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From her humble roots as a snap happy foodie to now hugely popular blogger of Vegie Head fame running an online academy dedicated to plant-based living, Adele is the epitome of the incredible success that can occur when you combine passion, dedication and courage.

Not necessarily knowing how to do things doesn’t get in Adele’s way. She tackles her fears head on whilst still maintaining optimism and dedication to wellness and self care.

Adele is a tour de force and truly inspiring. Also, her photos make me want to eat ALL the food!  You’ll love her incredible zest for life that jumps off the screen in this interview. Enjoy!


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

In 2009, I bought a big, fancy camera. I had no idea how to use it, and nothing to really take photos of – except my food. So I began to snap photos of my food and the response was overwhelming.

I built my first website (again, no idea what I was doing!) and it started to get thousands of views each month. I launched an ebook, and in 2013 I quit my full time job to focus full time on Vegie Head.

Since then, I’ve gone on two national tours, have released a published book, 5 more ebooks, 2 programs, and my Vegie Head Academy. I coach clients all over the world with their businesses and health as well. It’s a busy life! Now the website gets over half a million hits each month, and tens of thousands of members!


Whats the best business advice you ever got?

Work smarter, not harder – my dad always said that.

Betty Means Business - Adele Means Business

Youve been doing incredible things! Whats been your most exciting business success so far?

Thank you! Probably The Vegie Head Academy. It’s an online ecourse that not only teaches students about cooking, but also health, nutrition, how to deal with ‘the hard questions’, ordering in social situations, the importance of organics- and SO much more.

It was 8 months work that took me overseas to film, research and write. It was a phenomenal experience and it’s being incredible to see the finished product.


Alters, vision boards, crystals, tarot, affirmations, dance party breaks. What, if any, rituals do you regularly include in your business day?

All of the above for sure! I also meditate every day, walk on the beach, and have regular kinesiology sessions. I am also a Reiki and Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, so I use those modalities daily as well.


You know Im a huge fan of prioritising health. How have you built self-­care practices into your business?

Absolutely! I make them my number one priority. That means the best quality organic food, filtered water, meditation, walking, personal training and acupuncture once a week. They are my non-negotiables.


How important is community for your business and you as an entrepreneur? Why?

SO important! My ‘Vegies’ as I call them, are my reason for BEING. I am grateful every single day for them. They give me inspiration- and when I receive that acknowledgement from them, it makes it all worthwhile.

We both know fear isn’t necessarily a reason to not go forward with something; that it can in fact be a signpost that we’re heading in the right direction. What’s the number 1 way you personally manage fear in business?

I’m very much a believer of facing my fears head on. I don’t coddle them. If I can identify something that’s blocking me, I address it, acknowledge it, and then try to work around it or through it. I meditate on it, have some reiki, pull some cards and journal. I have a team around me- a manager, business managers, 2 staff members and my husband… so when those fears arise, I have sounding boards to go to. I truly think talking it out helps!

Betty Means Business - Adele Means Business

What are the last 3 books you read?

– A new earth by Eckhart Tolle

– The 7 habits of highly effective people

– Gone girl (a good beach read!)


Whats your fave way to celebrate successes?

A really special dinner out with hubby. We do it all- three courses, a gold class movie (because who can sit in a normal cinema once they’ve gone to gold class?!) and big cuddle with the puppies when we get home.



You can learn more about Adele here.

As entrepreneurs, by definition when it comes to our work, we naturally accept greater risk than others. Even if you’re not a one woman show, or brand new to business, growing your business can feel like you’re constantly breaking new terrain and with it stretching your comfort zone at a pace that feels waaay beyond what’s reasonable. Is it any wonder fear is something that most of us have to deal with at one time or another?

I love hearing about the tools Adele keeps in her arsenal to help her manage fear. As well as drawing on her courage to tackle it head on, meditation, sounding boards, reiki and journaling help her stay grounded and connected to her intuition. What a beautifully balanced approach!

In my own fear busting kit, I include walking in the bush, free writing, and working with coaches and experts.

What about you? I’d love to know: What’s one thing you call on to help you manage fear in business?


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