Betty Means Business - What I Wish I'd Known In My 20s


This post is part of a blog crawl that’s been organized by my friend Sarah from Yes and Yes to celebrate the launch of her latest offering The Post College Survival Kit. We learned the hard way so you don’t have to! You don’t have to wait till your thirties for a better job, a cuter apartment, financial stability, better relationships + friendships.


Sarah’s asked me to share a few things I wish I’d know in my 20s, straight out of college. I’ve been thinking about what to share for the past few weeks now, and um, honestly… I’ve struggled. How can I sum up all the experiences, life lessons, pointers and the surprising, delightful and horrifying discoveries I’ve uncovered on my journey through this life so far, especially when I’m still finding meaning, joining the dots and my own evolving perspective is a daily moveable feast? I realised, I can’t. No chance. Instead, the best I can do is present a few tiny tidbits of advice. So here’s my humble offering to the blog crawl gods. Let’s jump in:


You rarely get points for effort.


At once sadly and fabulously true, this was a big lesson for me. When it comes to work, I’ve found your results are mainly what count. Please don’t take this as endorsement to be an underhanded dickhead. That’s not at all what I’m saying. If you want to feel good about yourself kindness is critical. But this does mean that your boss or your clients probably aren’t going to want to see your working in the way your maths teacher did on your exam papers.


Beware: you’ll still often get out of your endeavours what you put in, the trick is knowing where to best invest your energy for the greatest return.


If it matters, go for quality over quantity. Always.


Bear with me while I share a story that makes me sound like your grandma: When I was 15 I fell in love with a leather satchel. At a budget busting $500 it was way out of my league, but I decided I was going to buy it anyway. Amazingly the über understanding shop owner let me have that thing on layby for a billion years. I literally paid it off with $5 bills. I think of that bag as my first foray into the whole quality versus quantity thing. And here’s the kicker: I still have AND LOVE that bag. It’s still officially the best bag ever.


Underwear. Market positioning. Dark chocolate. Shoes. Friendships. Over and over, trial and a whole lot of itchy, unaligned, gag-worthy, painful and embarrassing errors have taught me that for me personally, the words ‘quality’ and ‘always’ are where it’s at.


Relationships are almost everything.


Who you chose to spend your time with changes everything about your experience on this planet. Period.


Also: there’s no substitute for old friends. Even on the days they really shit you because they remember that time you were deeply lame in Year 8. (Sylvia, Sibylla, Sally: if you’re reading this, please know: You never ever shit me!)


Your gut is your true north.


I mean this in 2 ways. First, when people talk about going with their gut or using their gut instinct or following their intuition, what they’re really referring to is trusting themselves enough to honour their intrinsic them-ness. I believe this is important because our gut can be our very own built-in true north if we let it.


Over the years I’ve asked a heap of women entrepreneurs if their gut has ever been wrong, and no one (no one!) has ever said yes. And this has personally been true for me too. Anytime I’ve gone off the tracks it’s because for whatever reason (usually fear) I wasn’t going with my gut. Hear me when I say: If I had my time again I would definitely work on fine-tuning and honouring my relationship with my unique me-ness sooner. Not only will it always serve you well, learning how to tap into and trust your true you-ness is also self-affirming like nothing else.


And here’s my second meaning: Your actual physical gut is also worth tuning into. The sooner you can figure out how best to work with it, the happier you’ll be. I guarantee it. An unhappy gut can literally bring you to your knees and totally screw your day – not to mention your plans for world domination (think: if it’s in knots; if it’s bloated; if it’s angry with you; it if doesn’t want to play… Eugh!). Seriously, whenever I listen to and take cues from that baby I’m SO MUCH WELL-ER on every level.


Don’t stress about getting things ‘forever right’.


Guys. Haircuts. Big presentations to clients. My first website. Back in the day I was so hung up on getting things ‘forever right’ straight up, but I see know that, in almost any endeavour, that’s a fools errand. Your tastes will change. Humanity’s body of knowledge is constantly growing.   Shit happens. Instead, just aim for delighting yourself and your clients where you/they are right now.


And one more thing: Back when I was in my early 20s and starting out I thought I had a better chance of being successful if I followed a more conservative, mainstream path. Now I KNOW TO MY CORE that’s bona fide bullshit. Instead, here’s what I know to be true:


If you want you can probably be the best in the world at what you do, so pick something you love.


Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s a fun tidbit you know now that you wish you’d known straight out of college? I can’t wait to hear what you share!


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Betty Means Business - Kathryn Hocking

I’ve already shared some of my learnings on this here on the blog, but lemme tell you: when it comes to the nuts and bolts of successfully launching an ecourse, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Enter Kathryn. These days this lovely and über switched on mama – who originally started out as a coach for mums returning to work, which then led her to supporting mums in business – specializes in helping people create and launch their own ecourses. It might sound like a small niche, but when Kath saw her own business quickly grow to 6 figures thanks to ecourses, she knew she wanted to help others achieve the same level of success too. And niching in this way has really paid off for Kath, with her business continuing to grow – even while she’s stripped back her offers and ‘officially’ been on maternity leave for the past few months.

I love this meaty interview and I’m sure you will too. If you’ve ever thought about creating an ecourse OR wondered how the hell anyone gets anything done with little ones in tow, this interview is for you!

You’re welcome.


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

I never expected or planned to start a business but when I saw my brother and sister-in-law both take the plunge into entrepreneurism and following their passions something started ticking over in my brain.

I’d never had any entrepreneurial role models in my life but all of a sudden I saw this whole other possibility for myself.

I spent some time soul searching thinking about what I could do that:

  1. Meant I could work from home;
  2. Was creative; and
  3. Involved helping people

Finally I decided to enroll in a life coaching course and my business Reverie Coaching was born

Initially I thought I would be a return to work coach for mums but I started attracting mums in business instead and found that I loved business coaching.

Within six months I had launched my first eCourse and discovered that I loved creating online learning but also teaching others how to do it themselves and so my flagship program the e-Course Launch Formula was born.

I worked very hard on my business for 12 months whilst also working full-time in the corporate world and finally in January 2013 took the leap and quit my job and I have never looked back.


What’s the best business advice you ever got?

I have worked with a number of coaches over the last 3 years and also enrolled in many online learning programs so it is hard to narrow down to just one piece of advice.

But last year in a mastermind, Denise-Duffield Thomas, a friend and mentor, said to the group ‘making money doesn’t have to be that hard‘ and I realised that we often make things really complicated for ourselves when it can be really easy. That made me realise that focusing exclusively on e-Course Launch Formula (rather trying to run and promote multiple eCourses) was the smartest and easiest way to grow a business and a life I love.

Betty Means Business - Kathryn Hocking

You’ve been doing incredible things! What’s been your most exciting business success so far?

I find that with every six months or so in my business there is a new level that I reach and new goals that are achieved and if entrepreneurs would just take a step back they can be amazed at all that they have done!

For me it has been the continuing success of the e-Course Launch Formula and the fact that it is now a truly global course and one that some really amazing entrepreneurs have noticed and helped me promote. I’ve managed to get some guest spots on some incredible blogs, have been offered an amazing partnership for 2015 and in my current free video series eclipsed my goal of 1,000 opt-ins over the entire launch by getting over 1200 in the first week!

There have been so many highs in my business and what I love is knowing that the only way is up!


Collaboration or competition? What’s best for business?

The concept of competition is a bit of a nemesis for me. My rational brain will tell me that by being my authentic self I have no competition but it doesn’t stop the nasty fears and insecurities creeping in.

The approach I take to competition is to where possible just focus on myself and shut out from my consciousness anyone who triggers any insecurity. This means I unsubscribe from any newsletters or Facebook pages that trigger me and surround myself with people that inspire and energise me instead. Because I don’t ‘follow’ my competitors it also allows me to feel 100% confident that my work is 100% from inside of me and not influenced by others work.

I think there are amazing opportunities for collaboration but I tend to pick complimentary businesses rather than direct competitors so that the relationship can be truly mutually beneficial.

Betty Means Business - Kathryn Hocking

Alters, vision boards, crystals, tarot, affirmation, dance party breaks. What, if any, rituals do you regularly include in your business day?

I’ve tried lots of rituals over the last three years and the answer is that I am not particularly consistent with any of them. However there are a few things that I like to include in my day to help me.

I like to set three tasks each day that I want to accomplish but since having my baby I have reduced that down to just one key task.

I have an inspirational quote about competition on my screen saver to ground me for the day that reads ‘ A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it – it just blooms’.

I also have a number of visuals posted up around my desk including inspiring affirmations from the Packing You eCourse, my Passion Test cards that affirm what I am working towards and lots of beautiful images to inspire me.

