5 parts of a personal brand

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Personal brand.  You may’ve seen those 2 words hanging out together recently.  Having a solid, well-delivered one can be one of the most powerful business development strategies out there.    That’s why if you’re a coach / consultant / freelancer / other kick ass creative service professional dreaming of attracting your ideal clients, you’re gonna want one.

To be clear I’m not talking about your website or business cards or FB page or offerings here, even though all those things are likely a reflection of your personal brand.  I’m talking about you.

Strictly speaking (and especially if you’ve been in business for a while) I bet you’ve already got a personal brand – even if you don’t know it.  But if you have a way you’d like to be known in business (instead of – eek! – leaving your public reputation to chance), then I guarantee taking a few moments to proactively consider your personal brand will be hella worth your while.

Knowing and using your personal brand in the right way can help you start filling your roster double time.  Why?  You are your greatest asset.  You are the thing that peeps really connect with.

The most important aspect of developing a killer personal brand is to keep it authentic.  Fully express yourself, not who you think you should be.  This is the key to attracting your holy-cow-bells-they’re-so-super-dreamy dream customers.

Having a personal brand means you’ll be able to confidently communicate who you are, whom you help, and the big reason behind why you dedicate your time and energy to this work.  We all take each of these things into account and weigh them up before deciding to buy.

When I work with clients, there’s 5 key elements I make sure they always include as part of their personal brand.  These 5 key parts of a personal brand are:

1. Your personal style 

Yep, I’m talking the way you and all your biz stuff looks, how you sound, and the language you use.  You might think it’s superficial, but boy is it true – and crazy powerful.  Your personal style includes: how you put words together, whether you’re writing or speaking; whether you say fuck or golly-gosh-darn; whether you’re down with toilet humor or prefer your laughs to be more high brow; whether you’re designer or high street; whether you rock high heels or high tops, and everything in between.

2. Your brand words

These are words that encompass the vibe you’d like to convey across all your business dealings.  They can be just for you and your team, or you might choose to share ‘em with everyone.  Your brand words’ll help keep you on the straight and narrow so you can be consistent in your communications and kick confusion in the ass.

3. How you explain what you do

This is all about who you serve and what you can help them do.  I share my simple how-to-explain-what-you-do-without-sounding-like-a-dick formula here.

4. How you explain why you do the work you do and what you stand for

This is a big picture statement that explains your big WHY on an emotional, philosophical, and sometimes even spiritual level.  When peeps connect with you on these levels, they’ll be big time attracted to you and your mission.

5. A tagline that quickly sums up what you’re all about

What do you want to be known for?  What would make you pee your pants with delight if you heard someone else describing you as?  These are the words you wanna put into other people’s mouths.  This tagline means something to you AND deeply resonates with your ideal clients.  Sum that sucker up into one simple sentence that feels right and you’re there.

Now it’s your turn.  I’d love to hear from you!

01. How important to do you think your personal brand is when it comes to attracting your ideal clients?


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