The power of the slow reveal

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You’re talented, so I bet you can do heaps of things.  Probably a few you even do really well.  And I know you’ve also probably heard that it’s a-ok to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  It totes can be.  But, if you’ve got really varied experience or you’re wanting a stronger foot hold in your chosen field, here’s my advice:

Always ALWAYS go for the slow reveal.

What do I mean?  I mean you don’t need to share everything about yourself all at once.  In fact more than you don’t need to, I think you shouldn’t.  Let me explain with an example.  Here’s what I’m advising you DON’T do:

Hi I’m Karen, I’m a designer, life coach, investment advisor, blogger, and public spaces artist.

Do you feel confused about what exactly this person does?  I sure do.

Imagine that you’re looking to hire someone to help you sort out your money mindset and finances once and for all.   You’ve just met Karen. And you’ve also just been introduced to Andrea.

Hi there, my name’s Andrea.  I’m a life coach who works with creative women entrepreneurs to help them secure their financial future so they can live the life of their dreams.

So, who you gonna call? (ok, hire.  I couldn’t help but bust out a little Ghostbusters)  Yeah, I’d go for Andrea too.  She sounds like she really knows her shit.  Karen sounds like she can’t decide what she does.

I bet you’ve already guessed the next part of this story.  Uh huh, Karen and Andrea actually have the exact same skill set.  And you’ve probably also guessed that once you’re working together, Andrea’s gonna draw on her mad design and artistic skills to help you take your (insert your preferred creative outlet) to epic levels of success.

Pick the strongest or most current or most compelling part of your work experience and interests, and lead with that.  Framing your experience with a key specialization will get you noticed, get you more customers, more contracts, more handcrafts sold.   You can absolutely, and in fact should, tailor it to your audience.

Reveal your broader skill set as the relationship with your client grows.  Framing gets you through the door.  Getting to know you keeps ‘em coming back for more.   Combined = super star, you’re in demand.

Always go for the slow reveal.

I’d love to hear what you think:

01. Do you use the slow reveal?

02. Do you tailor the way you frame your skill set to your audience?



Kate xo
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  • sibylla

    Not the easiest of skills (because I can go the other extreme and don’t reveal enough!)… But I am inspired and will spend 5 minutes coming up with a sentence about what it is that I do do!

    • Kate

      Awesome Sibylla! Have fun with it gorgeous girl! xo

  • This is crazy…I have been trying to work through this exact problem over the last few weeks but to no avail. I just can’t work out what i am or rather how i want to be perceived. I’ve been trying to thinking of a job title, as since I quit my old job in architecture at the end of last year I have no ‘in a phrase’ answer when someone asks me what I do. You’ve just reinforced how important it is to have this clarity…so I will keep working on it. Thanks.

    • Kate

      Keep going Jo! Figuring out how to sum up what we do in a simple phrase is tricky for most creative entrepreneurs. Hrm, instead of thinking of what you do in terms of a job title, you might find it helpful to mix it up and think about the main problem(s) you solve for your customers. Let me know how you go girl! xo

  • Very true… Have to change my about page I think 🙂

  • I’ve started using it this year, and I do tailor it according to who I’m talking to, since different people will be interested in different parts of what I do.

  • April

    I loved this… it gave me a lot of clarity and this is what I came up with.

    Hi there, my name is April and I am a Lead Generation and Automation Specialist. My job is to help entrepreneurs and businesses put processes in place so they can build their tribe of customers, develop their product base and successfully launch them into the market place. We specialize in behavioural database marketing and believe that content is always key.

    • Hey April! For some reason I got notified of your reply in particular in my inbox. Guess I subscribed and forgot 😛 I know you’ve posted this a while ago, but maybe this commebt can reach out to other people.

      I think it’s awesome that in your clear job description, you confidently describe that people who choose to work with you find success.

      Just a thought here though… recently I took a class on Skillshare that taught us how to build our e-mail pitch and one thing they specified is to not use your specialization lingo because everyday joe’s like me may not get it.

      For example, I’m a spanking new entrepreneur and maybe behavioural database marketing is EXACTLY what I need… but I’ve got no clue what is and will pass on to the next who offers the same thing, but in more common terms.

      It’s just a thought, unless maybe it could be a tactic to weed out newbies like me from your client base haha.

      Anyway, cheers and all the best !

  • I think I got the slow revel down with my mini-bio, but it took a lot of refinement to get there!

  • Arh! This is exactly what I needed right now: a bit of help with my insanely interested-in-everything personality. I can use some toning down, but at least now with this article I see how to start channelling them towards a more concrete ME. Thanks!!