7 Tips for Fruitful + Soulful Discovery Sessions

A few weeks ago I shared candidly about the litany of mistakes I used to make when it came to sales conversations or discovery sessions, and I shared exactly what to do instead if you’re making some of those same mistakes. Today I’m turning my attention to the soulful tactics you can use to turbo charge and master your Discovery Sessions. You’re probably heard me say before that if you’re selling services or packaged offers at $2,000 or higher, your… Read More

How this 7Fig Entrepreneur Bust Through Her Sales Fears

  My article last week on the most common mistakes women entrepreneurs make during selling conversations (you might call them discovery sessions or strategy sessions or initial consults…) prompted some juicy conversations with clients about the fears that can come up for women around even just the idea of sales convos.   Back when I first started out, forget actually having them – the thought alone of leading a sales conversation completely freaked me out.  I’d spend weeks – sometimes… Read More

Selling Convos: Are you making these common mistakes?

I have a confession to make. When it comes to having conversations with prospective clients, I’ve made almost every mistake in the book. I may have even had some chapters dedicated to me and the avalanche of embarrassingly awkward errors I’ve made when it comes to sales convos. For example: I’ve been late; turned up at the wrong place; been unprepared; been emotional; been flustered; had the wrong end of the stick; felt so nervous I couldn’t stop sweating; asked… Read More

9 Fool-proof cures when you feel stuck

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a holding pattern in your business? I have. Eugh. My take is that stuckness comprises a 3-pronged eco system: Ultimately it’s the result of 1) lack of clarity and/or 2) lack of decision-making and/or 3) lack of aligned action. I’m in a few great online communities packed with women entrepreneurs. Based on a bunch of the posts I see, it seems that many women with big business dreams can stay stuck for… Read More

Never ever have difficult clients again: 8 ways how

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who’s just starting out on her entrepreneurial journey. Recently, this friend had to deal with a difficult client. And when I say ‘difficult’, I mean a client who made a number of abusive calls to her on a Sunday night that culminated in this client yelling and calling my friend (and now, this is a word I haven’t whipped out before on the blog, so steady yourself…) a cunt. I know,… Read More

5 Must-Focus Areas When You’re Ready To Become A Premium Brand (SPOILER: Pricing isn’t one of them)

  Sometimes once you’ve got the first epic 12 months or so under your belt, even though the thought makes you kinda nervous, there’s a little seed inside you that’s wondering if it’s time already. Time to transition your business to a more premium brand in the market. If you’re anything like me, here’s some ways that little seed could present itself: As a delicious imagine-if daydream; As a long held vision; As a rude awakening when you realize it… Read More