Why You Need A Business Blueprint

Why You Need A Business Blueprint (And How To Create One) | Creatives | Coaches | Freelancers | Solopreneurs

Why You Need A Business Blueprint (And How To Create One) | Creatives | Coaches | Freelancers | Solopreneurs


I know heaps of peeps are working on their business goals and plans for the new year at the moment, so I thought it’d be a great time for me to share a rad visioning tool: hello business blueprint.


Creating a blueprint for your creative business is a great way to clarify your vision.  Why is clarifying your vision a good idea?  When you know exactly where you’re headed, you’re way more likely to actually arrive.


Just like building blueprints detail every aspect of the finished house, your business blueprint describes exactly how you imagine your business looking once all the building work is done.


Architectural and engineering blueprints show a builder exactly what to build.  Builders use them to help figure out which peeps and skills they’ll need on their team, where to direct resources, and even how to sequence works.  By ticking everything off, blueprints even help them know when they’ve finished a project.  Imagine how rad it’d be to have something as handy as that for your business building efforts.  Pretty damn useful right?


Want your own blueprint?  Here’s how.


I’ve put together a checklist for you to use to build your own blueprint.


After you answer each of the questions on my checklist, you’ll have your own unique blueprint to guide you on your way to entrepreneurial stardom.


Beware: they might seem like innocent little questions, but these bad boys pack a serious punch.  Don’t be surprised if it takes you more than one go to answer them all.  In fact, you might like to block out a few chunks of time to work through these questions to make sure you’re happy with the end result.


I promise you that any well-directed effort you expend getting clear about exactly what you want now will be SO worth it later on.


Why?  Because by doing this activity your blueprint becomes a detailed picture of your destination.  Your rock.  Your true north.  Your end game.  Every time you have to make a decision you can ask yourself ‘which option will get me closer to my blueprint?’, and pick that one.  Every time you feel confused or lost, you can check out your blueprint and remind yourself where you’re heading.  Pretty cool, right?



One last tip.  Your blueprint doesn’t have to be something just written down.  Perhaps it’s a prototype.  Maybe video works best.  Perhaps a poster, comic strip, or a macramé wall hanging, or something else entirely, or a combination of all of these things best expresses it.  Go with whatever makes the most sense to you.


Ready?  Get to it.  You can download a copy of my checklist by clicking the below button:

Create your business blueprint here!


Do your worst sister – and let me know how you go.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Betty loves you baby xo


Kate xo
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  • Thank you so much for this! I’m looking forward to setting aside some time and focusing on answering the questions thoroughly.

    • Kate

      Great! Have fun with it and I’m sure you’ll create a rock solid blueprint that’s just right for you Maria! Enjoy and let me know how you go xo

  • I’m loving these questions!! Thank you 🙂

  • Kate, this is such a great post, and the checklist – AWESOME!!! While I’m pretty clear on the core idea behind my business, I’ve been all over the place with how to implement it. Thank you for this – so helpful!

  • Hi Kate, I shall be sharing this kick arse list with a mate of mind who has just started her own business. Thanks so much for this, I am sure it will be so helpful to her!

  • Love your style and thank you for your blueprint!


  • This is so true, can’t wait to get started on my checklist!!

  • I am loving this list and have shared it with my girly business contacts. Its just what I needed!

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  • LOVE how comprehensive these questions are Kate! Brilliant!

  • I love the focus on clarifying vision. At the end of this last year I was so focused on all the small “to-do’s” that I lost sight of my vision…and that is sad. I have been immersing myself in my business vision this last week and it’s beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to create this lovely checklist. You rock!

  • Dang it! i just found your blog from House of Earnest but already missed it 🙁 love the idea of coming up with a blueprint though – i’ll try and create one on my own to set a direction for 2013 🙂

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  • Hi, how do I download the Blueprint checklist please !?!?

  • Karrie-Anne

    Hey Kate,
    Just wondering if I might be able to please resend this checklist?! I’m a subscriber but I must have missed this ~ plus it’s time to activate so its relevant now : )
    Thanks so much

    • Kate

      Hi Karrie – and everyone else whose been asking for this checklist again, THANK YOU and hang tight. A new and improved version of the Blueprint checklist is coming very soon! 🙂 K xo

  • Tom

    Hi Kate, this is a great idea, however I missed out the checklist so I don’t know the questions I supposed to answer. Would be able to send me these checklist? I know I’m not the only one requesting for this wonderful checklist. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon…

    • Kate

      You’re right Tom – I’ve had lots of requests for it. Hang tight, I’ll be sharing this download again very soon.

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  • Jen

    Hi! I just found you and have found much inspiration thus far! Is there anyway to still get this checklist? Sounds like it is just what I need now 🙂 Thanks for all the great stiff!

  • Nina

    Hi Kate, I would love to use your checklist too. Any chance you are ready to share it again? I would really really appreciate it! Thank you Nina

    • Kate

      Hi Nina, earlier this year I shared an updated version of my Blueprint Checklist. You can access it for free right here: http://www.bettymeansbusiness.com/2014/02/01/your-business-blueprint-2-0/ Enjoy! x

      • Nina

        Hi Kate,

        Thank you for sharing this. I am now all ready and motivated to use your tool this weekend and get my business jump started into action.

        Your website is very inspiring!

        X Nina