9 Fool-proof cures when you feel stuck

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a holding pattern in your business? I have. Eugh. My take is that stuckness comprises a 3-pronged eco system: Ultimately it’s the result of 1) lack of clarity and/or 2) lack of decision-making and/or 3) lack of aligned action. I’m in a few great online communities packed with women entrepreneurs. Based on a bunch of the posts I see, it seems that many women with big business dreams can stay stuck for… Read More

Never ever have difficult clients again: 8 ways how

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who’s just starting out on her entrepreneurial journey. Recently, this friend had to deal with a difficult client. And when I say ‘difficult’, I mean a client who made a number of abusive calls to her on a Sunday night that culminated in this client yelling and calling my friend (and now, this is a word I haven’t whipped out before on the blog, so steady yourself…) a cunt. I know,… Read More

5 Must-Focus Areas When You’re Ready To Become A Premium Brand (SPOILER: Pricing isn’t one of them)

  Sometimes once you’ve got the first epic 12 months or so under your belt, even though the thought makes you kinda nervous, there’s a little seed inside you that’s wondering if it’s time already. Time to transition your business to a more premium brand in the market. If you’re anything like me, here’s some ways that little seed could present itself: As a delicious imagine-if daydream; As a long held vision; As a rude awakening when you realize it… Read More

13 Magic Questions To Craft Your Perfect Coaching Offer

Without coaching packages that are a great fit for you and your ideal clients, building your coaching practice can be a hard slog.  Standing out from the crowd can be tricky, and (*sigh*) winning clients even trickier.  Without at least one irresistible offer, bringing the vision you have for your business to life can be a struggle, and your bank account (not to mention your confidence!) will suffer. With all that in mind, today I’m sharing a few important tips… Read More

Offer not selling? Use this 10-point checklist

It’s the worst thing in the world when you put your heart and soul into an offer and you get… crickets.   I’m in a few different online communities for women entrepreneurs, and every week at least one brave soul will speak up, full of disbelief and crushing self-doubt, confused about why her offer hasn’t hit the mark. And the feeling I get is that, for every person who speaks up, 10 more are silently relieved they aren’t alone in… Read More

The Business of Chronic Pain

Even though it impacts me every moment of every day, this is something I rarely share about in detail. Not because I’m ashamed of it. Mostly I’d just assumed that part of my message is about focusing on what’s possible, instead of focusing on limitations, and so I do my best to model that. But I can see that also means I could be brushing aside an important part of the story.   I wonder if I’ve been down-playing or… Read More