3 Premium Offers Clients Love

3 Premium Offers Clients Love | Grow your business and set yourself as an expert in your field | Coaches | Creatives | Solopreneurs

3 Premium Offers Clients Love | Grow your business and set yourself as an expert in your field. And of course, creating and selling a higher-value offer will have a great impact on cash flow too! | Coaches | Creatives | Solopreneurs


Do you think offering a high-end package to your clients is somehow beyond you or just not possible in your field? If you do, I’ve got 2 things to share with you:


  • You’re not alone.   It seems to me a lot of incredible coaches, consultants and other experts assume that making premium offers to clients is something exclusively for other people, usually those more established in their industry.
  • It’s just not true. Not at all. In fact, I think it’s total bullshit. No matter what field you’re in, or level you’re at, you CAN craft premium offers that will suit you (and of course, your ideal clients).


If you’re not offering your clients an opportunity to work with you in a higher-end way, you are almost definitely leaving money on the table. You’re likely under-earning. And perhaps worst of all, without a premium option, you may not be supporting and serving your clients as fully as you could or doing your best work.


On the flip side, when you provide clients with an opportunity to work with you in a more in-depth way, you’re better able to support their transformation, get great results for your clients, and offer a more complete solution. Premium offers help establish you as an expert in your field. And of course, creating and selling a higher-value offer will have a great impact on cash flow too. To be clear: we’re talking all.good.things.


Let me bust a few annoying-as-hell myths: Premium offers don’t have to be exclusively one-on-one work. They don’t have to be based on long, ongoing relationships. Developing and delivering them doesn’t have to exhaust you or take a long time. You don’t have to include any specific features just because that’s what other people do. Including a premium package in your suite of offers doesn’t mean you can’t also work with clients in other ways or that you’ll have to work exclusively with new high-end clients. And high-end premium offers can be delivered virtually or live or via a combo of both.


Ready to design your first (or next!) premium offer? To help get you started, here are 3 different types of premium packages you and your clients could love:


Exclusive one-on-ones


Think: Done-for-you, customised advice, personal attention, and deep transformation over time.

Examples of this type of offer could include a comprehensive website refresh if you’re a web designer, a one-on-one 6 month journey to wellness coaching program if you’re a health coach, a private 12 month retainer program if you’re a sales coach, 10 pages of done-for-you copy if you’re a copywriter, or a complete done-for-you solution if you’re a management consultant.

Perfect if you: Love to work closely with clients over a long period of time.

Your clients will love it because they get: Your support through an entire project lifecycle, exclusive access to you, and incredible results.


High-end groups


Think: Comprehensive support, high-touch, intimate, small group, leveraged, transformation over time.

Examples of this type of premium offer could include an intimate year-long sistership circle, a 3-month certification program, a high-end paid mastermind, or even a series of workshops in a corporate setting.

Perfect if you: Are energised by, and love to facilitate, groups and communities.

Your clients will love it because they get: Membership to a like-minded community, group accountability, access to your expertise AND others points of view.




Think: An accelerated learning environment focused on a specific topic, theme, skillset or plan. They can be private or in small groups. Immersion.

Examples might include a once-off VIP Day, a week-long executive planning retreat, an intimate weekend yoga workshop, or a half day energy healing intensive.

Perfect if you: Prefer to work with clients intensively for shorter periods of time, or helping clients get quick wins.

Your clients will love it because they get: Exclusive access to your expertise, immersion in the topic, speedy delivery, and fast results.


I hope these examples inspire you to create your first (or your next) premium offer!


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  • Fantastic article, Kate! I absolutely love premium offers – in fact, that’s the only option I offer in my coaching business at the moment. I run one-on-one VIP days, and I adore them. It really catapults people forward in a big way, in a short period of time. Clients can then continue on in a close way, with weekly or fortnightly platinum coaching package, if it feels right. I find that clients also really VALUE your work when it’s at a premium, and they get the best out of it. Thanks for the idea about high-end groups… that might be my next offering!

  • Kate, I absolutely love you- you’ve just given me an incredible idea! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before! Yey! xxx

  • Ooh this is JUST what I needed today! I’ve been mulling over a “premium” or “high-end” group offer, but have felt kind of on the fence about it for a few days. Will anyone see the value in this? Am I charging too much? But you’ve perfectly explained WHY my clients WILL love the new program. You’ve given me a bunch of new ideas – must go write them all down QUICK!! Thank you!

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