During a launch I up these rituals to include listening to an amazing meditation on Omvana – the ’3×3 Manifesting Abundance’ meditation which at just 3 minutes is amazing! I also set an intention each day for enrollments and will often also listen to a subliminal abundance soundtrack while I work.


How much time do you dedicate to working ON your business (as opposed to IN it) each month?

I’m a big advocate of lifelong learning and continually reinvesting back into your business.

I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs get a little out of control where they invest because of fear of missing out or because they are searching for the missing piece to the puzzle or a magic bullet. So it’s really important to make sure these investments are made for the right reason.

At the start of the year I set some intentions about what I need to learn about and also what key things I need to accomplish in my business separate to client work or running my eCourses (the day-to-day work).

Because of this I am then able to filter any decision about enrolling in a course or taking on a new coach or mastermind-based on how aligned it is to my overall goals.

I am not sure how much time I work ON my business but the answer is that I spend a very sizable percentage of my time working on my infrastructure, systems, knowledge and strategies to ensure my business continues to grow and that at all times I have a clear vision for the future.


Want to learn more about Kath?

I strongly recommend you check out these free videos from her here now.  (Yes, these vid’s are part of Kath’s latest launch and I’m a yell-it-from-the-roof-tops proud affiliate for her eCourse… but seriously, she shares so much gold here – the first vid even details her income over the past 2 years! – and they aren’t sales at all.  I reckon they’re worth checking out and soaking up her wisdom even if you’re not thinking of creating your own eCourse at the mo’.)


Kath’s realization – that we can often overcomplicate things for ourselves – can change everything in business.

This is definitely something I’ve worked on myself – and I’m sure I’ll continue to work on it in the future – and truthfully, it’s something that comes up for many of my clients too. Why do so many of us make things more difficult than they need to be?

Getting really clear on what you are (or would like to be) known for and focusing on a single signature offer can make things much easier for you and at the same time easier for clients to identify exactly how you can help them (and I really believe the clearer we are with communicating that, the more clients we’ll have).

How can you streamline your business? Where are you currently making the most money most easily? And what could you do to make things flow even more easily?

Now it’s your turn: Do you make things harder than they need to be in business? What’s one way you could make making money easier for yourself? I’d really love to hear from you!


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Betty Means Business - Adele Means Business

From her humble roots as a snap happy foodie to now hugely popular blogger of Vegie Head fame running an online academy dedicated to plant-based living, Adele is the epitome of the incredible success that can occur when you combine passion, dedication and courage.

Not necessarily knowing how to do things doesn’t get in Adele’s way. She tackles her fears head on whilst still maintaining optimism and dedication to wellness and self care.

Adele is a tour de force and truly inspiring. Also, her photos make me want to eat ALL the food!  You’ll love her incredible zest for life that jumps off the screen in this interview. Enjoy!


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

In 2009, I bought a big, fancy camera. I had no idea how to use it, and nothing to really take photos of – except my food. So I began to snap photos of my food and the response was overwhelming.

I built my first website (again, no idea what I was doing!) and it started to get thousands of views each month. I launched an ebook, and in 2013 I quit my full time job to focus full time on Vegie Head.

Since then, I’ve gone on two national tours, have released a published book, 5 more ebooks, 2 programs, and my Vegie Head Academy. I coach clients all over the world with their businesses and health as well. It’s a busy life! Now the website gets over half a million hits each month, and tens of thousands of members!


Whats the best business advice you ever got?

Work smarter, not harder – my dad always said that.

Betty Means Business - Adele Means Business

Youve been doing incredible things! Whats been your most exciting business success so far?

Thank you! Probably The Vegie Head Academy. It’s an online ecourse that not only teaches students about cooking, but also health, nutrition, how to deal with ‘the hard questions’, ordering in social situations, the importance of organics- and SO much more.

It was 8 months work that took me overseas to film, research and write. It was a phenomenal experience and it’s being incredible to see the finished product.


Alters, vision boards, crystals, tarot, affirmations, dance party breaks. What, if any, rituals do you regularly include in your business day?

All of the above for sure! I also meditate every day, walk on the beach, and have regular kinesiology sessions. I am also a Reiki and Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, so I use those modalities daily as well.


You know Im a huge fan of prioritising health. How have you built self-­care practices into your business?

