Work From Anywhere: Here’s What’s In My Toolkit

  There’s no denying that being able to work anywhere with wifi is one of the best parts of our kind of businesses.  In this post, I’m sharing the toolkit that makes it possible for me to get down to business from anywhere.   Even though I have a home office space I love, I usually break up my day by working away from home… in fact, I’m writing this post from my favourite table at my local cafe right… Read More

My Must Have Stationery Obsessions

Yes, today’s post is all about a topic that brings me an inordinate amount of happiness: stationery.   C’mon, who doesn’t love a brand new notebook or finding the perfect pen or a fresh stack of just unwrapped rainbow Post It Notes?  Exactly.   While part of me feels a little worried that you might judge me for dedicating an entire blog post to the topic, I’ve come to realise more and more the impact that our happiness can have… Read More

9 Tasks to Automate in Your Coaching Business (Including all the resources I use to make automation in my own business a breeze!)

  If your days are busy, but you never seem to have time to focus on the really important things, it’s time to think about adding more automation into your business.  I know how frustrating, demotivating and time consuming it can be when there’s a never-ending and constantly regenerating to-do list of admin weighing on you.  It doesn’t need to be that way!  That’s why, in this post, I’m sharing 9 tasks you can easily automate in your business today… Read More

7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!)

  These days, most of us know that, when it comes to attracting potential clients to your coaching business, offering a valuable freebie (a.k.a. an opt-in gift or lead magnet) in exchange for someone’s contact details is a must.  But exactly how should you promote your fabulous freebie on your website to get the best results?  In this post I break it down for you — with plenty of inspiring real-life examples to show you just how it’s done —… Read More

How To Stay Focused And Motivated Working From Home

  We don’t talk about it enough: But working from home is a minefield!   It feels like every few minutes something pops up to make us procrastinate, distract us, and totally suck out our motivation.   Anyone who’s worked from home for more than three days knows exactly what I’m talking about!   I’m betting my favourite yoga pants that you (yes YOU) have folded the laundry, done the dishes, decided now is the moment to Kon Marie your… Read More

The Best Journaling Prompts To Build Your Business

  Confession time: The more I journal, the more my business grows.  Look, I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  In this post I break down exactly how you can use journal prompts to build your business too!   I journal every day (including, as you can see by these photos, the days I was on vacation in Italy!).   It’s one of my absolute favourite daily practices.  Journaling helps me get very clear, very quickly on my priorities,… Read More