5 Juicy tips to amplify your goal achieving

Super charge your goal achieving with these 5 juicy tips. It's easier than you think!


It’s that time of year, isn’t it?  Goal setting time.


I’m going to assume you’ve already identified some of your big where-I-wanna-take-my-biz-bae-next-year goals.   I’m going to assume you know you SHOULD (gasp!) actually write down your goals.  If you’ve already gotten that far I want to congratulate you – you’re already leagues ahead when it comes to bringing your dreams to life.


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And I’m also going to assume you know yourself and what you really want so that your goals – yes, even your business goals – are truly meaningful to you, aligned with your deepest desires, purpose and your utterly fulfilling business vision*.  (*Not certain to your core on that last point?  My popular program ‘Purposeful‘ will help you out with this!)


Once you’ve identified your goals it’s time to get busy bringing those suckers to life.  Here are 5 juicy tips I personally use to supercharge my goal achieving:

Halve your timeframe.


Remember, just because you’ve got a goal to have things a certain way say a year from now, doesn’t mean it’ll take you a year to bring it to life.


I know this isn’t advice that usually graces the pages of business blogs, but I’m putting it out there anyway:  Challenge yourself by setting UNREALISTIC goals.   If you’re the kind of person that loves to rise to a challenge, setting aligned shorter-term-than-reasonable goals that thrill you, could see you achieving your dreams far sooner than you’d anticipated.

Short term goals create the most traction.


If you’re anything like me, it’s far easier to stay focused, motivated and taking massive action towards a goal for 7 days or 30 days, than it is for a year.


I like to regularly set big 30 – 60-day goals.  Any longer, and I’ll lose that critical sense of urgency that propels me into action and helps maintain momentum.

Take action ‘even though…’.


Honestly, perfect timing is, at best, extremely rare and usually only evident in hindsight.  Consistent imperfect action towards your goals even though you’re not ready, or not the best, or don’t have all the answers, or don’t have enough time, or whatever other (usually imagined) roadblocks are in your way, will see you achieving them far sooner.

 Where our attention goes grows…


…so regularly track progress against your goals.


Tracking has helped me to have my biggest months ever and helps me push a little harder when I’m close to my goal so I can get over the line.


For example, back in October, I launched a list building promo.  Two days before the end of the campaign I was 120 opt-ins away from my goal of welcoming onboard 3000 new subscribers.  Tracking my progress daily showed me how close I was to my goal and fuelled my desire (and practically aligned actions) to help me hit – and then surpass – my goal.

Whatever your goal, be sure to track the variables that give you the best idea of where you’re currently at compared to your goal.  Updating a simple spreadsheet or Google Doc at the end of each day or week is all it takes.

Celebrate milestones.  Even the little ones.


Recognising and celebrating your achievements along the way will keep motivation high.  Building your purpose-fuelled business is a marathon, not a sprint.  Every mile counts.


(A word of warning:  When we start working together, I notice that many of my clients initially see celebrating their achievements and rewarding themselves as a nice to do, not a must do.  They can come up with a bunch of reasons why they don’t prioritise celebrating their achievements (for example, too expensive, too time consuming, not a big deal).  Can you relate?  Success begets success.  I promise you, properly recognising your achievements is something powerful you must prioritise.)



Grab your journal and use these prompts to brainstorm how you can apply these tips to your goals now:


// What 3 goals will I focus on achieving in the next 60 days?

// What are the key milestones for each goal?

// How will I track my progress against each goal?

// How will I reward myself/my team once I achieve each milestone?

// What are the next 3 steps I need to take to progress each goal?

// Have I scheduled each of these next steps now?



I hope these tips have you feeling excited about smashing your goals in record time!


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Kate xo
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