5 Ways To Use Pop-Ups In Your Creative Business

Have an aversion to pop-ups? I did too! Check out this article to learn why I changed my mind and how you can use them in your business.

Have an aversion to pop-ups? I did too! Check out this article to learn why I changed my mind and how you can use them in your business.


Today I want to share a pretty unexpected love story with you.

A love story about… pop-ups.

I know! You probably wrinkled your nose just reading that, right? And I don’t blame you.


Once upon a time, I refused to use pop-ups.


I’d decided they were way too pushy and terrible looking, and I absolutely rejected any potential list building or lead generation strategy involving them — no matter how effective it claimed to be.

And is that surprising, really? Those of us who’ve been active online for the last two decades probably remember the dark ages of pop-ups, when you could barely see a website underneath all the spam and advertisements that constantly filled your screen as soon as you landed on the page.


So I had it in my head for a long time: Pop-ups = smarmy porn site.


Besides, I didn’t think I needed to use them. I even thought my reputation might take a hit if I did. Were a few more sign-ups really worth risking coming across as some dodgy internet marketer?

But times are changing… and the more I learnt about pop-up strategy? The more my mind changed.

You see, nowadays, website pop-ups can be prettier, easy to get rid of, and are even getting more friendly. So, eventually, after much encouragement from my coach at the time, I decided to give pop-ups a go…. I ended up loving them, and haven’t looked back.


But first, let’s explore: What is a pop-up exactly?


I think Wishpond (a marketing tools resource and blog) defines it best:

“A pop-up… [is] any type of window that is secondary to a parent window… that pops up upon a certain trigger, and stops visitors from interacting with the page until they complete a certain action.”

And, I know, I know, while that definition doesn’t make pop-ups sound less annoying or obtrusive, the fact is: they work.  Stick with me here…

According to the same Wishpond article, their clients using pop-ups had seen “a 40% drop in bounce rate on their website… [and] we’re seeing lead conversion rates of 6.39% and 2000 lead captures in just 3 months”.

If you don’t know what that technical speak (ah, bounce rates/lead conversion rates/lead captures?) means, take it from me: It’s all good things.  In my own business, I regularly see my pop-ups generate triple the conversions of a regular, in-page opt-in box, and I’ve even seen double-digit conversions from time to time.  


With stats like this, lady, the writing’s on the wall: It’s probably time to get over our collective pop-up phobia and find out more about what can work for us.


So, if like I did, you’re ready to put your resistance aside (at least for a bit!) and start experimenting with pop-ups for yourself? I’m here to help.

To inspire you to get started, here are 5 cool ways you can use pop-ups in your creative business:


Way 1: Build your subscriber list:


I know I’ve talked about why building a list of subscribers can be so powerful for your business before.  Pop-ups are a great way to promote your opt-in gift and invite readers to give you their name and email address to claim theirs. Your pop-up can either include input fields (the place where someone would put their name and email address, for example) right there on the pop-up, or you can set the pop-up to be a button that takes people to a special registration landing page with more info. Boom! Easy.


Way 2: Preview a “Coming soon!” offer:


This is perfect if you tend to only open your books to new clients (or your enrollment for your programs, coaching, courses, etc.) a few times a year. Using a pop-up a couple of weeks before your launch is a great way to get people excited, let them know they should keep an eye out for what’s coming, and give them a heads up about any early notice list you’ve got going.


Way 3: Tell your peeps about a special promotion:


Got a special deal for Christmas/Black Friday/New Years/your birthday/blue moon/an affiliate launch promo/etc.? Then letting visitors know what’s going on with a specific pop-up when they land on your site gives them an opportunity to learn more about what you’re offering, and can even prompt them to take advantage of an extra special deal right there and then. (See? How cool would that be!)


Way 4: Invite people to take the next step:


Pop-ups can also act as invitations to work with you directly. For example, treating a pop-up as a personal note to a new reader telling them about your services, or inviting them to book a discovery session with you, can make them feel welcome, and entice them to take the next step.

Another great technique? You could set up a pop-up that only shows on your services page that invites people to check out “What other people are saying”, a.k.a. Your praise/testimonials page. You can also tie a pop-up to your FAQs page (if you have one) for a similar effect.


Way 5: Remind them to take action before they leave:


This is one of my favourite cutting-edge ways to use pop-ups. Once a reader is about to navigate away from your page, an exit pop-up with a strong call to action can give them a final reminder to, for example, sign up to your subscriber list, before they leave your site. (That way they’ll never miss another post!)


A final word: Not all pop-up plugins are created equal.


If you’re inspired to get started with pop-ups (and I really hope you are!), make sure you go for a plugin that lets you customise the look of your pop-up, so it feels on-brand, and not spammy.

You should also go for one that lets you set clear conditions for the way your pop-up behaves, so you don’t bombard your site visitors. For example, you could only set your pop-ups to appear on certain pages, or after a certain amount of time, or only every two weeks, or only when someone is leaving your site etc.

Ready to begin your own pop-up experiment? If you’re looking for a plugin recommendation that makes customized, beautiful pop-ups easily (without breaking the bank), drop by PopUp Ally. I use it and love it.  No joke, it literally doubles conversions!

It was created by my friend Nathalie Lussier and her husband. (As well as all the cool features and how easy it is to use, I love that PopUp Ally was created by a lovely couple!) Click here to check it out now!

(BTW, the link I’ve shared above is an affiliate link.  That means I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from PopUp Ally – at no extra cost to you. If you’ve been a reader for a while you’ll know I RARELY recommend specific tools like this, and only EVER recommend products & systems that I personally use and love myself, so I’m super confident they’ll take care of you.)


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