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Jodi Leong is the woman behind Joli Natural Skincare.  Jodi is 1) seriously sweeter than pie, and 2) incredibly generous with her time considering 3) GOOD GAWD this woman is crazy busy balancing mama-hood and wife-dom with running a successful business.  And by successful I mean Joli Natural Skincare wholesales to boutiques across Australia and internationally, and also takes orders online via an e-commerce website they built entirely themselves!  Yup, you read that crazy shiz right.

Jodi started out by selling her products on eBay.  Once she felt confident that there was a market for her products and she was able to invest more in her biz, she set up her own website.  For a while Jodi sold her skin care via both eBay and her website.  Pretty quickly her website orders outnumbered her eBay ones.  She took a big step and stopped selling on eBay completely so she could focus completely on her own thing. You’ve gotta love that idea of selling on multiple e-commerce platforms as you grow your biz so you can test what’s going to work best for you.  Jodi is one super switched on business babe!

Here’s the interview – I hope you dig it!

Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.
My natural skincare journey began in 2005 after having a baby and not being able to use anything on his skin without it flaring up in angry red rashes.  A friend talked to me about propylene glycol and that’s really what got the ball rolling in my quest for knowledge on the chemicals used in skincare and how damaging and dangerous they are, and how they were causing my son’s skin to be angry and red.

At the time I was a qualified nail technician and already qualified in running an office – so the office side of things was already set.  It was the legalities and learning to make products that I had to train up on.  I started using my brand of natural skincare on my son and nail clientele with fantastic results.  This is when I knew I was onto something.

I began selling products on eBay.  Then in 2009 I decided to take it further and start my own website which was both rewarding and stressful.  I spent many a night and day screaming and cursing at the computer screen, red wine in hand to calm the nerves, because I didn’t understand html codes.  It nearly sent me around the twist!

My journey has been a slow, progressive one with lots of learning along the way.  Like the ad says “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

Do you have a business plan?
I do have a business plan though to be honest I rarely refer to it because it confuses me.  I’m supposed to project future earnings, sales and growth and have it all mapped out how I’m going to get there.  Yet it feels a bit too much like I’m required to be psychic (which I’m not).  I don’t really understand the full dynamics of my business plan.  So I’ve written one and that’s as far as I’ve gone.

Talk us through your typical work day.
My day begins at 10am (after the school drop).  To begin with I check emails and sales for the day, reply to queries both via email and Facebook, make a Facebook post or two.  I stop for lunch at noon and then make the orders in the afternoon ready for the 5pm post.  Customers are sent order complete/sent notifications and then it’s back to the paper work side of things; perhaps finishing off some queries, posting on Facebook or filing (happy happy joy joy!).  I do have a boy Friday who helps with filing on occasion – yay!  I try to log off at 6pm and start my family time.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Sometimes I’m enjoying work so much I want work late, other times not so much.

What’s been your most exciting business success to date?
Most exciting business success would have to be my first wholesale order.  There is something just a little bit exciting about having your products retailing at other outlets.  Having a demand for your products and knowing that more people will be enjoying them and having success with their skin ailments: it’s such a special feeling!

Ok, dish: What are your top 3 bathroom must haves?
My top three bathroom must haves are:

1. A magnifying mirror because they’re so useful for looking closely at and monitoring my skin for changes as well as plucking eyebrows.
2. A large scrubbing brush for scrubbing and cleaning my back that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, and for scrubbing my butt, hips and thighs to ward off cellulite.
3. Lip gloss is an absolute must to give every woman that glam feeling.


To learn more about Jodi and Joli Natural Skincare go [here].

I LOVED chatting with Jodi! She’s completely genuine, open and truly freaking hilarious.  We shared great laughs over all the times we’ve listened to (and sometimes even tried to follow) seriously WTF advice from well meaning but so-not-in-your-shoes business consultants, friends and family.

Can you relate? What’s the most ridiculous advice you’ve ever been given?

Betty loves you baby xo

Kate xo
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