Betty Means Business - Why Your Tribe Will Love Your Premium Pricing


Just so you know, I’m not cheap. I know putting it out there straight up isn’t the done thing, but I don’t mind telling you. The women coaches and consultants who read my blog, subscribe to my newsletters, and work with me usually know it too. And mostly, they love it.

If you do it right, I promise your tribe will love you for charging premium prices as well. Don’t believe me? Here’s 3 reasons why they will:

1) Premium pricing will let you deliver the service you’re really meant to deliver.

I hear a lot of women coaches and consultants who come to me for help saying ‘I have a problem holding back. If someone buys my budget offering I can’t help but still deliver my premium level offer.’ If that sounds like you: Beware. While you might tell yourself you’re being generous, giving in this way can quickly lead to resenting your clients. And that’s an awful place to be.

Premium pricing frees you from this – not only does selling higher value offers let you do the work you’re really meant to be doing with clients (so you won’t need to hold back!), when you’re paid what you’re services are actually worth you’re more authentically generous across the board. This generosity will flow to your whole tribe, not just paying clients. And your tribe will love you for it.

2) In the commercial market money can denote expertise.

Your tribe wants expert advice, support and/or attention – however that manifests in your industry. Premium pricing let’s your audience know that you have valuable expertise (and I promise you DO have valuable expertise!). Think about it: Would you rather hire the cheapest business coach, financial advisor, designer, health coach, social media strategist, or psychiatrist you can find – or would you prefer to work with an expert? These professionals help solve important problems for us; of course we want to experience/learn from/work with the best (or as close to the best as we can). Positioned the right way, your fees can let your tribe know that when they’re learning from you, they’re learning from an expert. They’ll love you for it.

3) Premium pricing models what’s possible for your audience.

No matter what stage you’re at in your business, you can always be a role model for someone else. Premium pricing let’s those coming up the ranks behind you know it’s ok to properly value your expertise and the results your clients achieve, as well as up-leveling their vision of what’s possible.

Are you personally more inspired and motivated by people in your industry charging cut price fees or those whose services are priced at a much more considerable investment? If you’re like me, not only have you joined the latter’s tribe, you can’t wait to check out their latest newsletters and offers. The same applies to your own community. Position your premium pricing the right way and not only will your growing tribe excitedly devour your content and offers, they’ll love you for it too.


As well as the direct financial benefits you’ll experience, premium pricing can drastically improve the relationship you have with your tribe. Authentically up-leveling your fees takes courage and know-how, but do it right and you’ll be more authentically generous; better communicate the incredible value of working with you; grow the size and engagement of your audience; and model what’s possible in your industry. When you think about it like that it becomes obvious your tribe will love you for charging premium pricing, doesn’t it?

I hope all these reasons resonate with you!  Now I’d love to hear from you:

What’s 1 great thing that happened the last time you increased your fees?

PS If you’re yearning to let your inner expert shine and step up into more premium pricing, boy do I hear you!  My ecourse, Packaging You, can help.  Check out all the deets over on the official Packaging You page.  There’s still time to get in with the early bird special and save yourself $300! #hellyeah

(This post originally appeared in the February 2014 edition of Designed2Flourish magazine.)

Thanks for reading – as always I really appreciate you support!  If you’re called, I’d love you to share this post with your friends by clicking on one of those ‘lil social buttons below. <3


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Betty Means Business - Packaging You ecourse

Maybe you’re new to business and struggling to create offers that easily take ideal clients from interested to investing. Or perhaps you’ve been in business a while and you’re feeling exhausted by non-stop client work, but still somehow not making all that much money. You’re sick of undercharging, over-delivering and burning yourself out.

And maybe you’re feeling worried too because, when you to the maths, you don’t see how you’ll ever replace your corporate income.

Either way, you’re ready to have more fun, let your inner expert shine, create offers ideal clients will love, and fast track your 6 figure success.

I can relate.

When I left my cushy corporate job to start my own consulting firm, I was excited – and also shit scared wondering how I’d ever be able to replace my 6 figure corporate salary.

I was lucky enough to get clients straight away, but pretty soon I realised 2 things:

1. I was exhausted and wasn’t having fun. Fear of not making enough meant I kept booking clients at ridiculously low rates and working myself into the ground; and

2. There were heaps of coaches and consultants out there charging – and getting paid – way more than me. And they seemed to be having more fun too.

Betty Means Business - PackagingYou ecourse

Fast forward to today and life is pretty shiny.

The key?

