Welcome To My Workspace: My Home Office Tour

Am I the only one who combs Pinterest and Instagram for all the office goals inspiration?  Surely not! I always get a voyeuristic thrill and am inspired by checking out how others design their workspace.   Just in case you happen to join me in this obsession, I thought it’d be fun to show you around my home office.      My workspace doesn’t come with a designer price tag.  In fact, I’ve intentionally kept my office setup very affordable.… Read More

10 Tiny But Mighty Steps That Can Create Huge Results In Your Business

  Let’s get real: We all want to bring the glorious vision we have for our business to life… but some days the idea of tackling a slew of massive tasks can feel super overwhelming.  This post is for those days.   The truth is that taking action to grow your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are many MANY itty bitty steps that, when done consistently, can be wildly impactful and yield huge results.   Let… Read More

My Italian Adventure

  I’d been daydreaming of travelling to Italy for years.  Literally.  One day, a few years ago, when I was stuck in bed in excruciating pain thanks to my spinal problem, I had what I can only describe as a powerful waking dream.  In the ‘dream’ I saw a version of me living in Italy in a small Italian fishing village.  It was the strangest thing and completely unexpected.   I’d been to Italy a few times back in my… Read More

My Spring Reading List

  I am a book lover to the point of being obsessive.  Always have been.  My mum was a librarian and I can clearly remember her helping me sound out the words while I was learning to read just before bedtime, spending afternoons at the library, proudly watching her read books to a rapt crowd of kids at story time; and even learning how those old school book catalog index cards worked.  And – as you can see from these… Read More

Feeling Anxious? I’ve Been There Too. Here’s How I Handle It

  Not all that long ago, entrepreneurial anxiety was getting the best of me.    Sitting here writing this post though, it feels almost as if it happened to someone else. I don’t feel anxious now. I feel great!   However, I went through a phase where I worried about my business all the time, and that anxiety would spill into my life…   I’m sharing this with you because I think entrepreneurial anxiety is incredibly common.  More common than… Read More

Time To Quit? What To Do When You’re Over It

  Fact: To date, I have yet to meet a single entrepreneur who hasn’t sat at her desk one day and seriously contemplating chucking her laptop, her clients, or her entire business out the window.  (Myself included. Many, many times!) We started businesses so we could do the work we love.  Shouldn’t we be happy and grateful because we are our own boss?  While we’re definitely lucky — it doesn’t mean running our businesses is all sunshine and rainbows 24/7!… Read More