7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!)

7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) | Need some ideas on where to put your opt-in gift on your website? Here are my 7 favourite places, including examples of each.


These days, most of us know that, when it comes to attracting potential clients to your coaching business, offering a valuable freebie (a.k.a. an opt-in gift or lead magnet) in exchange for someone’s contact details is a must.  But exactly how should you promote your fabulous freebie on your website to get the best results?  In this post I break it down for you — with plenty of inspiring real-life examples to show you just how it’s done — so your website can become a powerful 24/7 list building machine.


Promoting an opt-in gift on your website is the absolute best way to encourage a new visitor  – or someone discovering your content for the first time — to hop on your mailing list so you can nurture your relationship, and for example, invite them to book in a discovery session with you.


(Need help creating an incredible freebie? Check out this popular post I wrote on exactly that topic!)


… But there’s just one question:


Where exactly should you promote it?  In this post, I’m sharing the most important spots to promote your opt-in gift on your website.


My travels around the web suggest that most coaches (and creatives, solopreneurs and freelancers for that matter!) only promote their opt-in gift in 1 or 2 places on their website.  


They are missing out because there are actually 7 spots I recommend placing your opt-in on your website to maximize your strategic potential and make sure no new lead is left behind!


So without further ado: Here’s a list of the 7 places where you should be promoting your opt-in gift to maximize the 24/7 list building power of your website.


Place 1: Above the fold on your website


You probably won’t be surprised to read this.  In fact, I think about this opt-in gift placement as the absolute minimum.  


Your opt-in gift should be one of the first things visitors to your website see when they land on your homepage.  ‘Above the fold’ means it’s visible immediately, people don’t need to scroll down or take any action to see it. Visitors to your website being able to immediately see your call to action to sign up for access to your opt-in gift is A VERY GOOD THING.


There are a few different ways to present your opt-in gift above the fold.  I think the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Sarah Morgan from xoSarah do a great job.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - Above the fold opt-in examples


Place 2: At the very bottom of the page on your website


When somebody scrolls all the way down one of your pages, it’s a great sign they’re probably so excited to meet you and learn from you. So you want to make sure they know exactly how to get more of you in their inbox.


For this reason, I recommend you promote your opt-in gift at the bottom of every single page of your website to make sure newbies know exactly how to hop on your list to hang out and get to know you better.


Some of my favourite examples of this type of opt-in include Tara Bliss and Melissa Ambrosini.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - bottom of the page opt-in example


Place 3: Offer your opt-in gift via a “welcome mat” or pop up box


In this context, a welcome mat is an image that covers the entire screen when someone first lands on your website. The welcome mat presents a call to action for new visitors to get their hands on your awesome free offering.


I’m loving these at the moment for my own site (you probably saw the welcome mat I’m using at the moment just before you started reading this post!).  I think they’re worth taking a look at… but I get that they might feel a little full on for you.


You can promote your opt-in gift in a similar way by using a pop-up that you can set up to appear when someone new first arrives on your website, after a few seconds, or on exit intent.


I love the look of the pop-ups that Danielle LaPorte and Natalie MacNeil are using at the moment.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - Pop-up opt-in examples


For some cool ideas on how to use pop-ups to help build your business, check out this post.


Place 4: On a special landing page on your website


Stand-alone landing pages can be a great way to promote your opt-in gift because once it’s set up, you can share the direct URL to the landing page everywhere — for example, in Facebook ads, on your social channels, in your signature block, mention it anytime you’re interviewed etc.


My favourite tool to easily create landing pages is ClickFunnels! They even have a plugin you can use with your WordPress website so you can make the ClickFunnels page look like it’s sitting right on your website (instead of a random ClickFunnels.com URL). It’s super easy for non-designers/non-developers like me to use.  Click here to check it out.


As inspiration for you, I love the stand-alone landing pages of Sian from Fresh By Sian and Clare Drake use to promote their opt-in gifts on their websites.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - Stand-alone opt-in examples


Place 5: At the end of a blog post


Wrote a great blog post that you think might take off, or have a post that’s been getting a lot of attention? I strongly recommend you pop an invitation in at the end of the post encouraging readers to sign up for your opt-in gift.  If the reader really digs your blog post and content, they’ll naturally be wondering how they can take the next step and be part of your world. Make it easy for them with an obvious opt-in box and call to action.


Want some inspo?  Melyssa Griffin and Kate Northrup always do a great job of promoting their opt-in gift at the end of blog posts.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - End of blog post opt-in examples


Place 6: Right in the middle of a blog post


This is ideal if your opt-in gift is relevant to the topic that you’re talking about in your blog post.


For example, if you’re interested in taking the next step with building your coaching business, you’ll love this special checklist I recently created.  It includes a bunch of things I recommend doing each week when it comes to building momentum in your business and actually winning coaching clients.    Click below to nab a copy of this special 5 Weekly Client Winning Moves Checklist I created for you FOR FREE!


Use this FREE checklist to put your own work schedule to good use with these 5 weekly must-do client winning moves for coaches, creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs.


See what I did there?


Other examples of people promoting their opt-in gift directly IN blog posts are Dani from Neverland Studio and Regina from byregina.


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - Middle of blog post opt-in examples


Place 7: On your About page


This is something I don’t see a lot of people doing — I have no idea why! If your website traffic is anything like mine, your About page is one of the most visited pages on your website.  And it makes sense to me that people who are interested in learning more about me could also be interested in taking the next step and grabbing one of my free opt-in gifts.


By adding a special opportunity to access your opt-in gift right there in the middle of your About page as they’re reading your story and learning about your expertise? It makes your lovely opt-in gift offer even more appealing.  It’s a strategy that’s helped me see great results — and it might just do the same for you.


Sarah Jenks and Kris Carr also promote their opt-in gift smack bang in the middle of their About page, and I think it looks great!


7 Places To Put Opt-Ins On Your Website (to turn your website into a powerful 24/7 list building machine!) - On your About page opt-in examples


I hope you’ve found this practical post really helpful, and that it’s inspired you to up your game when it comes to promoting your opt-in gift.  Experience tells me that you’re never going to regret building your subscriber list!


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