Absolutely! I make them my number one priority. That means the best quality organic food, filtered water, meditation, walking, personal training and acupuncture once a week. They are my non-negotiables.


How important is community for your business and you as an entrepreneur? Why?

SO important! My ‘Vegies’ as I call them, are my reason for BEING. I am grateful every single day for them. They give me inspiration- and when I receive that acknowledgement from them, it makes it all worthwhile.

We both know fear isn’t necessarily a reason to not go forward with something; that it can in fact be a signpost that we’re heading in the right direction. What’s the number 1 way you personally manage fear in business?

I’m very much a believer of facing my fears head on. I don’t coddle them. If I can identify something that’s blocking me, I address it, acknowledge it, and then try to work around it or through it. I meditate on it, have some reiki, pull some cards and journal. I have a team around me- a manager, business managers, 2 staff members and my husband… so when those fears arise, I have sounding boards to go to. I truly think talking it out helps!

Betty Means Business - Adele Means Business

What are the last 3 books you read?

- A new earth by Eckhart Tolle

- The 7 habits of highly effective people

- Gone girl (a good beach read!)


Whats your fave way to celebrate successes?

A really special dinner out with hubby. We do it all- three courses, a gold class movie (because who can sit in a normal cinema once they’ve gone to gold class?!) and big cuddle with the puppies when we get home.



You can learn more about Adele here.

As entrepreneurs, by definition when it comes to our work, we naturally accept greater risk than others. Even if you’re not a one woman show, or brand new to business, growing your business can feel like you’re constantly breaking new terrain and with it stretching your comfort zone at a pace that feels waaay beyond what’s reasonable. Is it any wonder fear is something that most of us have to deal with at one time or another?

I love hearing about the tools Adele keeps in her arsenal to help her manage fear. As well as drawing on her courage to tackle it head on, meditation, sounding boards, reiki and journaling help her stay grounded and connected to her intuition. What a beautifully balanced approach!

In my own fear busting kit, I include walking in the bush, free writing, and working with coaches and experts.

What about you? I’d love to know: What’s one thing you call on to help you manage fear in business?


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Betty Means Business - 3 Biggest Launch Lessons

A few months ago I launched my very first ecourse, Packaging You. While I’ve created a bunch of courses and workshops offline before, this was the first time I’d released one online. To say I learnt lots is a massive understatement.

On the whole, it’s been an incredible and really worth while experience, and I’ve been blown away by feedback I’ve had.

I know there are already hundreds of blog posts out there sharing ways to optimize your online launch. And that’s great because there’s always more to learn about launching. This isn’t one of those posts. Instead I’m focusing on my inner journey during the launch. This is about the personal, mindset issues that tested me during this online launch. And heads up: I’m gonna be open and vulnerable.

So, in the spirit of all learning together, here’s 3 of my biggest personal launch lessons:


1)    Hold your nerve

I thought I’d got over my worries about unsubscribes long ago, to the point where these days when I see them I literally vibe out a silent blessing and wish them well. If I’m not right for you, I sincerely hope you find someone who is.

Even still, when 67 people unsubscribed in the 12 hours after the second promo email I sent out I got worried. I managed to only-just hold my nerve and forced myself to get away from the computer that day.

After a visit to the pool, a talk with my guy, and an embarrassingly big dose of Desperate Housewives, I returned to a find a flood of new sign ups.

I took a deep breath and continued to send out my full series of promo emails and reminders. I personally had more people sign up after every email I sent out, and that one with the 67 unsubscribes also garnered more than half of my total sign ups. So… Holding your nerve?  Definitely worth it.


2)    Stretch yourself and be courageous

One of the things that made me most nervous in the lead up to the launch was knowing that I’d be sharing a video of me on the sales page.

Video felt like a big step. Truth is, I’m a pretty private person. And sharing that video felt utterly public, like I was really showing you inside my world. That’s really me. That’s really my forever guy. That’s really my cherished pup.

Now? I’m SO happy I put it out there. I feel like I grew my comfort zone in leaps and bounds. Both personally and financially, by sharing that video I experienced a great return on investment.

(I honestly had such a positive experience with this that I can’t wait to create and share more videos!)


3)    Recognise this thing will bring up your money issues

At the end of the first day of the launch, I was in tears. Sure, it’d been a long few days and I was exhausted, but on reflection I can see that I’d also let my money issues take over the driver’s seat that day. Hello emotional roller coaster!

