Sharing my message is a true labour of love and I’m always stoked beyond words when someone decides to feature me in their publication, media outlet or corner of the web.

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Kate is a gifted business strategist and PR maven.
Leonie Dawson
Kate is a blinding light  
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Rachel MacDonald
Dr Kate Byrne is the ‘real deal’ in the business coaching world.

I LOVE the learning, solidifying and connection that always comes with interviews and I especially love sharing my take on:

  • the business of coaching and consulting
  • women entrepreneurs
  • how and why valuing your expertise and premium pricing can sky rocket your business
  • how best to position and package your services
  • the secrets to increasing your prices and attracting high-paying clients

Looking to interview me, need an expert comment or have a media opportunity in mind? Thanks for thinking of me! Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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Through her passion-fuelled coaching, consulting and writing, Dr Kate Byrne helps women coaches and consultants intentionally engineer success so they can shine neon bright in business. She is an advocate for being all in, charging what you’re really worth and premium pricing.

Kate has been featured on Sky News TV, in The Sydney Morning Herald, the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Relations, a number of hugely popular websites and blogs, and created the popular ecourse, Packaging You.

There’s no denying it – Kate is a huge nerd. She’s been awarded a PhD in strategic communication, a flood of industry certifications, a university medal, and multiple industry and academic awards and scholarships. She believes in the power of possibility, roller derby, green juice, 80s movies involving dancing and/or prom nights, and laughing till you cry.

Connect with Kate at Betty Means Business, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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