Packaging my services in a way that showcases my expertise AND delivers incredible value to my high paying clients.

Regardless of your industry or niche, if you’re a woman consultant or coach, learning how to package your expertise the right way will help you showcase the true value of your services, attract the people you’re best meant to serve, and reach your income goals, much more easily than swapping straight hours for dollars alone.

Know this: creating premium packages is the difference that let’s you be incredibly generous with clients while at the same time protecting you from burning out.

In my new ecourse, Packaging You, together we’ll dive deep, get practical, and cover everything you need to know, step-by-step, to create your own swoon-worthy packages. With audio, transcripts, worksheets, templates, examples, personal stories and hard won wisdom, and even done-for-you scripts, I’ve got you covered. If it’ll help you succeed, I’ve included it!

For the past few years, my mission has been to help women coaches and consultants to know – really know in that grounded truly aligned way – without a shadow of doubt the true worth of their services so they can break free of the soul-destroying cycle of undercharging, over-delivering, and burning out.

It’s crazy how often I see women in business undervaluing their expertise, undercharging and keeping themselves small. And it breaks my heart.

Just because you’re new to coaching or consulting or running your own business, doesn’t mean you should discount your past experience. Sure, ongoing education and a learning mindset are critical for us entrepreneurs, but this doesn’t mean you don’t already have loads to offer. You just need to bring it all together in the right way so clients are able to really value and feel excited about working with you.

From creating new offers that feel totally aligned, to confidently up leveling their fees and winning new work, so many great things get to happen for my clients after I teach them my packaging formula.

(I share some specific examples of results my clients have experienced over on the official Packaging You page.  Think: dramatically up levelling  their fees, re-positioning and selling packages for thousands more, and having more time off while also making more money and having more fun than ever before – and how those results can completely transform their business and their lives.)

I’ve created Packaging You so this can happen for you too.

I’m incredibly proud of how comprehensive, practical and heart-centered every part of this course is – in fact there’s far too much to go into here so press play and check out the official Packaging You page for all the juicy details.

Packaging You ecourse - Press Play

I’d love you to check it out!

As always, I really appreciate you support!  If you’re called, I’d love you to share this post with your friends by clicking on one of the social buttons below. <3


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Betty Means Business - 3 Ways To Communicate Your Worth-2April14-Title


Worth: It’s a über big idea.  When it comes to our clients understanding ours, it can make or break us in business.

I’ve had clients refuse to work with me when I’ve nervously quoted them embarrassingly low fees, and others happily sign up the moment I’ve proposed five figures for a single day’s work.

After thinking hard about what changed, in retrospect I see the only difference was me.  Sure I may have had extra time in the saddle between these events, but truthfully my core skill set hadn’t changed dramatically.  All I really learnt was to trust myself more.  Confidence communicating my worth to the client was the overwhelming decider.  In my experience, it really is true: Once we value our own expertise, our clients will too.

Communicate your worth ineffectually or the wrong way, and you could be stuck in a cycle of struggling to convince clients you’re worth it, undercharging and overdelivering.  Not only will you attract fewer ideal clients, but you may more regularly have to deal with last minute cancellations or clients who don’t take your requests seriously.

On the other hand, get this right and you’ll never have to defend your prices again.  Clearly communicating your worth helps ideal clients understand exactly how you can help them, and when you do, they’ll take your expertise, time and attention seriously.

Here’s 3 key ways we can communicate our worth to clients:

1. Focus on results

Imagine you’re looking to work with a personal trainer to help you get in shape for your wedding.  Do you go for the one who details all the ins and outs of the specific process they’ll take you through (protein for breakfast/ 45mins weights program 5 times a week/daily cardio – obvs I’m making this up, but you get the idea, right?) OR do you go for the one who tells you that 90% of her clients loose 5kg in the first 4 weeks and shares some pics of past clients on their wedding days?  One’s telling you about hard work and uncomfortable change.  The other’s talking to you about what you really want: results.

Yep, I’d definitely go with the second one too.  And I’d bet that this focus on results will appeal to your clients as well.  Results sell and tell the story of the true value of your services.


2. Stop undercharging

I reckon undercharging is one of the biggest ways women keep themselves small in business.  Let me clear some things up:

Just because you’re new to business, doesn’t mean you need to discount your past experience.  If, for instance, you were well paid in corporate for your expertise, and you’re transitioning to consulting in a similar field, you don’t need to price yourself as entry level.  Your expertise still counts.  (And that applies if you happen to be transitioning into coaching too.)

