How To Sell More In The Next 90 Days Than You Did All Last Year

  Secretly yearning to blow your last year’s revenue outta the water this year, but not sure how realistic the dream number you’ve been whispering to yourself is? Perhaps you’d love to bring in more sales in the next 90 days than you did all last year, but it feels too outrageous to even utter the words… Man, have I been there. I know what it’s like to have a secret stretch goal that feels waaaayyyy too pie in the… Read More

The #1 Thing You Must Do To Uplevel Your Biz Fast

Are you planning on growing your business this year? So often, when we think about going pro and upleveling our business, we think about upgrading the tools we use, our systems and policies, our branding, even our pricing – and inadvertently we miss the most important step we need to take when it comes to growing our business quickly – upgrading our mindset. Don’t be fooled into thinking your mindset is some kind of lame woo woo bullshit, or an… Read More

Steal This: 17 Things I’m Doing This Year To Double My Biz

  So far this year I’ve seen a flood of (really incredible) women entrepreneurs sharing their inspiring, feel-good desired feelings, themes and guiding words for the year. I love checking them out, but often (for me anyway) it feels like there’s a huge gap between someone’s lofty intentions or guiding themes for the year, and insight into the tactics they’ll actually use to bring their desires to life down in the (all white with fresh cut flowers and beautifully styled)… Read More

5 Juicy tips to amplify your goal achieving

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Goal setting time. I’m going to assume you’ve already identified some of your big where-I-wanna-take-my-biz-bae-next-year goals.   I’m going to assume you know you SHOULD (gasp!) actually write down your goals. If you’ve already gotten that far I want to congratulate you – you’re already leagues ahead when it comes to bringing your dreams to life. And I’m also going to assume you know yourself and what you really want so that your… Read More

How I Live On Purpose

I’ve been invited by my friend Dr Danielle Dowling to share a little on how I live on purpose as part of a blog crawl she’s instigated to celebrate her new eBook The Soul Sessions – a 5 week guide to crafting greater joy and making big things happen. (If you want to learn more about it, you can get your hands on a wee, free sample here.) Before I jump into responding to Danielle’s thought provoking questions, I want… Read More

21 Jobs you DON’T have to do (ever)

In the early stages of business, when you’re a mainly (or entirely!) a one woman show, it can be seriously confusing knowing where you should be focusing your resources. I know from personal experience how shit, overwhelming and exhausting it can be when you’ve got a TO DO list as long as your arm and a brain that doesn’t stop when you close your laptop for the day. There’s always so much to do, right? What can you do to… Read More