I think the key thing here is less about what your exact money issues are, and more about knowing big online launches are the perfect environment for them to show up. Successful launches can represent significant pay days, and I’ve since talked with a number of women entrepreneurs about their unexpected experiences of guilt, worthiness, disbelief, confusion, comparison and fear during their own launches.

I woke up on day 2 and stuck a Post It on the corner of my screen that read ‘money means what I make it’. Having that right in front of my face, reminding myself to focus on being in service, and being disciplined about sticking to my workday routine definitely helped a lot.



I hope you like my personal launch lessons and that they inspire you to rock your own launch!

Now it’s your turn: What’s a key lesson you’ve learnt launching something online? Big or small, everything counts – and I’d love to hear from you so we can all learn together :)


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Betty Means Business - 3 Money Blocks Under Charging


Do you ever question the beliefs you have around money? I have (and do!), but I know from experience that 1) becoming aware of and logically considering limiting money blocks can help fast track our business revenue, but 2) it can be bloody hard to identify specific money blocks present in yourself when you’re not already consciously aware they exist. When it comes to uncovering my own unhelpful money blocks, I tend to be totally clueless about them until someone else – usually a coach or mentor – points them out and asks me to consider the veracity of my belief.

This pattern seems to also apply for many of my private clients. Maybe it’s just one of those things. Our beliefs tend to masquerade as universal truths, so they can be tricky to distinguish of our own accord.

I see so many incredible women consultants and coaches unconsciously set their pricing based on limiting beliefs they have around money.

When this happens, our money mindset can keep our prices (and our bank accounts) stuck and unnecessarily low, certainly smaller than the vision we have for ourselves and our biz. Why?


Because our beliefs guide our actions.


Just recognizing these bad boys as the bullshit unfounded limiting beliefs they are can help you free yourself from their shackles and help you start charging what you’re worth.

Here’s 3 common money blocks that could be keeping you charging waaayy less than you deserve:


1. “I’ve gotta charge less than my teacher/mentor”


I disagree. Your pricing strategy should have more to do with your results, ideal client and positioning than your mentor’s prices.   What if your mentor hasn’t raised her own prices in 5 years? Don’t let someone else’s money journey limit yours.


2. “What the market will bear”


… is a bullshit concept we use to keep ourselves small, and at best is just one of a number of variables you should take into account when figuring out your pricing strategy.


3. “Discounting wins business”


Nope. Most clients are looking for the best value – not the cheapest price. In fact, to check this out I’ve tested this in my own business. I found that discounting by 10% – 20% did NOT result in any significant difference in terms of the number of sales.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a time and place for offering special pricing, but to me constant discounting looks a whole lot like pricing based on fear and doubt instead of solid strategy.


BONUS BLOCK (Ha!): “I’d never pay that amount for this service, why would anyone else?”


Unless you’re a life, business coach or medical practitioner, I’m not surprised if you’re feeling this way. You’re an expert in what you do, so you probably don’t need to hire someone to do what you do. Please hear me when I say: you are not your ideal client. And I’m betting that your ideal client would highly value your expertise.


I hope this post inspires you to explore the beliefs behind your pricing strategy!


Q. What do you think? Do you relate to any of these money mindset blocks when it comes to pricing? I’d love to hear from you :)


If you found this post useful, please hit one of the social buttons below and share it with your friends. It could be just what they need to read today! Thank you – I really appreciate your support! <3


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Susannah Conway - Betty Means Business

I’m a huge HUGE fan of Susannah Conway.  Vulnerable, authentic, graceful and courageous, Susannah infuses everything she does in business with her true self.

After a devastating tragedy, Susannah has built a soulful business founded on creativity, healing and sharing her experiences online (and organic, aligned growth). As a published author, photographer and teacher this heart-centered entrepreneur helps people reconnect to their true selves. Thousands of people have already been transformed thanks to the beacon Susannah shines out into the world.  Truly, it’s no surprise this incredible woman’s been interviewed by Brené Brown and featured by Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau in his bestselling book – The $100 Start Up – and Cosmopolitan.

I just know you’re gonna love Susannah and the wisdom-soaked golden nuggets she shares here. Dive in!


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship.

I have two degrees —in journalism and photography —and in my previous existence I was a freelance journalist and fashion editor. However, the path I am on now began in 2005 when the man I loved died very suddenly —everything I thought I knew about life changed in that instant. Continue Reading…


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