You might think that charging lower fees let’s you work with clients who really need your help that wouldn’t be able to afford the fees you’d secretly like to be charging.

I feel you, and believe this mindset is likely linked to your desire to be of service to those you can help, but think about this:  How would you feel if – because you were bringing in enough income working with clients who were paying you what you’re really worth – you were able to help those unable to pay – completely free of charge?  Undercharging is keeping you from that experience.

Please PLEASE hear this:  Your deep desire to be of service doesn’t mean you need to undercharge or suffer.


3. Lovingly hold your boundaries

I remember years ago being on the phone with my then boss after 11pm on a Tuesday, with my forever guy yelling from the other room, telling me to stop answering the phone.  That was the first time I thought about boundaries and work.  It’s so true isn’t it: We teach people how to treat us.

Holding your boundaries with clients is key when it comes to demonstrating your worth.  As your potential client, it reminds me your expertise, time and attention are all ridonkulously valuable and to not squander that shit.

How holding boundaries might look day to day for you: Keeping to time in sessions and meetings; guiding clients to follow the agreed agenda; taking the lead in structuring sessions and meetings; only sharing personal info you’re comfortable sharing; keeping to regular ‘office hours’; taking a lunch break; only providing services that form part of your agreement; and being passionately involved in the work you do BUT detached from the specific outcomes each client experiences.


I hope you like these tips! Now I’d love to hear from you:

What’s 1 thing you can do to help clients better understand you’re worth?

Thanks for reading – as always I really appreciate you support!  If you’re called, I’d love you to share this post with your friends by clicking on one of the social buttons below. <3


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Betty Means Business - Ezzie Spencer

I am properly fascinated by the work of Ezzie Spencer.  She started her career as a lawyer, but soon realised that the path to truly realising her potential included something more.

Ezzie has combined her love of women’s wellness, lunar cycles and research, to create a whole new way of understanding and supporting feminine productivity.  And word on the street is it’s the real deal.

Rhythm and alignment is clearly a big part of Ezzie’s world, and for me her writing always perfectly balances academic and empathetic.

Meet Ezzie.  You’re gonna love her!


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship

Back in primary school, I made little hand-written Julian calendars for classmates, for the queenly sum of a dollar apiece. My first entrepreneurial venture!

I chuckle when I think of that, because fast-forward almost twenty-five years, and I still send a lunar calendar to my peeps each month. Continue Reading…


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Betty Means Business - Melissa Cassera

As well as being heaps of fun, deliciously risqué and whip-smart, Melissa Cassera is the real deal.  This PR maven has been featured on the Today Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News and in Glamour Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Design Sponge, Mashable, Problogger and Inc.  Impressive, right?  It’s fair to say, when it comes to PR for small business, this lady knows her shit.

After realising business doesn’t need to suck you dry, Melissa made some big changes to her business model.  These day’s she runs her multi six figure business in about 20 hours a week and spends the rest of the time living it up and working on her latest TV pilot manuscript.

Melissa’s signature move is her ability to combine fabulous interests (celebrity goss, script writing and erotica? Um, yes!) with PR and business smarts to create a fun-packed business that feels like her ‘guilty pleasure’.  She is a master (or should I say, mistress?) in the art of allure.  Yep, uh huh.  Read on – I just know you’re gonna love meeting Melissa!


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship

12 years ago, I had a full-time job in healthcare advertising.

There were elements of the work that I liked (coming up with fabulous campaigns + helping people get healthier? Win!) but the 9-to-5 grind was a drag. Continue Reading…


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You’ve heard I’m creating an ecourse, right?  It’s all about exactly how to create packages your clients will love.  I’ve been working away on the content, but after making some big decisions the other day (about locking in suppliers and committing to timelines), boy did shit get real.


Honestly, even though I’m really (really!) happy with the decisions I’ve made this week, I’m still catching my breath.  Over the past few days, every time I’ve thought about the investment I’m making in this offering, my stomach drops a little and butterflies take up residence.


Maybe you can relate?  Making decisions in your business isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes – for me anyway – they can be downright scary.


I’m a worrier by nature, and back in the day I’d let decision-making take up heaps of time.  Somehow it felt safer to weigh up every angle.  Sit with it.  Second guess myself.  And then start the process over again.  But I’ve learnt that ultimately, that approach is in fact much riskier than it first seems and in hindsight probably only helped me waste time and lose momentum (and when it comes to business, both time and momentum are precious-like-fairy-dust resources). Continue Reading…


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