How To Keep Going When You’re Despondent Building Your Business

  Any entrepreneur will agree:  Building a business is a process full of epic highs… and abysmally low lows.   And some days those lows feel like they’re coming in way harder and faster than any highs.  You feel exhausted, frustrated, lonely, and seriously on the verge of chucking your laptop out the window with your middle finger in the air.     So… what happens then?   I’m asking because a question slid into my inbox recently that went… Read More

5 Limiting Beliefs Keeping You From Being Booked Out

  I don’t think any business owner has ever said:   “You know what?  I don’t want to be booked out.”   “I don’t want to make a lot of money doing work I enjoy.  I’d much rather live off scraps and work too much for too little.  I’m happiest that way!”   … Or if they have – I sure as shit hope they were joking.   However, while none of us say those words… many of us are… Read More

How Do I Get My Dream Clients To Notice Me?

  The blessing (and curse) of online business is that if you’re not showing up and making yourself visible?   You risk being utterly… invisible.   And while for some of my fellow introverts that might not seem that unappealing, remember:  If your customers can’t see you?  They definitely can’t buy from you.   This is probably why the question: “How do I get visible, and in front of the right people who I want to work with?” slips into… Read More

How to Find Your Unique Voice Online

  Finding your voice.   It sounds so simple.  So sexy.  Almost… fun.   … Until you sit down to actually write something or record a video.   Then, all the words come out wrong.  They sound clunky.  Too salesy.  Awkward.  Just nothing like the cool authentic person you are IRL.   It’s pretty much the worst, isn’t it?   Especially if you like to write, or talk about what you do.   Figuring out what kind of language you… Read More

Another Chaotic Day? Here’s How To Turn It Around

  It’s 8 AM.   You sit down to drink some coffee or tea, and maybe have a bit of breakfast.   You check your emails.   After a bit of Facebook scrolling, suddenly you have to hop on back-to-back marathon client calls.   Uh oh.  Now more emails suddenly start pouring in.   Oh!  You were supposed to do a Facebook Live today, weren’t you?  No — you were supposed to share a blog post. Crap, the draft isn’t… Read More

How To Win Clients WITHOUT Gross Marketing Tactics

  The other day I had a question drop into my inbox that I get all the time (pasted below):   “Dear Kate,   How do I get clients without blogging, vlogging, speaking, tweeting, or live webinars, etc.? Do I even have a business without these?   Please say yes, because I hate doing them — but I’m not sure if there’s another way.”   Every time I get this question, the writer’s struggle / exhaustion / disappointment / confusion… Read More