My heart of hearts won’t let me settle for mediocre.


Because your heart knows you’re worth more.


I’M A Business Coach, consultant, blogger and …

I believe in possibility. In being yourself. In roller derby. In Japanese food. In life lessons. In 80s movies involving dancing and/or prom nights. In Chazz Michael Michaels quotes. In un-complicating success. And in being all in.

And you should know up front: When it comes to business, I really (really!) believe in valuing your expertise and growing your worth.

Your self-worth.
Your net-worth.

Way back in the day I started my business because I was looking for freedom. To do things my way. To set my own schedule. To have the flexible yeah-I’m-heading-to-yoga-in-the-middle-of-the-day lifestyle I wanted. To close out each day pulsing with gratitude and feeling like I’d made a difference. And to be in control of how much money I made.

But man did I screw things up when I first started. Back then I thought I had to act seriously to be taken seriously. I thought being in business meant being exhausted and in constant overwhelm. I thought I had to keep my prices low to be competitive and win clients. And I thought that to make more money I’d have to work even harder than I already was – but I was already working nights and weekends and I just couldn’t see how it was physically gonna happen. Somehow the real freedom I was after felt totally out of reach.

And then… a major health challenge forced me to completely change the way I did business.
After a whole lot of research, testing and experimenting (boy was that a journey!) I learned how to turn it all around.

I’m not perfect by any stretch, but these days I experience my business in an entirely different way. My biz and my lifestyle complement each other. My business supports and sustains me instead of sucks me dry. These days, even though I’m seriously into my work, I honour the profane, smart ass-y, crystal-totting parts of me too.

And I’m righteously committed to this truth:



I know people don’t normally come out and say this but for the record, I’m not cheap – and I don’t think you should be either. Seeing incredible women undercharging, over-delivering and exhausting themselves kills me. On behalf of all reasonable people everywhere, I take a stand against bargain basement pricing and chasing (not to mention putting up with) tight ass, overly demanding clients. I believe we’re worth more. In fact, I’m a big advocate for valuing yourself, charging what you’re work is really worth and premium pricing.


Big impact work deserves to be well paid so you can get out there

and be an even bigger force for good in the world.

FACTSchool and those industry quals of yours didn’t teach you how to make money as an entrepreneur.
FACTSitting right behind your current pricing is usually self-imposed BS that does nothing except keep you small.
FACTFear, doubt and exhaustion don’t have to be your truth.

These days I help women coaches, consultants and other experts create truly irresistible premium offers, charge (and be paid!) what they’re really worth and intentionally engineer success so they can shine neon bright and build the fulfilling business they’re yearning for.

What does this look like? bmb_graphic_handwriting_greatquestion

Obviously it’s different for everyone, but here’s a ‘lil slice from just some of my recent clients.

I’ve helped:

  • A marketing coach replace her six figure corporate income within the first 5 months of business
  • A web designer re-position and increase the price of her premium offer by almost $5k (she sold close to $40k in the first week without an official launch)
  • A health coach make $1000 an hour
  • A career coach double her fees to $400 an hour and experience her biggest months ever
  • Another web designer make more than $20k in her first month of business
  • Another health coach blow her stretch revenue goal outta the water in the first month we worked together
  • A graphic designer experience her biggest revenue months ever at the same time as working less

The potent know-it-to-my-core belief that can change it all?


bmb_image_aboutpage_bottomleft bmb_image_aboutpage_bottommiddle bmb_image_aboutpage_bottomright

Want to know more about me and my journey?
Check out the story so far…


Enter a modeling competition on the last day it was open for registration. Win. Fall in love with fashion. Get my first paycheck and start my entrepreneurial journey.

You’ve gotta be in it to win it.

Docked thousands of dollars when I sleep in and am late for a big modeling job.

Treat your business like a business.

Drop out of school and move to the big city.

Your dreams are worth the risk.

Enroll in night school while working full time, fall in love with learning and surprise the shit out of myself by blitzing every class.

Keep learning.

Fail miserably at following well-meaning advice to ‘be less Kate’ in an interview and win the job anyway. Can’t believe it!

Standing out is better than fitting in.

Start tutoring and teaching at uni. My coaching and consulting career begins.

Your calling leaves clues.

Craft my first official premium offer (It was for conference sponsorship). Make my boss $100k PROFIT in 6 weeks. Am amazed and pretty excited.

Hustle pays.

Start working as youngest and one of only 2 women consultants in private firm (the other one was lovely – and on extended maternity leave). With shaking hands and churning gut negotiate a $30k pay raise in my first performance review.

Stand tall in the integrity of your worth
(all you need is a kernel of courage!).

Discover on graduation day I've won 3 academic scholarships, 2 awards, a university medal and first class honours at uni. Surprising shit out of myself and everyone else too. Remember seeing my dad and sister applauding and crying with pride in very last row.

Excellence is a habit.

Join all-male leadership team of small coaching/consulting business that’s regularly bringing in 7 figures a month.

Small business doesn’t have to mean small money.

Co-found my own consulting firm. Fuck up A LOT. Have a lot of fun. Experience massive learning curve.

Be all in.

Awarded PhD in strategic communication and officially get to change my title from Miss to Dr forever more.

The more you know,
the more you realise you don’t know.

Discover roller derby. Begin obsessive love affair.

Prioritise what lights you up.

Have spinal surgery. Re-design my work schedule, business systems and double, then triple my fees so I can focus on rehab. Random awesome side benefit? High-paying dream clients want to work with me and I actually start making more money than ever. A lot more.

You are worth more.

Spinal problem gets much worse instead of better. Spend 2 years and counting mainly in bed. Discover blogs. Start Betty Means Business and connect to an incredible global community of women entrepreneurs. Feel like I’m home.

Sometimes the worst thing is in fact the best thing.

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Lots of love,

Kate xo