10 Tiny But Mighty Steps That Can Create Huge Results In Your Business

Get rid of the overwhelm and make growing and getting results in your business easier with these 10 tiny but mighty steps you can do today!


Let’s get real: We all want to bring the glorious vision we have for our business to life… but some days the idea of tackling a slew of massive tasks can feel super overwhelming.  This post is for those days.


The truth is that taking action to grow your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are many MANY itty bitty steps that, when done consistently, can be wildly impactful and yield huge results.


Let me explain:

I believe there are two kinds of action steps you can take as a business owner:

1. Action steps that drive your business forward in the direction of your dreams, 


2. Action steps that keep the wheels turning on your business as it is now (you know, the habitual stuff that you’re very comfortable with doing).


In today’s post, we’re gonna focus on a bunch of EASY actions that pack a punch and fall neatly into the first category.


Why? Because chances are, you’re already doing just fine on the second kind.  They’re square in your comfort zone, after all. (Think: sending out invoices, updating Facebook, actually working with clients etc.)


But when it comes to moving in the direction of your dreams, it’s the small, DOABLE consistent action steps and habits that are the true lifeblood of entrepreneurship, and the key to building solid momentum in your business every single day.


Don’t be fooled: While these steps might seem insignificant at first (some take 5 minutes or less to complete!), over time they create this magical snowball effect that can get you to your goals faster than you ever thought possible.


So let’s not waste another moment, shall we?


Here are 10 Tiny But Mighty Steps That Can Create Huge Results In Your Business.


(I’ve also popped in some time stamps to illustrate just how quickly these tasks can be completed, so you can feel confident knocking a few — or all! — of these babies out today.)


Tiny Step 1: Include a call to action in every email that you send to your community.


[Takes 3 minutes.]


This is something that will take literally three minutes or less per email and can be included in every newsletter or email you send out to your tribe. Getting into the habit of always adding a call to action (for example, to apply for a Discovery Session with you, or join your Facebook group, or to jump on the waitlist for your new program) can have a massive impact on your business because it means that, over time, you’re making a huge number of offers. And sometimes… business success just comes down to maths. The more clear calls to action you make, the more members of your community are likely to act on them. It’s as simple as that.


Of course, there are many other elements that go into a successful business; like community building, striving for an authentic connection, having a bloody great product, understanding your clients and their needs really well, etc.  But at a certain point, if you never make offers? You’ll never make sales.


Tiny Step 2: Set and track 30-day goals for yourself.


[Takes 10 minutes or less every day.]


Naturally, the goal you set is up to you. It might be a financial goal, a set number of clients, a certain number of newsletter subscribers, an amount of traffic to your blog, or the number of times you pitch yourself for podcast interviews in the next 30 days. And those are just a few ideas!


I love 30-day goals because they are short enough to light a fire under my ass and keep my eyes on the prize.  In 30 days of focused action, I can achieve incredible things… and I bet you can too.


The trick is to track your progress against your 30-day goal every single day. For example, if you’re working towards a revenue goal, check your Paypal, bank account, and Stripe accounts AND capture your cumulative progress every day.  For me, daily tracking (especially when I actually document my progress every day in a spreadsheet/on a blackboard/on the inside cover of a journal etc) keeps my goal — and my desire to achieve it — top of mind.  


Tiny Step 3: Create a list of your top 100 dream clients.


[Takes about 30 minutes.]


Have you ever actually sat down and written up a list of exactly who you’d like to work with?  I don’t mean describing your ideal client; I’m talking about actually naming the real life individuals and/or businesses you would like on your client list this year.  This can be a hugely clarifying and empowering activity.


Getting clear on the specific clients you would love to work with will help you identify your best marketing strategies and exactly where to laser focus your resources.  I promise, this powerful tiny-but-mighty step is utterly game changing.  You can read more about this in Chet Holmes’ book The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies, a favourite of mine!


Can’t come up with a hundred dream clients? No worries. Identify as many as you can (even if it’s just 10!) and focus all of your efforts on them. Begin researching, connecting with, building genuine relationships with, and providing meaningful value to, the people on your dream clients list and watch your dreams come true.


Tiny Step 4: Get more sleep.


[Even just 30 minutes added to your usual sleep cycle is game changing.]


You probably didn’t expect me to say that after the first three tiny but mighty steps!


But hear me out: when I’m getting more sleep I perform SO VERY much better. Science proves sleep is critical for brain function, and that’s true in my experience: After a good night’s sleep, I’m more able to handle whatever the day throws at me. I’m happier and more resilient. My energy, problem-solving skills and creativity feel sharper.  You guys, even my skin looks better when I get more sleep!


Getting enough sleep isn’t frivolous or a luxury.  Remember, you are the most important asset in your business.  It just makes sense to do everything you can to keep yourself performing optimally.


Give it a go and see for yourself.


Tiny Step 5: Pitch yourself at least once a week.


[Just 15-30 minutes a week.]


This is something I’ve spoken about before, and I’m back at it for a good reason!


There’s a big misconception out there that the big time women entrepreneurs you look up to constantly have a flood of invitations and opportunities rolling in.  That’s just not true. The most successful entrepreneurs I know continue to pitch themselves regularly. They make that a habit — and so can you!


