My Biggest Investments Ever (And What Happened Next)

  Entrepreneurship can be ridiculously exciting – winning your first clients, launching new programs, big paydays, and all those heart-singing, god-I-love-my-job breakthrough moments with clients. But between those man-is-this-the-best-job-ever moments? There can be a lot of bloody hard work and tough decisions. Take, for example, figuring out which will be the best investments for your business.  Where should you spend your precious cash to get the very best return on investment when it comes to growing your business? After all,… Read More

The Fail Files: How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Your New Business

,/div>   One of my favourite liberating-but-sorta-painful truths in life is this:  Everyone makes mistakes — especially when we’re brand new to something and learning as we go. The most challenging part of that for me, however, is that I mostly don’t see those mistakes clearly until they’re in the rear-view mirror.     My own first year of business was a pretty crazy ride. I made so many mistakes (I’m still making plenty these days!) and lost money, clients,… Read More

The Secrets Of Sales Pages That Rock

  Ah, sales pages. You don’t have to love ‘em, but you do have you respect ‘em, right? Through my client work, and my own projects, I’ve worked on a bunch of sales pages (from extremely simple to extremely fancy).  And so, at this point, I’ve got a clear idea about how to create sales page content, how to give the page smart strategic structure, and which are the most vital bits of information you must include to get your… Read More

How To Dodge Client Drama

  Having an incredible experience with a client, and helping them get equally incredible results, is such a high. It’s one of the best parts of the job, isn’t it?  You can clearly see the impact you’re having in their life, and the flow on impact they’re having in the lives of others. I mean really: it’s amazing stuff. However, on the flip side of the coin…   If you’re working with even one client who starts to stir up… Read More

Red Cheeks & Red Alerts – What To Do When You Screw Up A Discovery Session

  Discovery Sessions — a.k.a. complimentary consults, sales conversations, enrollment conversations, or whatever you prefer to call them — are one of my favourite parts of the sales process. They’re my chance to connect with a potential client live on Skype or in person, learn all about them, and find out if we’re a great fit to work together. When it feels like a match made in heaven, Discovery Sessions are the time I’ll make an offer to work with… Read More

Lights! Camera! Branding! How To Prepare For Your First Photoshoot

  I recently had my second photoshoot with photographer, Michelle, from Eyes of Love Photography.  Professional branding photos can take your business to a whole new level.  If you’ve never had a branding photo session I strongly recommend you book one in pronto.  No matter how nervous you feel, you won’t regret it. I know so many women entrepreneurs feel pretty damn awkward at just THE IDEA of someone whipping out their camera (I’m including myself here).  Experience tells me… Read More