20 Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2018

  Ahhh January… It’s summertime here in Australia.  This is the time of year for long lazy days at the beach, rooftop bar cocktails with friends as the sun sets, mountain hikes, those new year vibes, and spending some time away from your laptop reflecting on how you’ll go after the goals you’ve set for the year ahead.  That’s why, in this post, I’m sharing a slew of ideas to help you take your business to the next level this… Read More

Is Your Business Ready To Grow?

  Every day, I see coaches, creatives and solopreneurs in the first year or so of their businesses, raring to go, with exactly 1 thing on their minds…   (No not like that. Stay with me, woman!)   They want to grow — very, very quickly.   It feels like every business owner I talk to these days is eager to double, triple or 10X their business as soon as possible, preferably yesterday.  Everyone has their focus immediately on these… Read More

2017: My Biggest Lessons And Looking Forward

  I felt weird about business this year…. largely because it played out against a backdrop of massive global unrest.   As I was opening the cart for my first launch in 2017, Trump unexpectedly closed borders and announced a travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries.   While we introduced a funnel that generates sales allllllmost every day, France was deciding whether or not to vote in far-right presidential election candidate Le Pen. (Thankfully Gallic sense prevailed!)   While I… Read More

How Would These 5 Women Entrepreneurs Build Their Business If They Had To Start From Scratch Again?

  One of the most amazing things about working with women entrepreneurs?   It means I know a whole lot of freakin’ fantastic ones.   As you might’ve seen me mention in last week’s post, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I’d build my business if I had to start from scratch all over again in 2018 – without contacts, assets or a big budget – with all the hard-won knowledge I have now.   You can check… Read More

How To Start A Business From Scratch In 2018 With Less Than $500

  I’ve witnessed a looot of conversations this year with women who are just starting out in their business (in person, and on threads/comments in Facebook groups etc), and there’s something that keeps coming up that’s totally blowing my mind:   So many women coaches, creatives and solopreneurs seem to think that, overwhelmingly, it used to somehow be easier to build a profitable business or a huge, engaged community or simply to win clients back in the day.    … Read More

Do You Need A Mastermind? Read This Before You Invest

  In my last post, we dug deep into what a mastermind really is, and what makes them so damn magical — especially for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs.  You can read all about that right here.   In summary, here’s the gist:   A mastermind is a group of people that get together to help each other achieve their goals, and man, can they be transformational.   There are so many different ways masterminds work.  Some are paid, some are… Read More