Lessons From 10+ Online Launches

  Before writing this post, I took a peek back at the life of my business and realised:  I had my first ever online launch early in 2014!   Whoa — it feels like yesterday and a million years ago…   I was also shocked to see that over the last 4 years, I’ve launched more than ten times, with another on the way a few months from now.   And when it comes to tactics?  I’ve tried plenty, baby:… Read More

My Review of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

  Once in a while, a program hits the digital airwaves and becomes an instant classic.   Everyone worth their salt seems to take it, everyone talks about it, and every year when it re-launches, thousands of eager online business owners rush to buy it — and its name becomes synonymous with the industry standard.   For me, that program is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF).   I finally joined PLF last year, starting by going through the free… Read More

Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting And What To Do About It

  If you’ve been running an online business for a while, or just hanging out in the Betty Means Business community, chances are you’ve heard the F-word.   No no, not that F-word.  (Although, you’ve probs heard that gem too!)   I’m talking about the other F-word:  a.k.a. Funnels.   Sales and marketing funnels have been a buzzword in online marketing circles for the last few years, and much like the “real” F-word, funnels elicit a massive range of responses.… Read More

How To Launch Your Coaching Program

  “I know launching is a big “thing” in the industry right now… but I’m not sure I need to do it.”   Ahem.   Ladies!  Pull up a(n extra comfy) chair, because we’ve gotta talk.   When it comes to running launches (i.e. doing a big lead-up to your list via freebies, webinars, sales calls, challenges, emails, etc. in order to promote and ultimately sell an offering), you’ve probably heard at least one or two stories:   1) Massive… Read More

The Truth About Sales Funnels: Do You Really Need One?

  Get ready, I’m about to reveal what I really think of sales and marketing funnels – no holds barred.  I break down the biggest misconceptions and benefits of sales funnels.  Wondering if you really need a sales funnel?  This is the post for you!   Have you ever seen a conversation happen online that made you stop everything you’re doing just to say “What the eff!?”   Yep, me too.  In fact, it happened to me recently… and it’s… Read More

In The Bag :: A Peak Inside An Entrepreneur’s Handbag

  What does this entrepreneur keep in her handbag?  Read on to find out!   I love flicking through fashion magazines to get to the page where they share behind the scenes shots of the wardrobe, workspace or handbag of someone far more stylish than me, so I thought it’d be fun to share this post with you.   Something I’ve noticed is that the women in those glossy magazine spreads never seem to have tissues, tampons, old receipts or… Read More