I know that sometimes just the idea of putting yourself out there can be intimidating, but I promise it doesn’t have to be.  All you need to do is create a little email template that you can refer to, personalise, and use often. Then, find contact details of the person or media outlet you’d like to connect with, do a bit of research, customise your template, and send!


Screw sitting back and waiting for opportunities to get your name and brilliance out there.  Go out and create them for yourself!


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Tiny Step 6: Allocate a tiny bit of time on Sunday to review and plan the week ahead.


[Less than 30 minutes each week.]


When I say “tiny bit of time”, I mean 30 minutes or less. Anytime I do this on Sunday afternoon, I go into my week calm, prepared and purposeful. There are no nasty surprises in my calendar, and I know what my priorities are going to be for the week.


Being able to manage your time, energy and focus each week is priceless. When you give yourself the gift of going into every week prepared, it can make life a whole lot easier. Imagine actually progressing the stuff that’s most important to you each week rather than reactively playing catch up the whole time, getting to the end of the week and wondering yet again what the hell happened and why you didn’t progress things.  Yeah, taking 30 mins on Sunday to prepare is worth it.

(BTW I love to do this while wearing one of those scary looking face mask sheets and sipping on a glass of vino just before an early, cosy dinner on Sundays!)


Tiny step 7: Follow up and ask for referrals.


[About 15 minutes a day.]


Research indicates that most businesses do not follow up at all.  That means they are leaving heaps of opportunities and money on the table. It also means that following up can be your secret weapon. All it takes is a little forward planning and being organised enough to know who you have to follow up each day.


Always sign off emails or voicemail messages to prospective clients with a quick ‘lil “When would be a good time for me to follow up with you?” or “I’ll reach out to you again on Tuesday if I don’t hear from you before then,” and then be sure to follow through. Consider booking a standing 15-minute appointment for yourself dedicated to following up potential clients at the same time each day.  


I can directly attribute more than $100,000 of revenue to my business by asking for a referral and following up clients.  Check out the post I wrote about it.

Bottom line: if you don’t ask for referrals and/or follow up, you’re crazy.


Tiny step 8: Schedule your next holiday now, and put some skin in the game.


[Less than an hour.]


Yes, I really do think booking your next holiday now can be game changing for your business!


When you forward schedule your holiday times and put some skin in the game up front by booking a hotel/reserving your spot on that awesome walking tour/booking your flights etc, you set yourself up for a seriously awesome quarter/year.


You see, I’ve learnt that prioritising fun, rest, and adventure, not only gives you something to look forward to, it reminds you of your worth beyond work and commercial endeavours, it fills your well, broadens your perspective and helps fuel your creativity — all especially critical if you’re a solopreneur, coach or creative entrepreneur.


That’s not all.  If you’re anything like me, locking in your next offline/out of office adventure will inspire you to forward plan, batch, systematise, leverage, delegate and automate in your business like nothing else, so you really can follow through with your goals for screen-free time… and that can pay dividends for years to come in your business.


Tiny step 9: Focus on your single biggest priority today.


[30 minutes daily – more if you can]


I used to fantasize about having an entire day or an entire week to focus completely on my next projects. I’d book out massive chunks of time in my calendar with the plan that I’d focus entirely on creating my next eBook/e-course/list building promotion/newest package… but the truth was I never ever, ever ended up being able to dedicate 100% of that time. Other stuff – urgent and important business/family/relationship/health stuff – would always come up.


These days I know that allocating at least 30 minutes (more if I can swing it) every single day to working on my most important project is realistically what works with my calendar/life, and the best way for me to keep driving my business forward. It’s incredible how quickly I’m able to produce and create stuff when I carve out time to focus on my single biggest priority daily.


Give it a go and, starting TODAY, book time in every work day to focus on your one thing. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done in 30 uninterrupted, completely focused minutes every single day.  


For more on this, check out Gary Keller’s book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.   It’s all about how powerful it is to allocate dedicated time DAILY to focus on a single top priority — the “one thing” that will bring you closer to your goals and help you bring your ultimate vision to life.


Tiny Step 10: Create offline.


[Time est: However long you wish!]


Perhaps you share blog posts like me, perhaps you’re working on your first info product, perhaps you’re drafting emails for your next promotion or launch, you’re planning out next month’s social media posts, you’re designing a client’s website, or perhaps you’re writing up your latest consulting record: regardless of the exact industry you’re in, I bet you’re a content creator.


By setting up an environment with fewer distractions (my kryptonite is Instagram stories and cute doggo videos and beauty vloggers) from the get go — which is exactly what happens when you get your butt offline — you will be able to create much more quickly. You will have been able to access and stay with your creativity and focus more easily and for longer.


Without the internet easily at my fingers, I don’t have to fight an overwhelming urge to pick up my phone and go on to social media when the going gets tough (as it can from time to time, I don’t need to tell you that creating content isn’t all rainbows and unicorns). I’m way more likely to face any problems that come up directly  — instead of skirting around them by playing around on the internet and hoping they’ll solve themselves.


It’s been totally game changing for me — and I know it can make big waves in your business as well.


Now, there’s just one more tiny step to take: Claim the tiny steps you’ll be rocking TODAY in the comments below!


I challenge you to pick + execute at least 3 of these tiny steps today. So choose 3, and post in the comments below saying “I’ll be taking these tiny steps today!”


Happy tiny-step taking, and I’ll see you next week!


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Kate xo
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