their experiences.  


One other thing before we dive into my current obsessions:  I reckon innovation comes from engaging in content totally outside of your niche or industry.  That’s why you’ll notice that some of the blog posts I mention have nothing to do specifically with business or coaching or freelancing directly. (And also why I don’t mind learning about the history of jet packs, even though I would’ve never picked it for myself!)


Here we go, the best podcasts for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs are:


Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield


Amy shares a wealth of practical information brought to life through personal stories, case studies, behind the scenes insights and interviews.  Amy’s got a real talent for decoding and navigating the complexities of online marketing strategies.  She really does make online marketing accessible.

Check out the ep where:  Amy talks through a regular week in her business (EP191).


The Priestess Podcast


With this podcast, Julie Parker has created a platform for a diverse range of voices/ideas centred around the divine feminine, sisterhood and being a modern-day priestess.  Fascinating and always uplifting, these bite-sized 30-minute episodes are perfect for when I want to cleanse my mental palate.

Check out the ep where:  Jules interviews Rebecca Campbell, author of Rise Sister Rise (EP40)


Glambition Radio With Ali Brown


I love this interview focused podcast!  Ali has top-notch guests, and it’s often like listening in to private pow-wows with your dream business besties.  She mixes hard-hitting business themes with important topics relevant to us ladies (think: getting work done with kids, what if you’re the main breadwinner, finding the right partner, and how to fit in blowouts, manicures and massages.)

Check out the ep where: Ali interviews Danielle LaPorte (EP108)


Soulpreneur Sessions


Yvette shares content focused on helping you to uncover and stay aligned with your true purpose.  It’s personal development rather than business focused, but for so many of us women, I’ve found that they often go hand in hand.  I especially love when Yvette shares powerful excerpts from live events she’s hosted for her soulpreneur crew.

Check out the ep where:  Gabrielle Bernstein talks about tapping into your highest power (EP20)


Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn


There’s a reason why this weekly podcast is so popular.  I really like how Pat goes deep on a different topic each month (for example, March 2017 was all about productivity, July 2017 was podcasting).  His case study and author interview episodes are some of my favourites.

Check out the ep where:  Deep Work with Cal Newport (SPI 255) 


The Tim Ferriss Show


I love his podcasts, and I’m not alone.  This one is generally the #1 business podcast on iTunes.  Tim is all about unpacking what makes the world’s top performers tick across all kinds of fields.  I love how meaty and diverse his episodes are.  Anytime it’s my turn to pick the podcast playlist for road trips, this is the podcast I’m downloading.

Check out the episode where:  Tim interviews Arianna Huffington 


The Foundr Podcast


I love the mix of interviews Nathan shares.  They are perfect for early-stage entrepreneurs and start-ups across a number of different industries, including product-based businesses.  Nathan’s Aussie accent and openness about the challenges he faces in his own business is refreshing and totally relatable.

Check out the ep with:  world leading genetic scientist and CEO of Celmatix, Piraye Beim.  



I hope you loved this list of the best podcasts for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs… and that I’ve inspired you to check them out!  Let me know if you have any favourite podcasts or which ones you are planning to listen to this year.



Photos thanks to the lovely Lauren Campbell


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